Part 4. Classed-together (NOT Analyzed)

A series with volumes lacking distinctive titles is not analyzed. Analysis of a series with distinctive titles is a cataloger decision; analysis is not required, even at E/L 7.

General procedures:

Search OCLC for a series bibliographic record. If a bibliographic record is found, overlay the preliminary record in Orbis. If no record is found, update the bibliographic record to RDA. Follow the E/L 7 standard used for classed-separately bibliographic series. Since the record will be exported to the OCLC, in addition update all mandatory serial 008 fields to reflect the bibliographic record, and include 336-338, 362 and 588s for DBO and Latest issue consulted. Upgrade and export of previously cataloged series bibliographic records is optional.

The bibliographic record for a classed-together (not-analyzed) series is not suppressed.

Search OCLC for a SAR.  If a SAR is found, import it into Orbis and add a 090 and 644 to indicate local classification practice and that the series is not analyzed. If no SAR exists in OCLC, do not create one.

Effective Date: 
February 5, 2014