Variant Copies


Acceptable variations for multipart monographs:

  1. Change in title or statement of responsibility between parts. 

    v. 1 has title: Neil Simon's collected plays.
    v. 2. has title: Neil Simon's plays.

    Generally acceptable; no new record is made because of the variation in title between v. 1 and v. 2. However, note that the record will need to be updated to account for the variation in title. Guidelines are at Multipart Policies and Procedures. 246. Title Changes. Recataloging should be performed by authorized staff only. 

    However, if the change/variation is for the same part, generally a new record should be created unless 5. applies. 

    v. 1 has title: Neil Simon's collected plays
    Item in hand (for another location or a separate MFHD for the same location) is v. 1. Neil Simon's plays. Create a new record rather than add as another copy. 

  2. The addition or change of publisher during the course of publication. (But a combination of different title and different publisher may be a separate edition and require a new record.)
  3. Volumes replaced by photocopies.
  4. Volumes replaced by reprint editions.
  5. Multipart monograph set consists of varying editions, publishers, etc. [use judgment; in many cases a location may own more than one edition of a multipart set]


Any variations given above, if deemed to be significant by the cataloger, should be recorded in field 590 of the bibliographic record.

Notes given on the bibliographic record must be placed in field 590 with the primary Orbis location code preceding the text.

Procedures for linking 590 to the MFHD are described in Added Copies: Policies and Procedures (see RELATED DOCUMENTS).

Under no circumstances is the bibliographic description (fields 2xx through 4xx) to be changed.

When adding to records with a special collections location (e.g. Beinecke, AOB, and BAC), make no changes to the bibliographic record at all except the addition of 590, additional access points, and authority updates to headings.

Modified version of Added Copies policy from the 1995 version of the Orbis Cataloging Manual.