1. Original Cataloging: 008-588

008 Dates in Fixed Fields

Date 1. The date recorded in 008 Date 1 should be taken from the earliest date recorded in field 264 ‡c and field 362 1_ (if present). If the beginning date in 362 1_ is earlier than the temporary date in 264 ‡c, use the 362 1_ date in Date 1. Date 2 should be 9999 unless the last volume is in hand. Do not record the latest temporary date in Date 2. See also 264 below and LC Training Examples on the next page.

020 ISBN for Multipart Set and Individual Volumes

Record ISBN for the set (RDA The RDA option is to also add the ISBNs for the parts. LC-PCC PS follows the option: include ISBNs for parts in hand and optionally (option to an option), add ISBNs for parts not in hand. YUL original cataloging: generally do not record ISBNs for items not in hand at the time of cataloging. For copy cataloging, if the record has ISBNs for volumes not in hand, leave them in the record.

Cataloging units may set limits on the number of ISBNs recorded. Qualify using the caption and numbering found on the volume (base the captions on the form used in the resource cataloged); arrange 020s in volume order, with set number first (following the RDA example under the option, as well as the qualifier identifying the set ISBN and the volume ISBNs.

020     ‡a 3351034504 (set)                
020     ‡a 3351034512 (Bd. 1:1)
020     ‡a 3351034547 (Bd. 1:4)
020     ‡a 3351034547 (Bd. 1:5)

246 Variant Title

Title changes. See RDA,  (formerly AACR2rev 21.2A1; formerly LCRI 21.30J). If the title proper changes between parts of a multipart item, give the other title proper in 246 1# . Per, identify the part(s) with that title (PCC practice: in subfield ‡i.)


245 0 0 ‡a Reactions and processes ...
246 1   ‡i Pt. H has title: ‡a Chemometrics in environmental chemistry

Example. Description based on earliest volume; title of later volumes changes.

100 1   ‡a Wood, Neil S.
245 1 0 ‡a Evolution of the pedal car and other riding toys, with prices ...
246 1   ‡i Vols. 2-<4> have title: ‡a Evolution of the pedal car and other riding toys, with price guide

Record temporary holdings in 246 as indicated in the example until the set is complete.

NOTE: Former AACR2 rule 21.2B2 stated that the predominant title should be in 245 when a title change occurs with a multipart monograph. The 2004 amendments to AACR2/rev changed and renumbered the rule to 21.2A1 as indicated, and the practice has been carried over to RDA. See RDA Note the distinction between b. and c. According to b., the source will be the volume with the lowest number. However, if the multipart is not issued sequentially (e.g. volume 4 is issued first, followed by volume 10, followed by volume 1), then c. applies ("numbering that does not help to establish an order"), in which case, "choose a source of information identifying ... the part with the earliest date of issue." So, if volume 4 is published in 2010 and volume 1 is published in 2014, the basis for description is volume 4, not voume 1.

264 Publication Statement

For an incomplete set, the temporary dates for the volumes in hand should be recorded in <angle brackets> For incomplete multiparts, Yale is following LC-PCC PS 1.7.1 Section Temporary/Uncertain Data, item b. The following examples are based on the PS.


v. 1 held, v. 1 published in 2014.

264   1 ‡a_____: ‡b______, ‡c 2014-

NOT: ‡c <2014-> or ‡c 2014-<>


v. 1 published in 2014, v. 2 published in 2015, but set is still incomplete.

264   1 ‡a_____: ‡b______, ‡c 2014-<2015>


v. 1 & 2 published in 2014 but only v. 2 in hand. Also make a 362 Began with note. See 362 section below.

264   1 ‡a_____: ‡b______, ‡c <2014->


Only v. 2-3 in hand; known to be in 3 parts;  v. 2 has only a 1979 copyright date; v. 3 has publication date of 1981. NOTE: the PS lacks an example of an inferred date in angle brackets, but if volume 1 is published in 2014, then the inferred date is 1979 based on the v. 2 copyright date, and there would be no way to know that the earliest date was inferred when the set is closed if the brackets were not entered at the time of cataloging.

264   1 ‡a_____: ‡b______, ‡c <[1979]>-1981.


Only v. 2-3 in hand; known to be in 5 parts. Vol. 2 has publication date 1997; vol. 3 has publication date 1999:

264   1 ‡a_____: ‡b______, ‡c <1997-1999>

Note the following:

  • 008 2nd date should be 9999 NOT the latest date; see also 008 section at the beginning of this page
  • if the first part is not available but an explicit statement about the initial publication date is  found on the part in hand, enter the initial date (without brackets) unless the next volume has the same publication date; in that case, enter the date in angle brackets
  • if the first part is not in hand and there is no explicit statement found on the part being cataloged, do not supply an inferred date & do not make a 362 Began with note. Enter the earliest date of the parts in hand in angle brackets, followed by a hyphen

See also the LC TRAINING examples on the next page.

300 Physical Description

Do not record volume holdings in angle brackets in field 300. (Former LC practice never followed by Yale). The current PS & states explicitly that temporary volume holdings should NOT be entered in 300. If the set is complete, record the number of volumes in subfield a.

Example 1. Note how a range of volume sizes is recorded.

300     ‡a 12 volumes : ‡b illustrations (some color) ; ‡c 30-35 cm

Example 2. In RDA, record physical volumes only!

300     ‡a 2 volumes  ; ‡c 27 cm

AACR2 recorded both bibliographic and physical volumes:

300     ‡a 4 v. in 2 ; ‡c 27 cm. <OBSOLETE>

Example 3. If the volumes are paged continuously, LC PCC PS follows the option to include pagination when the multipart is paged continuously, but, per RDA, only record  the preliminary pages of the first volume. In earlier versions of the PS, pagination was also recorded if each volume had separate paging. Per the current PS,, generally do not record separate pagination.

300     ‡a 2 volumes (xxi, 889 pages) : ‡b illustrations ; ‡c 25 cm

336-337-338 Content, Media, and Carrier Types

The field values will be determined by the appropriate type. Mode of issuance has no bearing on the coding.

Example 1. Multipart book.

336     ‡a text ‡2 rdacontent                                         
337     ‡a unmediated ‡2 rdamedia
338     ‡a volume ‡2 rdacarrier

Example 2. Multipart CD-ROM; primary content still images, with some text.

336     ‡a still image ‡2 rdacontent
336     ‡a text ‡2 rdacontent
337     ‡a computer ‡2 rdamedia
338     ‡a computer disc ‡2 rdacarrier

362 Beginning/Ending Dates

Information about the beginning or ending date should be recorded in 362 1 _ when the first/last part is not available (RDA "Make notes on the beginning or ending date of publication if the identification is based on an issue or part other than the first and/or last.") Monograph catalogers should note that the source for the information in 362 is not given. Note also:

a) Unlike serials, 362 1_ is not a required field for all multipart records; it is used primarily when the volume in hand has a statement about the beginning date but the statement is not explicit. As indicated in the 264 section above, the date of the earliest volume in hand at the time of cataloging should be recorded in angle brackets in field 264 subfield c. If the date in 362 1_ is earlier than the date recorded in 264 c, record the earlier (362 1_) date in 008 Date 1. See the LC Training Example #5 on the next page.

b) Conversely, if the volume in hand has an explicit statement about the beginning date, the date is recorded in 264 subfield c in square brackets. In that case, a 362 1_ field indicating the beginning date is considered redundant and is not made. See the LC Training Example #4 below.

Example 1. Could be used if only a copyright date is available for the earliest volume (and the earliest volume is not in hand).

362 1   ‡a Began in 1991?

Example 2

362 1   ‡a Completed publication in 1998.

Example 3

362 1   ‡a Began publication in 1984; ceased in 1993.

49X/8XX Series

Local YUL policy re series tracing. LC has not made series added entries since 2012; some PCC libraries, including YUL, continue to make series added entries. Ignore the 490 0 second indicator in the PS examples.

Ongoing multipart with series (LC-PCC PS 1.7.1 Temporary/Uncertain Data, item e.) YUL Local Policy. The PS records volume numbering of the intermediate series volumes in angle brackets until the set is complete. Instead, record all 4xx numbering as permanent (i.e., without angle brackets) in order to distinguish our series volumes from series volumes held by LC or other PCC libraries. Use a hyphen for ranges; use a comma for gaps.

Example: v. 1, 3 are no. 24, 30 of series.

490 1   ‡a Series title ; ‡v no. 24, 30

Multipart published in part in more than one series. (LC-PCC PS 1.7.1 Temporary/Uncertain Data, item f.)  "Precede each series title with an indication of the particular parts or issues to which that series title applies" in ‡3.  If a series has changed its title, treat each title as a separate series. Separate the indication of the particular parts from the series title with a colon-space. The PS uses angle brackets if the multipart is not complete; YUL does not.

COMMENT. In the following example, the volumes of the multipart are in different series. Note that current LC practice (which Yale will follow) is to record volume numbers in the added entry as transcribed in the first 490 example even if the series numbering is not consecutive (former practice was to use "<lowest number>, etc.", i.e. 12, etc. Use Appendix B. abbreviations (e.g. "v." for "volume," "no." for number) for part number captions in 490/830.

300     ‡a 5 volumes ; ‡c 14 cm
490 1   ‡3 v. 1, 3-5: ‡a Music bibliographies ; ‡v 12, 15, 21-22
490 1   ‡3 v. 2: ‡a Baroque musical studies ; ‡v 2
830   0 ‡a Music bibliographies ; ‡v 12, 15, 21-22.
830   0 ‡a Baroque musical studies ; ‡v 2.

COMMENT. In the following example, title of the series changed with v. 31.

300     ‡a volumes : ‡b illustrations ; ‡c 28 cm
490 1   ‡3 v. 1-8: ‡a Anthropological monographs ; ‡v no. 23-30
490 1   ‡3 v. 9-10: ‡a Art and anthropological monographs ; ‡v no. 31-32
830   0 ‡a Anthropological monographs ; ‡v no. 23-30.
830   0 ‡a Art and anthropological monographs ; ‡v no. 31-32.


300     ‡a 3 volumes ; ‡c 20 cm
490 1   ‡a Testi del Risorgimento ; ‡v 4-6
490 1   ‡a v. 2: Saggi e documentazioni ; ‡v 17
830   0 ‡a Testi del Risorgimento ; ‡v 4-6.
830   0 ‡a Saggi e documentazioni ; ‡v 17.

588. Description based on Note

When the description is not based on the first part, this note is now mandatory; use 588 not 500.  Note that when the first part is received, the note must be deleted and the description must be revised if necessary.

588     ‡a Description based on: v. 2, published in 2002.
588     ‡a Description based on: pt. 3, copyrighted 2001.