Recording Numbering of Serials

(Source: LC Training Module 1, Slide 85, Sept. 2012)

Recording Numbering of Serials RDA 2.6.1

Record numbers expressed as numerals or as words applying the general guidelines given under 1.8. Transcribe other words, characters, or groups of words and/or characters as they appear on the source of information. Apply the general guidelines on transcription given under 1.7.  Substitute a slash for a hyphen, as necessary, for clarity.
  • Record the number for the first issue; if it has ceased publication, record the last issue
  • If the numbering starts a new sequence with a different system, record the numbering of the first issue of each sequence and the numbering of the last issue of each sequence.

“Take what you see” means not changing the form of terms or months found on the resource.

RDA allows catalogers to choose giving either a formatted note (1st example) or an unformatted note (2nd example).  The changes not to abbreviate terms or convert numerals are shown in the examples.

1st example: formatted style

362 0   Volume X, number 1-

2nd example: unformatted style

362 1   Began with January 2010 issue.

YUL: Transcribe roman numerals as found (LC PCC PS). Follow CONSER practice and always use unformatted style.