7. Updating Incomplete Record to Complete


Use this checklist also for updating the bibliographic record when added volumes are received. See also the standards and examples under ORIGINAL CATALOGING.

In this situation, the source copy is incomplete but the copy cataloger has all the volumes.

008 Update the 2nd date 9999 to the latest date.

020 Add 020 fields if necessary, but consult with your supervisor on unit policies since adding 020 for added volumes is now optional.

260/264 Record the date of publication of the latest volume without angle brackets. If the latest volume only has a copyright date, and

  • the record is pre-RDA with a 260 field, enter the copyright date in ‡c with the copyright "c" but without brackets 
  • the record is RDA with a 264 field, add the date only in brackets; do not enter a copyright "c" and do not follow the end bracket with a period 

300 Record the number of volumes in ‡a. See the examples under Original Cataloging 300 above.

362 1_ Delete this field if there.

4XX/8XX Be sure all series discrepancies have been resolved. See DISCREPANCIES/EDITING 4XX/8XX and ORIGINAL CATALOGING 4XX/8XX above.

590 Delete the 590 "Library has" note if there. (Some older records may have volume holdings in 590).

500/588 Delete the "Description based on" note if there. If the record has a "Description based on" note, see also the instructions for 588 under IF CATALOGING FOR THE SET IS INCOMPLETE. (Remember: the description must be based on the first volume, and there may be differences between the first volume and the later volume used as the provisional source for description; significant differences will require updating by a catalog librarian.)

505 Transcribe the title and (if appropriate) the statement of responsibility of the individual volume. Add subfield indicators (t,r, g) if that is already the pattern on the source copy. Use the instructions on the 505 Contents Note page for transcription guidelines. The transcription for the last volume of the set should always end with a period, even if the preceding punctuation is a closed parenthesis or bracket.

MFHD. For multiparts that are part of classed together sets, see MFHD, Item Records, Fascicles page. For volume holdings, see the detailed guidelines at: Multipart Monograph MFHD Guidelines

ITEM RECORDS/MARKING/FASCICLES. See MFHD, Item Records, Fascicles page.

Effective Date: 
May 5, 2014