Day Missions Collection: Annual Reports

The Divinity Library's Day Missions Collection holds a large amount of missionary reports that have been digitized with grants from the Arcadia fund (2009) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (2012).

Below is a list of societies whose reports are available through the Yale University Library's Digital Collections portal. New reports are added on a regular basis.

American Arcot Mission | Annual reports, 1870-1922

American Baptist Foreign Mission Society


American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions

American Ceylon Mission | Jaffna College Miscellany, 1909-1951
American Christian Literature Society for Moslems | Annual reports, 1916-1917
American Church Missionary Society | Annual reports, 1860-1903
American and Foreign Christian Union | Annual reports, 1850-1857
American Marathi Mission | Annual reports, 1857-1903
American Seamen's Friend Society | Annual reports, 1830-1948
Baptist Missionary Society (London) | Periodical accounts (1792-1819) and Annual reports (1820-1937)
Baptist Missionary Society (Calcutta) | Annual reports (1826-1855)
Bible and Medical Mission (Lohaghat & Tanakpur) | Annual reports, 1914-1917
Boston Seaman's Friend Society | Annual reports, 1853-1857
British Guiana Missions to East Indians and Chinese Immigrants | Annual reports, 1910-1913
Burma Baptist Missionary Convention | Annual meeting minutes, 1898-1939
Canton Hospital | Annual reports, 1908-1941
Central China Religious Tract Society | Annual reports, 1885-1915
Central Morocco Mission | Annual reports, 1908, 1916
China Inland Mission | Annual reports, 1903-1927
Chinese (Religious) Tract Society | Annual reports, 1889-1918

Episcopal Church

Evangelische Missionsgesellschaft in Basel. Indische Mission | Annual reports, 1870-1913
Federation of Women's Foreign Mission Boards of North America | Interdenominational Conference reports, 1909-1933
Foreign Evangelical Society of the U.S. | Annual reports, 1940-1949
Foreign Missions Conference of North America | Annual reports, 1893-1950
Friends Foreign Mission Association | Annual reports, 1869-1891
Friends' Syrian Mission | Annual reports, 1886-1896
Galilee Baptist Church (Denver, Colo.). China Mission | Annual report, 1906-1907
Greek Evangelical Union of Smyrna | Annual report, 1904
Ladies' Seamen's Friend Society, New Haven | Annual report, 1895
Lazaristes du Pétang (Péking) | Missions de Chine, Quinzième année, 1938-1939
Medical Missionary Society in China | Annual reports, 1858-1892
Mennoniten von Nord-Amerika. Allgemeinen Konferenz (General Conference) | Annual report, 1917
Mennonites of North America. Board of Foreign Missions| Annual reports, 1915-1921

Methodist Episcopal Church

Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Siberia Korean Mission | Annual meeting minutes, 1921-1929
J.-M. Planchet | Les Missions de Chine et du Japon, 1916-1931
National Christian Council of India | Proceedings, 1914-1923
National Missionary Society | The First Sexennium, 1905-1911

Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

Rangoon Sgaw Karen Association | Annual meeting minutes, 1919

Reformed Church in America


Reformed Church in the United States

Religious Tract Society (Great Britain) East China Branch | Annual report, 1891
Religious Tract Society for China | Annual reports, 1921-1940
South Arcot Highways & Hedges Mission | Annual reports, 1888 and 1889
South India United Church | General Assembly minutes, 1908-1929
Sudan United Mission. South Africa Branch | Annual reports, 1908-1911
Tibetan Mission, Darjeeling | Financial statements, 1915-1936
United Presbyterian Church of North America. Board of Foreign Missions | Annual reports, 1865-1942
West China Religious Tract Society | Annual reports, 1904-1924
Western Foreign Missionary Society of the United States | Annual report, 1834
Woman's Board of Missions. New Haven Branch | Annual reports, 1872-1927
World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union | Annual convention reports, 1913, 1934, 1937
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