Part 2. Classed-together Analyzed

General procedures​

Search OCLC for a series bibliographic record. If a bibliographic record is found, overlay the preliminary record in Orbis. If no record is found, update the bibliographic record following the guidelines above for classed-separately series. (For non-roman cataloging, follow the exception guidelines for classed-separately series bibliographic records)

If a SAR is found, import it into Orbis and add a 090 to indicate local classification practice. Review the record in case it needs to be updated based on the item in hand. If no SAR exists, create one on OCLC following procedures outlined in Yale Policies for NACO Series Authority Records. After the record has been contributed to the national file, import it into Voyager and add a 090 to indicate local classification practice.

Bibliographic records (Classed-together analyzed)

Based on recent decisions made by CCC & PIC in March 2005, the earlier decision (2004) to display bibliographic records for classed-together analyzed series has been modified. REVISED PROCEDURE (2005): If all items in the series can be analyzed, the cover record should be suppressed. However, if only partial analysis is applicable because some items lack a distinctive title, the cover record should not be suppressed. The default setting for series preliminary bibliographic records is Suppressed, but the cataloger should be careful to verify that the correct setting has been assigned.

Bibliographic record example (no cataloging copy found; E/L 7 version used in Orbis, modified for RDA).

022 ‡a 0094-243X
245 0 0 ‡a AIP conference proceedings.
246 1 ‡a A.I.P. conference p​roceedings
264 1 ‡a New York : ‡b American Institute of Physics
300 ‡a volumes
710 2 ‡a American Institute of Physics.

MFHD (Classed-together ​Analyzed)

Cataloger should update the MFHD to indicate the series call number and the analysis decision.

Volume holdings for classed-together analyzed sets are recorded in MFHD 866. The cataloger will need to record the volume in hand in MFHD 866 of the series bibliographic record, since the acquisitions preliminary record does not record 866 until the classification decision has been made by the cataloger. Use the following pattern; the 852 first indicator should be updated to reflect the type of call number used, as in the Old Yale example. If the bibliographic record is suppressed, the MFHD should also be suppressed. If the series is partially analyzed, the ‡k field should not be included, since neither the bibliographic record nor the MFHD would be suppressed.

852 0 1 ‡b <location code> ‡k Suppr​essed ‡h <class number> ‡i <rest of call number> ‡x anlyz
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a <volume holdings>

MAINTENANCE ISSUES: If the volume holdings are incomplete, add a note in this form:

‡x For volumes in this series received prior to [year], search under individual author or title.

OPTIONALLY, update the volume holdings to reflect the library's actual holdings.

Example (no caption used on item):

852 0 1 ‡b csssi ‡k Suppressed ‡​h QH1 ‡i Y3 (LC) ‡x anlyz
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a 1(1926)-46(2001)

Example (title change; series numbering and analysis begin with no. 21; no. 46 & 63 without distinctive title):

852 0 1 ‡b sml ‡h HT101 ‡i .R393 (LC) ‡m Oversi​ze ‡x anlyz (except 46 & 63)
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a no.197(2000)

Example (classed-together analyzed with Old Yale number):

852 8 1 ‡b lsf ‡k Suppressed ‡h Oky ‡i I375 +A2 ‡x anlyz
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a no.110(19​52)-no.115(1953),
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a no.118(1954)-no.121(1954)

The analytic bibliographic record for the volume(s) in hand should be updated to full or core level following established cataloging procedures.

Classed-together analyzed. Example of an updated authority record:

010 ‡a n 42001862
040 ‡a DLC ‡b eng ‡e rda ‡c DLC ‡d DLC ‡d CtY
090 ‡a SML: BX3301 A52 (LC); BX3301 A52 (LC) Oversize
090 ‡a DIV: BX3301.A52 v.
130 0 ‡a Analecta Cartusiana
642 ‡a 42 ‡5 DLC
643 ‡a Salzburg, Austria ‡b Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, Universität Salzburg ‡d 1979-
644 ‡a f ‡5 DLC
645 ‡a t ‡5 DLC
646 ‡a s ‡5 DLC
646 ‡a s ‡d vols. cat. thru 9/2003 ‡5 CtY-D
646 ‡a c ‡5 CtY
646 ‡a c ‡d vols. cat. from 10/2003 ‡5 CtY-D
670 ‡a Hugues de Miramar, chartreux à Montrieux, 1978.

Classed-togeth​er analyzed. Some examples from Orbis

AIP conference proceedings. Orbis2 #466655

Analecta Cartusiana. Orbis2 #2979511

Research paper (University of Toronto. Centre for Urban and Community Studies). Orbis2 #5969196

Research report (Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies). Orbis2 #578272

Working papers in African studies (Brookline, Mass.) <began in 1976> Orbis2 #3068057
(continued by:)
Working papers (Boston University. African Studies Center) <1977-1986> Orbis2 #483201
(continued by:)
Working papers in African studies (Boston, Mass.) <1987-> Orbis2 #3044808
Note: the series was fully analyzed through 1998; serial analytics from 1999- .