Day Missions Collection: Annual Reports

The Divinity Library's Day Missions Collection holds a large amount of missionary reports that have been digitized with grants from the Arcadia fund (2009) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (2012).

Below is a list of societies whose reports are available through the Yale University Library's Digital Collections portal. New reports are added on a regular basis.

American Arcot Mission

American Baptist Foreign Mission Society

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions

American Christian Literature Society for Moslems

American Church Missionary Society

American and Foreign Christian Union

American Madras Mission

American Marathi Mission

American Seamen's Friend Society

American Zulu Mission Annual

Baakleen Medical Mission to the Druses

Anglo-Indian Evangelisation Society

Bangalore Tract and Book Society

Baptist Missionary Society (London)

Baptist Missionary Society (Calcutta)

Bengal Native Baptist Missionary Society

Bible Christians. Home and Foreign Missionary Society

Bible and Medical Mission (Lohaghat & Tanakpur)

Boston Seaman's Friend Society

British Guiana Missions to East Indians and Chinese Immigrants

Burma Baptist Missionary Convention

Calcutta Christian Tract & Book Society

Calcutta Ladies' Association for Native Female Education in Calcutta

California Chinese Mission

Canton Hospital

Central Asian Mission 

Central China Religious Tract Society

Central Morocco Mission

Chefoo Industrial Mission

China Inland Mission

Chinese (Religious) Tract Society

Congregational Union of British Guiana. Annual Assembly

Episcopal Church

Evangelische Missionsgesellschaft in Basel. Indische Mission

Faith Mission, Basim (India)

Federal Council of Protestant Evangelical Missions in Korea

Federation of Women's Foreign Mission Boards of North America

Foreign Evangelical Society of the U.S.

Foreign Missions Conference of North America

Friends' Armenian Mission Committee

Friends Foreign Mission Association

Friends Foreign Mission Association. Missionary Helpers Union

Friends' Syrian Mission

Galilee Baptist Church (Denver, Colo.). China Mission

Greek Evangelical Union of Smyrna

Hill-Murray Institute for the Blind

Home Missionary Society of India

India Christian Mission 

Jungle Tribes Mission 

Ladies' Seamen's Friend Society, New Haven

Lazaristes du Pétang (Péking)

Lord's Day Union for India 

Madras Christian Benefit Fund

Madras Religious Tract and Book Society

Methodist Episcopal Church. North India Annual Conference. Woman's Conference

Mar Thoma Syrian Christian Evangelistic Association

Medical Missionary Society in China

Mennoniten von Nord-Amerika. Allgemeinen Konferenz (General Conference)

Mennonites of North America. Board of Foreign Missions

Methodist Episcopal Church

Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Siberia Korean Mission

Les Missions de Chine et du Japon, 1916-1931

National Christian Council of India

National Missionary Society

Nepal Mission

North India Christian Tract and Book Society

Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

Rangoon Sgaw Karen Association

Reformed Church in America

Reformed Church in the United States

Religious Tract Society (Great Britain) East China Branch

Religious Tract Society for China

Sierra Leone Mission

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (Great Britain). Delhi Mission

South Arcot Highways & Hedges Mission

South India United Church

Sudan United Mission. South Africa Branch

Tibetan Mission, Darjeeling

United Presbyterian Church of North America. Board of Foreign Missions

West China Religious Tract Society

Western Foreign Missionary Society of the United States

Woman's Board of Missions. New Haven Branch

World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union

Yotsuya Mission

Zenana Training Home

Zhong Hua Sheng Gong Hui. Kiangsu (Diocese) Synod 

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