Frequency Terms and Codes for Continuing Resources

Frequency Terms and Codes

Terms (310) Codes (008/18)
Irregular #
Annual a
Bimonthly (every two months) b
Semiweekly (twice a week) c
Daily d
Biweekly (every two weeks) e
Semiannual (twice a year) g
Biennial (every two years) g
Triennial (every three years) i
Three times a week i
Three times a month j
Monthly m
Quarterly q
Semimonthly (twice a month) s
Three times a year t
Unknown u
Weekly w

When the frequency code as listed above do not accurately reflect the frequency as given in 310. This is generally the case when the frequency is expressed in numbers per year (e.g., 4 no. a year), or "times a year" (e.g., 6 times a year). In these case the closets applicable frequency is used according to the following chart, and the regularity is coded as "x".

Frequency terms (310) Frequency code (008/18)
Two no. a year f
Four no. a year q
Five no. a year q
Six no a year b
Seven no a year b
Eight no. a year b
Nine no. a year m
Ten no. a year m
Eleven no. a year m
twelve no. a year m
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