Ephemera Collections Cataloging Checklist


Apply this checklist to situations where there are multiple items, usually housed in a container (envelope, case, etc.), with no explicit bibliographic relationship, and it is not practical to provide full cataloging for each item. Examples: a collection of ephemera, a collection of mixed material for an archival collection.  Do not apply to resources published with no collective title. Do not apply to kits or multimedia, since the items are bibliographically related. This is intended as a checklist following RDA description & access instructions. YUL archival cataloging units follow DACS for description. The checklist would normally be used for the occasional collection that turns up in the non-archival cataloging workflow.


RDA Collections Cataloging Checklist: Fixed Fields


Label Code Notes
Type of record a language material (code for whatever material is primary)
Bibliographic Type c collection
Encoding level blank full level; use "I" if working in OCLC
Cataloging form i ISBD

008 Code as book (or microform)

Label Code Notes
Cataloging source d never code collection as pcc even if all AAPs are authorized

RDA Collections Cataloging Checklist:Variable Fields

1XX Use if all items have the same creator. Otherwise, enter under title.

245. Use a cataloger devised title. Note that there are no instructions in RDA to devise a statement of responsibility. Per, include in the devised title either the nature of the resource (map, literary manuscript, diary, advertisement) or its subject (names of persons, corporate bodies, objects, activities, events, geographical area and dates), or a combination of the two, as appropriate. Note on punctuation: since the title is devised, i.e., not taken from an external source, it is not bracketed. Make a 500 note to indicate the title was devised. Provide variant forms of the devised title if it would be helpful for the user. Other considerations: be sure the devised title is unique enough to avoid conflict with the titles proper of other published (or unpublished) collections.

264 _0 ‡c Enter date of coverage. The collection is not published, so only the production date is used (the individual items in the collection may or may not be published; this will be accounted for through the date(s) of coverage). The second indicator should be 0 (production statement).

300 __ ‡a Only the extent is core. Archival cataloging often uses cubic feet, but generally you will be recording the number of units. Dimensions of the container and items in the collection, as well as other elements, should be recorded in notes if considered to be important. Dimensions in field 300 are ambiguous. If only the dimensions of the container are provided, they can be mistaken for the dimensions of the items in the collection. The various dimensions of the items in the collection, if considered to be worth recording, are easier to identify outside of the constraints of MARC 300.

336-338. Create multiple fields as needed for the collection.

505 Generally make a contents note unless burdensome.

7xx Make analytic AAPs if the number of works is not large. Under current PCC instructions, a relationship note for the analytic is entered in ‡i even though the second indicator is coded for the analytic. In Orbis, the ‡i note does not display.

040 _ _ ‡a CtY ‡b eng ‡e rda ‡c CtY
050   4 ‡a TP937 ‡b .C58 1890
110 2 _ ‡a Coit & Co. (Chicago, Ill.), ‡e creator (or author)
245 1 0 ‡a Coit & Co. "Paint your buggy for $1" advertisements.
246 1   ‡a Paint your buggy for $1 advertisements
264 _ 0 ‡c [approximately 1890]
300 _ _ ‡a 3 sheets
336 _ _ ‡a text ‡2 rdacontent
337 _ _ ‡a unmediated ‡2 rdamedia
338 _ _ ‡a sheet ‡2 rdacarrier
500     ‡a Collection of advertising ephemera for Coit & Co., Chicago; title devised by cataloger.
505 0   ‡a Coit & Co's paint your buggy for $1 (6 color chips on 1 sheet) -- Paint your buggy for one dollar with Coit & Co's buggy paint (1 sheet) -- A few hints to the trade on buggy paints (letter from the Office of Coit & Co.)
500     ‡a In acid-free envelope, 24 x 17 cm.
610 2 0 ‡a Coit & Co. (Chicago, Ill.) ‡v Catalogs.
650   0 ‡a Paint ‡v Catalogs.
650   0 ‡a Horse-drawn vehicles ‡x Painting.
650   0 ‡a Color guides.
710 2 2 ‡i Contains (work): ‡a Coit & Co. (Chicago, Ill.) ‡t Coit & Co's paint your buggy for ‡1.
710 2 2 ‡i Contains (work): ‡a Coit & Co. (Chicago, Ill.) ‡t Paint your buggy for one dollor with Coit & Co's buggy paint.
710 2 2 ‡i Contains (work): ‡a Coit & Co. (Chicago, Ill.) ‡t Few hints to the trade on buggy paints.
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