Library Committees

Digital Assets Metadata Advisory Group (MetaDigets)

Reports To: Metadata Steering Committee (MSC)

Advisory Group Charge:

  • Review and document current digital collections metadata practices throughout the library. Primary focus is digitized cultural heritage materials. Design policies and workflows based on local needs and international standards

  • Maintain core metadata requirements for digital collections 

  • Advise on integration of descriptive metadata with preservation, technical, and administrative metadata 


  • Co-chairs (Ellen Cordes, 2023- ) 

  • Co-chair (Robert Klingenberger, 2023- )

  • Recording Secretary (Leigh Golden, 2022- )

  • Digital Preservation (Claire Fox, 2022- ) 

  • Law Library representative (Caitlyn Lam, 2023- )

  • Library IT representative (Martin Lovell, 2021- )

  • Member-at-Large (Yukari Sugiyama, 2022- ) 

  • Member-at-Large (Christy Bailey-Tomecek, 2022- )

  • Liaison from MAGILS (pending)

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly or as needed

Member Selection Method: Members have expertise or deep interest in digital object metadata and discoverability, as well as interoperability across discovery systems.

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