MARC Control Fields Cheat Sheet (Visual Materials)


Type of Record (Byte 06) Scope (From MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)
k - Two-dimensional non-projectable graphic Used for two-dimensional nonprojectable graphics such as, activity cards, charts, collages, computer graphics, digital pictures, drawings, duplication masters, flash cards, paintings, photo CDs, photomechanical reproductions, photonegatives, photoprints, pictures, postcards, posters, prints, spirit masters, study prints, technical drawings, transparency masters, and reproductions of any of these.
r - Three-dimensional non-projectable graphic Includes man-made objects such as models, dioramas, games, puzzles, simulations, sculptures and other three-dimensional art works, exhibits, machines, clothing, toys, and stitchery.  Also includes naturally occurring objects such as, microscope specimens (or representations of them) and other specimens mounted for viewing.
p - Mixed Materials

Used when there are significant materials in two or more forms that are usually related by virtue of their having been accumulated by or about a person or body. Includes archival fonds and manuscript collections of mixed forms of materials, such as text, photographs, and sound recording.

Intended primary purpose is other than for instructional purposes (i.e., other than the purpose of those materials coded as o (Kit).

o - Kit

Used for a mixture of various components issued as a unit and intended primarily for instructional purposes where no one item is the predominant component of the kit.

Examples are packages of assorted materials, such as a set of school social studies curriculum material (books, workbooks, guides, activities, etc.), or packages of educational test materials (tests, answer sheets, scoring guides, score charts, interpretative manuals, etc.).

008 (Selected)

Label/Byte position Code Scope (From MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)
Running Time 18-20 nnnn <always> Running time is not applicable, such as when the item is not a motion picture or a videorecording.
Form of Item 29

blank - None of the following

o - Online

q - Direct electronic

Generally blank, but a collection of still images could be online or on CD-ROM (q)
Type of Visual Material 33 a - Art Original Two or three-dimensional work of art created by an artist, for example, a sculpture, as contrasted with a reproduction of it.
  b - Kit

Note that the scope for kit in 008 differs from the scope for kit in Leader byte 06: 008 is not limited to instructional materials.

Mixture of components from two or more categories, that is, sound recording, maps, filmstrips, etc., no one of which is the predominant constituent of the item.

Also includes the packages of material called laboratory kits, and packages of assorted materials, such as a set of K-12 social studies curriculum material (all books, workbooks, guides, activities, etc.) or packages of educational test materials (tests, answer sheets, scoring guides, score charts, interpretative manuals, etc.).

  c - Art Reproduction Two or three-dimensional mechanically reproduced copy of a work of art, generally as one of a commercial edition.
  d - Diorama Three-dimensional representation of a scene created by placing objects, figures, etc. in front of a two-dimensional background.
  g - Game Item or set of items designed for play according to prescribed rules and intended for recreation or instruction. Code g includes puzzles and simulations.
  i  - Picture Two-dimensional visual representation accessible to the naked eye and generally on an opaque backing. [Would include a collection of photograph reproductions]
  k - Graphic Used for original or historical graphic material. [Based on the example in the MARC 21 documentation, would apply to a collection of actual photographs] 
  l - Technical Drawing Cross section, detail, diagram, elevation, perspective, plan, working plan, etc., made for use in an architectural engineering or other technical context.
  n - Chart

Opaque sheet that exhibits data in graphic or tabular form (e.g., a calendar).

[MARC example is for a Periodic Table]

  q - Model Three-dimensional representation of a real thing, either of the exact size of the original or to scale.  [Don't confuse with Toy - w]
  r - Realia Includes 1) all other three-dimensional items not covered by the other codes (e.g., clothing, stitchery, fabrics, tools, utensils), and 2) naturally occurring objects.
  w - Toy Material object for children or others to play with (often an imitation of some familiar object); a plaything; also, something contrived for amusement rather than for practical use.
Technique 34 n <always> Item is not a motion picture or a videorecording.


Select the Non-projected Graphic tab, the equivalent of byte 00 Category of Material - k. A non-projected graphic "is generally a two-dimensional pictorial representation, often opaque (e.g., print, photoprint, drawing) or transparent, and not intended to be projected for viewing (e.g., a photographic negative)."

Select codes from the menu for these byte positions:

01- Specific material designation. "Special class of nonprojected graphic to which the item belongs, (e.g., a picture)."

03 - Color. "Color characteristics of the nonprojected graphic."

04 - Primary support material. "Type of material used for the support or base on which an image is printed or executed. Intended for use in handling and storage of material."

05 - Secondary support material. "Type of material (other than normal museum matting) to which the primary support (007/04) is attached. Used only when the mount or mat is of historical, informational, aesthetic, or archival importance." <if not import, use blank>

For a list of codes and scope notes, refer to the MARC 21 Documentation for 007 Non-projected Graphic Material.