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This is not a complete listing of all individuals for whom the Yale Divinity Library holds papers. For thorough searching, please use Archives at Yale. The Record Group (RG) numbers in the listing link to online finding aids.  Any requests for materials should be made through the finding aids.  An asterisk next to a name indicates that the material has been microfilmed and is also available in digital form for the Yale community in the Adam Matthew Area Studies: China and Southeast Asia database.

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Abbott, Edward (RG08)

Collection of 57 photographs taken in China (1896-1900) primarily at American Church Mission stations and institutions. Also of interest: Imperial Examination cells at Nanking, Chinese Prayer Book Revision Committee. (.5 linear ft.)

Abbott, James (Film Ms.121)

Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in New Zealand (1892-1896). (1 reel)

Ableson, Bradford Edward (RG 222)

Prominent Yale Divinity School graduate, Captain in the Chaplain Corps of the U.S. Navy, and clergyman. (11 linear ft.)

Adams, Archibald (RG 8)

ABFMS missionary to China, stationed in Suifu (Yibin) and Kiating (Leshan), Sichuan prov. (1914-1926); correspondence, writings, photographs of Beijng, Western China, Buddhist funeral, people at work, etc. (1 linear ft.)

Adams, Marie (RG 8)

MEFB missionary in Beijing (1915-1950); memoir, photographs and watercolors in silk cases, incl. "Views in China," "Chart of Old Peking," "Chinese Temples," "China Flowers." (1 linear ft.)

Ady, Merrill Steele and Lucile Meloy (RG 138)

PN missionaries in Yeungkong (Yangjiang, Guangdong) (1924-1949); field agent in Secret Intelligence with U.S. Army Office of Strategic Services in China (1944-1945); Kwangtung International Relief Committee (1945-1949); Hong Kong, Church of Christ in China (1950-1960); correspondence, notes, reports, printed material. (1.5 linear ft.)

Aeschliman, Edward and Myrle (RG 8)

Methodist missionaries 1919-1950, stationed in Beijing and Tianjin. EA was Methodist pastor and district director, worked with students. (.5 linear ft.)

Ahlstrom, Sydney (RG 83)

Yale professor of American religious history (1954-1984); correspondence, writings, course- related material, biographical documentation. (20 linear ft.)

Aitken, R. Douglas, M.D. (Film Ms.37)

British medical missionary in Sibasa, South Africa for 37 years; research materials re. medical mission work in South Africa, compiled with George W. Gale, medical missionary in Natal (1928-1936). (2 reels)

Albert, Martin* (RG 8)

PN missionary in China; writings, incl. "The Story of Hope Hospital, 1871-1952." (1 folder)

Allison, Walter and Grace (RG 30)

PN missionaries to North India (1920-1954) (.5 linear ft)

Alsup, Alice (RG 8)

MES missionary in Huchow (Huzhou, Zhejiang Sheng), Soochow (Suzhou, Jiangsu Sheng), and Shanghai (ca.1919-1940); correspondence, printed material. (8 folders)

Alter, James Payne (RG 84)

PN missionary in India (1945-1968), Director of Christian Retreat and Study Centre, Rajpur (Uttarakhand, India); correspondence, writings, research materials, biographical documentation. (15 linear ft.)

Alter, Martha Payne (RG 30)

PN missionary to India (1916-1951), serving under the United Presbyterian Church of North America; mother of James Payne Alter (1.5 linear ft.)

Anderson, Gerald H. (RG 166)

Collection documents Anderson's work as a Methodist missionary in the Philippines, his participation in ecumenical mission groups, his lectures and writings, including records related to the Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions (39.5 linear ft.)

Anderson, Sidney R. and Olive (RG 200)

Methodist missionaries in China and Hong Kong from 1915 to 1963. They were instrumental in the development of the Moore Memorial Church in Shanghai and spent twelve years in Hong Kong after 1951 working with refugees from mainland China and at the North Point Methodist Church. (6 linear ft.)

Archer, John Clark (RG 30)

Yale professor of Comparative Religion (1916-1950); correspondence, incl. with Jawaharlal Nehru and Indian diplomats, notes, writings, memorabilia. (.5 linear ft.)

Arnold, John Kissack (Film Ms.122)

Methodist missionary in the Dobu circuit of Papua (1923-1926)

Asbury, Francis, Bp. (Film Ms.8)

Methodist clergyman in England, missionary to America, first Bishop of Methodist Episcopal Church (1874); letters (1768-1808). (1 reel)

Asher, Eva (RG 139)

Treasurer and administrative assistant at Fukien Christian University from 1923 to 1950; correspondence, diaries, photographs (3 linear ft.)

Atwood, Irrenius J.* (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Shanxi (1882-1913); information re. Shansi Mission (outgrowth of Oberlin Theological Seminary "China Band"), excerpts of journal of Susan Rowena Bird (martyr during Boxer Rebellion), correspondence. (1 folder)

Austin, Ralph Vernon (RG 30)

Austin (1895-1962) was a 1924 YDS graduate who served Congregational churches in Connecticut, Indiana, and Wisconsin. (1 linear ft.)

Avery, David (Film Ms.35)

Presbyterian clergyman in New England; diaries, correspondence, writings, church records (1765-1818). (13 reels)

Backus, Isaac (RG 280)

Backus (1724-1806) was a clergyman in New England, active in the Separate Baptist struggle for religious freedom. (8 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Backus, Simon (RG 30)

(1701-1745) Congregational minister in Wethersfield, Connecticut; chaplain to troops in Cape Breton; sermons, account records, biographical documentation. (5 folders)

Backus, Simon (RG 30)

(1737/38-1823) Congregational minister in Connecticut; sermons, account records, notes, correspondence. (1.5 linear ft.)

Bacon, Benjamin Wisner (RG 30)

Yale professor of New Testament (1897-1928); correspondence, writings, biographical documentation. (1 linear ft.)

Baer, Mary (Film Ms.361)

(1863-1942) Lutheran medical missionary in Guntur and Chirala (Andhra Pradesh, India), from 1895 to 1933. Correspondence, biographical documentation. Originals held at ELCA archives. (1 reel)

Bailey, Kenneth E. (RG 274)

(1930-2016) was a renowned Presbyterian missionary in the Middle East, innovator in New Testament contextual studies, seminary professor, author, and international lecturer (30 linear ft.)

Bainton, Roland Herbert (RG 75)

Yale professor of church history (1923-1962); correspondence, writings, course-related materials, notes, artwork, biographical documentation. (34 linear ft.)

Baker, John Gilbert Hindley* (RG 8)

CMS missionary in Canton, Shanghai; typescript memoir incl. re. his wife, Martha Sherman Baker and her father Arthur Sherman. (.5 linear ft.)

Baldwin, Henry (RG 30)

City missionary in New York (?); detailed diary covering the years 1864-1866 (.25 linear ft.)

Balliet, Thomas Minard (RG 30)

Holograph notes from course on the Epistle to the Galatians, taken at Yale Divinity School (1877-1878). (.5 linear ft.)

Ballou, Earle H. and Thelma (RG 165)

ABCFM missionaries in Tianjin (China) (1916-1948); correspondence. (6 linear ft.)

Barbour, George B. and Dorothy Dickinson (RG 8)

LMS missionaries in Beijing, Yenching University (1920-1934); correspondence, photographs, writings, printed material. (3.5 linear ft.)

Barbour, Margaret Hart Bailey (RG 8)

ACM missionary in Shanghai, St. John's University (ca.1916-1923); correspondence, photographs, printed material. (6 folders)

Barnett, Eugene* (RG 8)

YMCA Shanghai (1910-1936); report, "The Far East in the Summer of 1940", memoirs 1937-1968. (2 folders)

Bartlett, Robert M.* (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary, Beijing, Yenching University (1924-1927); typescript manuscripts on Chinese revolutionaries and Jimmy Yen. (.5 linear ft.)

Bates, Miner Searle (RG 10)

UCMS faculty member at University of Nanking (1920-1950); chairman of the Nanking International Relief Committee (1937-1941); professor of missions, Union Theological Seminary, New York (1950-1965); correspondence, notes and drafts for his unfinished book "Christian Effort in Chinese Society", writings, collected material. (55 linear ft.)

Baxter, Richard (Film Ms.16)

17th century English clergyman, non-conformist; papers. (8 reels)

Beach, Frederick P. (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary, Fuzhou (Fujian Sheng), Fukien Christian University (1910-1937); correspondence. (1 folder)

Beach Family (RG 60)

David Nelson Beach: Congregational clergyman in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado (1876-1902) , president of Bangor Theol. Seminary (1903-1921), Harlan Page Beach: ABCFM missionary to North China (1883-1890), professor of missions at Yale (1905-1921); Librarian of the Day Missions Library; correspondence, diaries, writings, photographs. (6 linear ft.)

Beach, David Nelson, Jr. (RG 60 A)

Congregational clergyman in New England and Minnesota, including at Center Church, New Haven (1943-1960); served on the Connecticut Civil Rights Commission (1948-1960) (9 linear ft.)

Beard, Willard Livingstone* (RG 108)

ABCFM missionary in Fuzhou, Fujian Sheng (1894-1941); served YMCA in Fujian province (1905- 1910); correspondence, diaries, writings, collected material, photographs. (2.5 linear ft.)

Beard, Gerald (RG 65)

Congregational clergyman in Norwalk, CT, Burlington, VT, and Bridgeport, CT (1892-1921); correspondence, sermons, notebooks, subject file. (10 linear ft.)

Beardslee, Alvord (RG 30)

Beardslee served on the Alumnal Board of YDS and was a Trustee of the Foundation for the Preservation of Sterling Divinity Quadrangle. (3 linear ft.)

Beck, Karl H.* (RG 8)

RCUS, RCA missionary in Yueyang (Hunan Sheng) (1914-1952); memoir of the Hsian-Si Mission. (1 folder)

Beebe, David Lewis (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Woodbridge, Connecticut (1791-1800); sermons. (1.5 linear ft.)

Beebe, James (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Trumbull, Connecticut (1746-1778); chaplain in French and Indian War and Revolutionary War. (.5 linear ft.)

Belcher, Harold and Marian (RG 8)

ABCFM missionaries in Fuzhou (Fujian Sheng) (1914-1920); correspondence, printed material (1 linear ft.)

Bellamy, Joseph (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Bethlehem, Connecticut (1738-1790); notes, correspondence. (2 folders)

Bendtz, N. Arne (RG 202)

Theologian; ecumenist: YDS BD '49, Yale Ph.D. '53 (9 linear ft.)

Benson, John Leonard (Film Ms521)

Lutheran missionary to China and Hong Kong, 1914-1954 (1 reel)

Bentley, Edward Warner (RG 30)

Clergyman in New York (1854-1881); notes taken by Bentley on sermons delivered at Yale College and Hartford Seminary (1845-1853). (1 volume)

Bergmann, H. F. W. (RG 30)

German Lutheran missionary in New Guinea (1928-1968); typescript autobiography describing his work (1 linear ft.)

Berry-Hart, Alice (RG 8)

Daughter of British missionary James Ware (UCMS after 1892); writings based on her life in Shanghai. (.25 linear feet)

Binet, Vincent LeCornu (Film Ms.123)

Missionary of New Zealand Methodist Church in Solomon Islands (1917-1932)

Bingham, Abel and family (Film Ms.60)

Missionary to North American Indians in New York (1822-1827), Michigan (1828-1855); correspondence, writings, diaries, collected material. (20 reels)

Bird, Susan Rowena* (RG 8)

Martyr during Boxer Rebellion; journal excerpts included in papers of Irrenius Atwood.

Bishop, Merlin (RG 8)

Went to China in 1935; served as administrator and taught trades at Christian Herald Orphanages; oversaw property of Fukien Christian University until forced to leave by Japanese occupation; 1944-1945 in Chungking, in charge of United Clearing Board; 1945-1948 YMCA industrial training secretary in Shanghai; left China 1948. Bishop was the husband of Eunice Smith Bishop; see also YDSL Record Group No. 5. (.5 linear feet)

Bissonette, Wesley S.* (RG 8)

MEFB missionary in Fuzhou (Fujian Sheng) (1903-1943); journal, correspondence, report on siege and battle of Kutien. (1 linear foot)

Blair, J. Andrew (RG 30)

Blair was a printer who served under Dr. David Livingstone and the Universities' Mission to Central Africa, sailing from Britain in April 1861. (1 handwritten journal)

Bliss, Edward L. (RG 319 )

Bliss (1865-1960) served as a medical missionary under the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in Shaowu, China from 1893 to 1932. (2 linear ft.)

Blodget, Henry (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing (1854-1894) (1 linear foot)

Blossom, Thomas (RG 30

Thomas Blossom (1777-1855) was a missionary artisan serving under the London Missionary Society in Eimeo (now Mo'orea) and Tahiti, Polynesia from 1821 to 1844 (1 memoir)

Bodein, Vernon Parker (RG 30)

Bodein (1905-1987) graduated from Yale Divinity School and received a Ph.D. in 1936. Following his retirement as Chaplain at Hampton Institute (now Hampton University) was pastor of the Canton Baptist Church in Connecticut. (2 linear ft.)

Boer, Jan H. (RG 228)

Sources gathered by Boer for the writing of his eight-volume series Studies in Christian-Muslim Relations. The collection deals almost exclusively with the Nigerian situation, especially the entire history leading up to the sharia declaration and its aftermath. (5.5 linear ft)

Bollier, John (RG 30)

Librarian at YDS from 1973 to 1991; author of The Literature of Theology: a Guide for Students and Pastors (1979) (.5 linear ft.)

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich (Film Ms.1)

German theologian; sermons, mss. (1925-1945). (1 reel)

Booth, Chauncey (RG 281)

Booth (1783-1851) was a Congregational clergyman in South Coventry, CT (5 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Borden, William Whiting (RG 30)

Founder of Yale Hope Mission while student at Yale (1905-1909); Traveling Secretary for Student Volunteer Movement (1912); correspondence, writings. (.5 linear ft.)

Bowler, Henry Reginald  (RG 30)

Bowler served as Secretary of the Laymen's Foreign Mission Inquiry Commission of Appraisal during its nine month journey around the world in 1931-1932. (.5 linear ft.)

Boyd, Lena Agnes (RG 30)

American Presbyterian missionary to India, 1912-1948. Worked with Punjab Mission in Saharanpur, Hoshiarpur, Kasur, Jagraon in educational and zenana work. Biographical writing by Amos Boyd. (1 folder)

Brack, Ruth A.* (RG 8)

PN missionary in Weixian Internment Camp (Weifang, Shandong Sheng) (ca. 1919-1940); report on her internment by the Japanese (1942). (1 folder)

Brainerd, David (RG 30)

Missionary to North American Indians (1743-1746); one manuscript sermon. (1 folder)

Breman, Christina (RG 134)

Resource material related to Association of Evangelicals in Africa (10 linear ft.)

Brewster, Elizabeth Fisher (RG 8)

MEFB missionary in Hinghwa, Hankong (Fujian Sheng) (1884-1951); manuscript autobiography, collected material. (.5 linear ft.)

Bridgman, Elijah Coleman and Eliza Jane Gillett (RG 8)

ABCFM missionaries in Canton and Macao, Shanghai, Beijing (1829-1871); journal of ECB (1834-1838); writings of EJGB. (.25 linear ft.)

Bridgman, Henry and Laura (RG 30)

ABCFM missionaries to the Zulus in Infume and Umzumbe, in Natal, South Africa, 1860-1946; biographical documentation and transcripts of letters (1 folder)

Bright Family Papers (RG 130)

CBM J. Homer and Minnie Bright, their son J. Calvin Bright, and his wife Harriet Bright, were American missionaries in China from 1911 to 1951, serving under the Church of the Brethren mission. The elder Brights served in Shaoyang and Pingding (Shanxi Sheng) province. J. Calvin and Harriet Bright served in Chengdu (Sichuan Sheng) province. (8 linear ft.)

Bronson (Miles) Family (RG 282)

The Bronsons were American Baptist missionaries serving in Assam, India from 1836-1879. (4 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Brosius, Charles Henry (Film Ms549)

Lutheran missionary serving at the Muhlenberg Mission in Liberia 1901 to 1922. Microfilmed from originals at ELCA Archives (1 reel)

Brown, Arthur Judson* (RG 2)

(1856-1963) Presbyterian clergyman and author, General Secretary of the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, active in Foreign Missions Conference of North America, Life and Work Movement, and other ecumenical ventures; surveyed Presbyterian missions in Asia following the Boxer Rebellion; correspondence, writings, diaries. (8.5 linear ft.)

Brown, Charles Reynolds (RG 37)

Congregational clergyman in California (1896-1910), Dean of Yale Divinity School (1911- 1928); correspondence, notebooks, writings, sermons. (9 linear ft.)

Brown, Fanny Pomeroy (RG 8)

YWCA worker in Shanghai, Beijing (ca.1928-1932); correspondence, incl. with Mayling Soong Chiang and Ch'ingling Soong Sun, material re. Chinese music, photographs. (.5 linear ft.)

Brown, George (Film Ms371)

British Methodist missionary (1835-1917) in Pacific Islands, original papers in State Library of New South Wales (22 reels)

Brown, Samuel Robbins (RG 30)

Brown (1810-1880) was an American missionary to China and Japan with the Dutch Reformed Church (1 folder)

Brown, Velva V. (RG 8)

ABFMS medical doctor in Shantou (Guangdong Sheng) (1932-1951); correspondence. (2 linear ft.)

Bruce, Elizabeth Gordon* (RG 8)

RCA missionary in Xiaoxi, Xiamen, and Zhangzhou (Fujian Sheng), Hong Kong; memoir. (1 folder)

Brunger, Harry A.* (RG 8)

Typescript ms. documenting year spent in Communist China (1949-1950). (1 folder)

Brush, John Woolman (RG 283)

Andover Newton Theological Seminary graduate and professor, Baptist pastor in Maine and Connecticut. (20 linear ft.)  Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Bucher, Henry Hale, Sr. and Louise Scott Bucher (RG 249)

Presbyterian missionaries in Hainan prov. (China) (1934-1949), evacuated to the Philippines during WWII and interned by Japanese; also served as fraternal workers in Thailand (1956-1972). (6.5 linear ft.)

Bucher, Henry Hale, Jr.
(RG 250)

Presbyterian clergyman (1936-); collection focuses on his participation in ecumenical study abroad programs including the Frontier Internship in Mission, his work with the University Christian Movement and other organizations concerning Middle East and Jewish-Christian issues, and his draft resistance during the Vietnam war. (3 linear ft.)

Buck, Mina Van Cleave* (RG 8)

FCMS missionary in Luchowfu (Anhui Sheng) (1914-1916); memoir. (1 folder)

Buell, Constance (RG 140)

ABCFM educational missionary in Tianjin (1919-1951), Kobe College, Japan (1952-1958); correspondence, diaries, writings, photographs. (2 linear ft.)

Bundy, Robert E. and Gladys Wilson (RG 141)

ACM missionaries at Boone University, Wuchang district (Hubei Sheng) (1923-1927) and St. Paul's University, Tokyo (1927-1929); correspondence, printed material, incl. re. siege of Wuchang. (1 linear ft.)

Burch, Clarence Arthur and Miriam Stuart Hewes (RG 8)

ACM and UCMS missionaries in Wuhu, Anhui Sheng (1906-1940); correspondence documents the Civil War of China (1911-1912), the Revolution (1926-1928) and the Japanese War (1936-1940). (1 linear ft.)

Burke, Harry Taylor (RG 30)

Episcopal educational missionary in the Philippines 1935-1945. Handwritten diary from Father Burke's period in Los Baños internment camp 1944-1945. (.5 linear ft.

Burrows, Millar (RG 71)

Yale professor of Biblical theology (1934-1958); correspondence, notes, writings, slides and photographs of the Middle East, biographical documentation. (4 linear ft.)

Bushnell, George (RG 30)

Clergyman, 1842 graduate of Yale College; correspondence (1835-1847). (1 folder)

Bushnell, Horace (RG 39)

Connecticut clergyman, author, theologian (1802-1876); sermons, writings, diaries. (2 linear ft.)

Bushnell, Samuel Clarke (RG 77)

Congregational clergyman in Massachusetts and New York (1909-1922), professor of education at Columbia University (1922-1927); correspondence, writings, printed material. (4 linear ft.)

Butler, Rosa May (RG 8)

MES missionary in Shanghai, Nanjing (1938-1951); correspondence. (1 folder)

Cai, Yongchun (RG 205)

Cai Yongchun (Ts'ai Yung-ch'un) (1904-1983) was a Chinese scholar, educator, and theologian. (6.5 linear ft.)

Caldwell, Leonard and Marjorie (RG 217)

Leonard Caldwell taught physics and math at the University of Nanking from 1921 to 1926; Marjorie Caldwell was primarily a missionary wife and mother during this period. (1.5 linear ft.)

Caldwell, Mary W. (RG 8)

PS missionary in Taizhou (Zhejiang Sheng) (ca. 1926); photographs. (1 folder)

Caldwell, Pearl (RG 8)

SBC missionary in North China, 1910-1937 (1 linear ft)

Calhoun, Robert L.(RG 326)

Sterling Professor of Historical Theology at Yale Divinity School; documentation of nearly a half century of teaching and intellectual work as well as ecumenical and social activism from the 1930s to 1960s—pertaining to labor rights, conscientious objectors, pacifism, and atomic war (31 linear ft)

Campbell, Alice Joy (RG 8)

Teacher at Lingnan University, Guangzhou (1936-1940); photograph albums of Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, including graphic photos of destruction after Japanese bombing of Guangzhou (Canton). (8 folders, 2 albums)

Campbell Family Papers* (RG 7)

George and Jennie Wortman Campbell and their children Louise, Margaret, and Dorothy: American Baptist missionaries, South China Mission (1887-1946), including work with Hakkas and on West Coast of the U.S. (1900-1908); correspondence, diaries, writings (12 linear ft.)

Carey, William (Film Ms.6)

BMS missionary in India; letters, clippings, publications, engravings, portraits (1793-1825). (1 reel)

Carlson, Emery and Elvera (RG 246)

Lutheran missionaries in China 1940-1941. Emery Carlson was a medical doctor, active in famine relief work, and served under the OSS in World War II. (1 linear ft.)

Carr, Ruth M. White (RG 8)

YWCA worker in Tianjin, Beijing (1917-1926); correspondence, diaries, posters. (1.5 linear ft.)

Carson, Arthur (RG 30)

PN missionary teaching in Guangzhou and Shandong (1921-1936), President of Silliman University, Philippines (1939-1953), Trinity College, Philippines (1963-1967); correspondence, writings, printed material. (1.5 linear ft.)

Carter, Alice (RG 8)

PN Missionary who worked in a hospital in Xiangtan, Hunan Sheng (1920-1924). Two volumes of edited letters.

Carter, Louise Brackett
(RG 30)

Served under Woman's American Baptist Home Mission Society as teacher in Santa Ana, El Salvador from 1917 to 1926. She later was a missionary teacher in Chicago, Pueblo, CO, and Los Angeles

Carter, Samuel Moss (RG 268)

Carter (1904-1999), an early African American graduate of the Yale Divinity School, was a Baptist pastor and professor of church history, primarily in Virginia

Cary, Alice (RG 30)

Taught at Kobe College, Japan 1918-1919; worked with Russian refugees in Siberia, with American Red Cross 1921-1941; missionary/social worker in Japan-Yodogawa Neighborhood House, Zenrinkan settlement center; 1941-1945; ABCFM Area Secretary for Far East; report letters re. Japan after WWII; biographical work by Mary Alice Cary Shepard (2 folders)

Chamberlain, Jacob (RG 30)

RCA missionary, Arcot Mission, India (1860-ca.1898); correspondence. (.5 linear ft.)

Chambers, William Nesbitt (RG 30)

ABCFM missionary in Turkey: Erzroom and Central Turkey Mission (1879-1920s); correspondence, material re. Armenian massacres. (.5 linear ft.)

Chang Fu-liang (RG 8)

Professor and dean at Yale-in-China, Changsha, Hunan Sheng (1915-1926), National Secretary for rural work of National Christian Council of China (1927-1934), Secretary General of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives, Inc. (1945-1948); correspondence, writings, material related to rural reconstruction. (.5 linear ft.)

Chase, Irah (RG 296)

Chase (1763-1864) taught Biblical theology and church history at the Newton Theological Institution. (3 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School.

Chauncey, George A. (RG 267)

Chauncey (1927-), YDS '52, served as a Presbyterian parish minister in the South, activist for civil rights and peace, and founding director of the Washington Office of the Presbyterian Church. (8.5 linear ft.)

Chauvenet, Annie (RG 8)

Traveled to China in 1880s. Early photographs of Beijing and environs. (51 folders)

Chester, Ruth M.* (RG 8)

Faculty member at Ginling College, Nanjing, Chengdu (1917-1950); correspondence, writings. (.5 linear ft.)

Churchward, Clerk Maxwell (Film Ms.125)

Methodist missionary at Rotuma in the 1930s; misc. papers. (1 reel)

Clark, Elsie (Mrs. Andrew Krug)* (RG 142)

Faculty member at Hwa Nan College in Fuzhou, Fujian Sheng (1912-1918); correspondence, diaries, notebook, printed material, photographs. (2 linear ft.)

Clift, William Avery (RG 30)

Connecticut clergyman; journals (1834-1842), notebooks. (1 linear ft.)

Cochran, Mary Williams (RG 8)

Daughter of John E. Williams, an educational missionary in Nanking and became Vice-President of Nanking University. He was killed in the 1927 Nanking incident. Mary and her husband William Cochran were stationed in Paotingfu, 1933-1941. One volume memoir.

Coe, George Albert (RG 36)

Professor of religious education and psychology of religion at Union Theological Seminary, New York (1909-1922), professor of education at Columbia University (1922-1927); correspondence, writings, printed material. (4 linear ft.)

Coit, Thomas Winthrop (RG 30)

Professor at Berkeley Divinity School (1872-1885); bound volume of drafts. (1 folder)

Colenso, John William (RG 129)

Anglican Bishop of Natal, South Africa (1854-ca.1875), controversial for his views on polygamy and his theological beliefs; primarily printed letters and leaflets related to Church of Natal controversies, photographs. (.5 linear ft.)

Colman, Benjamin (Film Ms.54)

(1673-1747) Clergyman in Boston, SPG missionary to North American Indians; papers. (1 reel)

Colwell, David (RG 30)

Congregational minister, YDS class of 1943; sermons 1967-1988

Colyer, Vincent (RG 30)

Medical doctor; record book "of Christian mission to the United States Army" - Civil War era (1861-1862). (1 folder)

Conn, Howard J. (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Minneapolis (1944-1976); sermons, articles. (1 linear ft.)

Coop, William (RG 30)

Council Chair of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. Bi-National Service program (.5 linear ft.)

Corey, Clara Watts Long (RG 30)

Canadian Baptist missionary to India (1894-1924), wife of H.Y. Corey; transcripts of correspondence. (.5 linear ft.)

Corpron, Douglas S.* (RG 8)

UCMS missionary to China (L.1924-L.1940), "China Notes" (1949). (1 folder)

Couturier, Marie-Alain (Film Ms.251)

A French Dominican priest who believed that modern art could play an important role in Catholic religion, Couturier was involved with the creation of several churches in Europe that featured work by twentieth-century artists, including the Chapel of the Rosary in Vence, France, commissioned from Henri Matisse. (32 reels) (Guide to microfilm)

Coventry, Gwen (RG 241)

Gwen Coventry was an Australian nurse who worked as a Chistian missionary for Regions Beyond Missionary Union and the United Mission to Nepal in northern India and Nepal between 1959 and 1980. (1 linear ft.)

Cox, Alva, Jr. (RG 179)

A Methodist, independent film maker whose work chronicled the civil rights movement, human rights struggles, and ecumenical Christianity both nationally and globally; films, slides, pictures, audio cassettes. Of particular note are the materials related to Cox's film "Kent State: May 1970."

Craighill, Lloyd R. and Marian (RG 8)

ACM missionaries in Anqing, Wuhu (Anhui Sheng), Nanchang (Jiangxi Sheng) (ca. 1915-1940); correspondence (primarily of Marian), printed material. (2 linear ft.)

Crawford, O. C.* (RG 8)

PN missionary in Suzhou (Jiangsu Sheng) (1900-1939); diary kept under Japanese occupation of Suzhou (Soochow, 1938-1939). (1 folder)

Creighton, Roy and Clara (RG 177)

RLC was PN missionary architect in China (1915-1926, 1933-1948), as well as in Beirut and Istanbul; letters of RLC and CLC, a typical missionary wife and mother. (2.5 linear ft.)

Cressey, Paul F. (RG 8)

ABFMS missionary in Shantou (Guangdong Sheng) (1921-1924); description and photographs of Shantou compound and of other missionaries. (.5 linear ft.)

Crofts, Daniel Webster (RG 240)

Crofts, an American missionary serving under the China Inland Mission, primarily in Guizhou Province (China) from 1895 to 1944 (1 linear ft.)

Croswell, Harry (RG 258)

Harry Croswell (1778-1858) was a journalist and later minister of Trinity Church, New Haven from 1815 until his death. (6.5 linear ft.)

Curtis, Edward Lewis (RG 30)

Yale professor of Hebrew (1891-1911), Acting Dean of YDS (1911); correspondence, writings. (2 folders)

Cushman, Mary Floyd, M.D. (RG 30)

ABCFM medical missionary in Ochileso, Angola, Portuguese West Africa, 1922 - 1942; correspondence, biographical documentation (1922-1931) (5 folders)

Daggett, Oliver Ellsworth (RG 114)

Congregational clergyman in Connecticut and New York (1837-1867, 1871-1877), Yale professor of Divinity (1867-1870); record books, sermons, writings, notes. (4 linear ft.)

Dahl, Edward Curtis (RG 169)

YDS graduate and Congregational minister in Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Wisconsin, New York, and New Hampshire. (1916-1993) (13 linear ft.)

Dahl, Nils Alstrup (RG 30)

Professor of New Testament at the University of Oslo from 1946 to 1965 and at Yale University from 1965 to 1980. (1 linear ft.)

Danielson, Elmer R. and Lillian M. (Film Ms539)

The Danielsons were Lutheran missionaries to Tanzania from 1928-1969. (12 reels)
Microfilmed from originals at ELCA archives.

Davidson, Sydney Arthur, Jr. (RG 8)

MEFB missionary in Foochow (Fuzhou, China) (1934-1939); correspondence, writings. (.5 linear ft.)

Davies, Henry (RG 85)

Congregational clergyman in Michigan and Connecticut (1888-1898), Yale professor of the history of philosophy (1900-1904), Episcopal clergyman in Connecticut and Maryland (1903-1922); correspondence, sermons, writings, notebooks. (3 linear ft.)

Dawson, Mary E.S.(RG 8)

ACM missionary in Hankou (Hubei Sheng), Changsha (ca.1923-1932); correspondence. (.5 linear ft.)

Day, David A. (Film Ms.364)

(1851-1897) Lutheran missionary to Liberia - General Synod's Muhlenberg Mission, Monrovia. (1 reel)

De Forest, Charlotte B. (RG 178)

Missionary educator in Japan from 1903 to 1940, serving on the faculty and as president of Kobe College. During World War II she was involved in work with Japanese-American detainees. (2 linear ft.)

DeJong, Nettie (RG 8)

PN missionary in Changteh (Changde) (ca. 1921-1936); correspondence, diary, printed material. (.25 linear ft.)

De Vargas, Philippe (RG 8)

ABCFM, YMCA missionary in Hankow (Hanjou), Beijing, Yenching University (ca. 1916-1940) (.25 linear ft.)

Decker, John W. (RG 8)

Secretary for International Missionary Council; correspondence and printed material related to China (1944-1957). (.5 linear ft.)

Denison, Robert Charles (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman, New Haven, Connecticut (1909-1920); sermons, writings. (4 folders)

Dewar, Mary Reed (RG 8)

Administrator for National Council of Churches of Christ; correspondence and printed material related to China (1947-1951). (1.5 linear ft.)

Dewey, Albert (RG 161)

Albert Dewey was an American medical missionary serving under the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in Aintab (Gaziantep, Turkey) from 1919 to 1959 (1.5 linear ft.)

Dewey, Carol M. (RG 8)

MEFB missionary in Beijing, Chengtu (Chengdu) (1921-1947); correspondence, photo. (1 folder)

Dewey, Harry Pinneo (RG 297)

Dewey (1861-1937) was a Congregational minister in New Hampshire, Brooklyn, and Minneapolis. (3 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Dickson, John Luther (RG 30)

Dickson (1873-1952) was a graduate of Yale Divinity School (1908 B.D. 1910 M.A.) who served as a pastor in the Chicago area. He ran the WGN radio ministry “Midday Service” from 1930-1940. The collection includes extensive writings and transcripts from Dickson and other religious leaders for the radio program. (1.25 linear ft.)

Dickson, Lillian R. (RG 8)

Missionary in Taiwan (1927-1975); correspondence, writings, photographs. (1.5 linear ft.)

Dietrich, Suzanne de (RG 314)

Correspondence, written works, and family information (1906-1992) by and about French ecumenical leader Suzanne de Dietrich. (2 linear ft.)

Dilley, Frederick Edwards and Mary Grace French (RG 8)

PN missionaries in Beijing, Chefoo (Yantai), Shansi (Shanxi) (1906-1942); correspondence, printed material, photographs. (3 folders)

Dinsmore, Charles Allen (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Connecticut, Massachusetts (1888-1920), lecturer at YDS; correspondence, writings. (2 folders)

Dittes, James E. (RG 174)

Yale Divinity School professor of Pastoral Theology and the Psychology of Religion since 1955 (4 linear ft.)

Drew, Florence (RG 8)

Missionary with South China Boat Mission, Canton (1909-1932); memoir. (1 folder)

Dudley, Raymond A. (RG 30)

ABCFM missionary, Madura Mission, India (1919-1943); letters, writings. (1.5 linear ft.)

Duffus, William (Film Ms.183)

English Presbyterian missionary to south-east China (1860-1964) (8 reels)

Dunstan, J. Leslie (RG 284)

Dunstan (1901-1969) was professor of Missions and Comparative Religion at Andover Theological Seminary and Andover Newton Theological School from 1954 to 1969. (4.75 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Dutton Family (RG 63)

Aaron Dutton (1780-1849), Samuel W.S. Dutton (1814-1866): Congregational clergymen in Guilford and New Haven, Connecticut; correspondence, diaries, writings. (9 linear ft.)

Dwight, Melatiah Everett (RG 91)

Congregational clergyman in Iowa (1869-1888); sermons, writings. (3.5 linear ft.)

Dwight family (RG 329)

The Adele Shepard collection documents individuals in her line of descent, including Jonathan Edwards' grandson Timothy Dwight (1752-1817) and his wife Mary Woolsey Dwight, great-grandson William T. Dwight and his wife Elizabeth Bradford Dwight, great-great-grandson Henry E. Dwight and his wife Laura Lehmann Dwight, and other Dwight family predecessors and descendants.

Dye, Daniel S. and Jane Balderston (RG 22)

ABFMS missionaries in Chengtu (Chengdu, China), faculty members at West China Union University (1910-1949); correspondence, writings, documentation of ethnic designs found in West China. (6 linear ft.)

Dyer, Edward R. (RG 8)

ACM missionary stationed at Wusih [Wuxi] station, District of Shanghai, from 1911 through the 1930s

Eastman, George Herbert (Film Ms99)

LMS missionary in Cook Islands (1913-1918) and Gilbert Islands (1918-1947); correspondence, sermons, research material, photographs, printed material. (11 reels)

Eckard, Leighton W.
In Yerkes Papers (RG 153)

PN missionary in Chefoo (Yantai, China) (1869-1874); correspondence, printed material, photo. (.25 linear ft.)

Eddy, George Sherwood (RG 32)

Evangelist and administrator for SVM and YMCA in India, Near East, and Far East (1871- 1963); correspondence, writings, biographical documentation. (10 linear ft.)

Eddy Family (RG 30)

George Washington Eddy (1811-1897) was an inventor of printer's ink. He and his wife, had communications with Presbyterian missionaries in Siam (Thailand) Mary Mattoon (wife of Stephen Mattoon) and Samuel R. and Henrietta House. Material also includes letters from Chau Fa Mongkut, Crown Prince of Siam. (.5 linear ft.)

Edwards, Dwight (RG 12)

YMCA secretary in Beijing (1906-1927), North China (1927-1938), senior secretary for China (1938-1946), administered famine relief work (1920-1922, 1931), field director for United China Relief (1942-1946); correspondence, writings, notes, collected material. (8 linear ft.)

Edwards, Jonathan (Film Ms.51)

(1703-1758) Clergyman in Northampton and Stockbridge, Massachusetts, missionary to North American Indians, president of College of New Jersey (1758); sermons, writings, correspondence (from originals at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. (11 reels)

Edwards family (RG 329)

The Adele Shepard collection documents individuals in her line of descent including Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), his wife Sarah Pierpont Edwards (1710-1758), their daughter Mary Edwards (1734-1807) who married Timothy Dwight (1726-1777) and other descendants.

Edwins, August W. (Film Ms.363)

(1871-1942) Lutheran missionary to China, Augustana Synod China Mission. Taught at Union Theological Seminary in Hankow (Hankou, China). Correspondence, minutes. (1 reel)

Eells Family (RG 30)

New England clergy; early sermons (1705-1785); writings, collected material re. Liberia by Earnest E. Eells (1875-1980) (1.5 linear ft.)

Eliot, Ellsworth Jr. (RG 210)

Collected documents reflect Eliot's varied research interests, particularly the life and work of his ancestor, John Eliot, “Apostle to the Indians” (2 linear ft.)

Ellenberger, David Frédéric (Fiche Ms108)

Missionary in Lesotho (1860-ca.1905), collector of ethnographic information; documentation of Lesotho history. (60 fiche)

Elliott, Arthur James (RG 30)

Films taken by "Dad" A.J. Elliott (1875-1952), who served the YMCA Student Division from 1907 to 1951. (1 linear ft.)

Elliott, Edna (RG 30)

Teacher at Methodist Boy's School in Malaya from 1919 to 1921; letters, photographs, documentation of Methodist missions in Malaya (.5 linear ft.)

Ellis, Emery Ward (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Tehchow (Dezhou, China) (1904-1927); correspondence, writings, printed material, photographs. (1 linear ft.)

Emerson, Ralph (RG 285)

Emerson (1787-1863) was Congregational clergyman and faculty member at Andover Theological Seminary. (7 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Emmons, Nathaniel (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Massachusetts (1773-1827); sermons. (1 folder)

Erb, Earl S. (Film Ms547)

Executive Secretary of the United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA) Board of Foreign Missions and its successor, the Lutheran Church in America (LCA) Board of World Missions. Notebooks dating 1951-1967 document ULCA and LCA missions overseas. Microfilmed from originals at ELCA Archives (2 reels)

Erickson, Charles Telford (RG 26)

Congregational clergyman in Hartford, Connecticut (1902-1908), ABCFM missionary in Albania (1908-1920), special commissioner from Albania to the United States (1920-1921), founded Albanian-American Schools of Agriculture; correspondence, sermons, writings, printed material. (3 linear ft.)

Erkens, Gerard (RG 30)

Documentation and photographs re. Catholic (CICM) missions in Sulawesi, Toraja, Indonesia 1979-2000 (.6 linear ft.)

Ettwein, John (Film Ms505)

Papers from the Archives of the Moravian Church. Ettwein (1721-1802) was a Moravian Bishop and worked among Indians of North America. In 1787 he founded the Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Heathen.

Evans, Philips S., Jr. and Mary Levering (RG 8)

SBC missionaries in Nanking, Tsinan (Jinan), Shantung Christian University (1900-1940); correspondence, writings, photographs. (1.5 linear ft.)

Evans, Sara M. (RG 30)

Editor of book Journeys that Opened up the World: Women, Student Christian Movements, and Social Justice, 1955-1975 (2003); audio interviews for the book (.5 linear ft.)

Everett, William Johnson (RG 330)

Christian ethicist who taught at St. Francis Seminary, the Candler School of Theology, Emory University, and Andover Newton Theological School from 1996 - 2001. Publications, liturgies, and professional correspondence provides a comprehensive overview of Everett’s career considering the roles of the state, family, church, and individual in a shifting modern world. (3.75 linear ft.)

Falck, Elizabeth H. (RG 8)

ACM missionary in Shanghai (ca.1923-1929); writings, photographs re. Chinese hospitals. (3 folders)

Farley, Margaret A.(RG 29)

Gilbert L. Stark Professor (Emerita) of Christian Ethics at Yale Divinity School, where she taught from 1971 to 2007. (23 linear ft.)

Farrior, S. C. (RG 8)

PN missionary in Hangchow (Hangzhou), Shanghai, Chinkiang (Zhenjiang); writings, printed material. (3 folders)

Fast, Aganetha (RG 8)

MGC missionary in Kaichow (Kaichou) (1918-1949); correspondence, printed material. (1 folder)

Fellows, Samuel Benjamin (Film Ms.127)

Missionary of New Zealand Methodist Church in British New Guinea, Trobriands (1 reel)

Fenn, Courtenay Hughes* (RG 8)

PN missionary in Beijing; diary, photographs, scrapbook on the Siege of Beijng, 1900. (.5 linear ft.)

Ferré, Nels F. S. (RG 286)

Ferré (1908-1971) was professor of Christian Theology at Andover Theological Seminary 1939-1950, 1957-1965. (7 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Ferris, Theodore Parker (RG 30)

Episcopal clergyman in New York, Baltimore, Boston (1933-1972), Instructor in Homiletics at Episcopal Theological Seminary (1943-1964); sermons. (.5 linear ft.)

Fisher, George Park (RG 30)

Yale professor of church history (1854-1901), Dean of Yale Divinity School (1895-1901); correspondence, diary, writings. (1 linear ft.)

Fitch, Eleazar Thompson (RG 93)

Yale professor of Divinity (1817-1852), Yale College Chapel minister; sermons. (4 linear ft.)

Fleming, James (RG 30)

1921-1940 - Professor of Old Testament Literature and Interpretation, Berkeley Divinity School; 1940-1947 - Dean and Professor of Old Testament, School of Theology, The University of the South, Sewanee; 1947-1948 - Visiting Professor, Yale Divinity School (1 linear ft.)

Flory, Margaret (RG 86)

Ecumenist, leader of student religious work, and mission executive in the Presbyterian Church (USA) from 1944-1980 who began and directed innovative missions programs including Junior Year Abroad, Frontier Internships in Mission, and Bi-National Service; coordinator of Asian Women's Institute; correspondence, writings, collected material. (62 linear ft.)

Forman Family (RG 110)

Charles W. Forman, Henry Forman: PN missionaries in India (1840ff); Charles Forman, Prof. of Missions at YDS. (5 linear ft.)

Forster, Ernest H. and Clarissa* (RG 8)

ACM missionaries in Nanking, Yangchow (1918-ca. 1939); correspondence, printed material, photographs, documentation of Japanese "rape of Nanking" (1937-1938). (1.5 linear ft.)

Foster Family (RG 1)

John Marshall and Clara Hess Foster: ABFMS missionaries in Swatow (1887- 1921), children: Anna in Meihsien (1917-1940), Frank in Swatow (1916-1919), John Hess Foster, M.D., at Yale-in-China, Changsha (1919-1927); correspondence, writings, journals, printed material. (7 linear ft.). Portions of the collection have been digitized.  See:

Found, Norman (RG 30)

Methodist medical missionary in Korea 1921-1930s; Professor of Internal Medicine, Severance Union Medical College, Seoul; corres., writings, collected material re. mission work in Korea (6 folders)

Fox, C. E. (Film Ms.82)

Educational missionary with the Melanesian Mission from New Zealand on Norfolk Island (1902),New Hebrides (1903-1908), Solomon Islands (1908-ca. 1963); diaries, correspon- dence. (2 reels)

Frame, Alice Seymour Browne (RG 8)

ABCFM faculty member at Yenching University, Beijing; circular letters. (1936-1938) (7 folders)

Frazier, Eliabeth Hart, and Donald Hart (RG 331)

Substantial writings from Donald (B.D. 1938) and Elizabeth (B.D. 1940), one of the first women graduates of YDS, reveal their lifetime commitment to women in ministry and reproductive and abortion rights. Extensive gathered materials from work with Planned Parenthood from circa 1965-1975, YDS (including materials on women at YDS and curriculum reform), and the United Church of Christ. (6.25 linear ft.)

Frei, Hans Wilhelm (RG 76)

Yale professor of religious studies (1957-1988); correspondence, writings, course-related material, biographical documentation. (12 linear ft.). Index of transcripts from Frei papers available online.

Frost, Caroline (RG 30)

ABCFM missionary in South Africa (1897-1940), primarily at Adams College, M.S., Natal; correspondence, diaries, photographs. (.5 linear ft.)

Fulton, Anne Edwards and Robert Brank (RG 8)

YM (1933-35, 1944-46), faculty members at Yenching University (1939-1941), Huachung University (1947-1950); oral history transcripts. (2 folders)

Funk, Grace A. (Mrs. H. Edwin V. Andrews) (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Shaowu, Foochow (1907-1925); scrapbook. (.25 linear ft.)

Fuson, Chester Garfield (RG 143)

PN faculty member at Canton Christian College (1905-1917), missionary in Canton, Linshien (1917-1949); correspondence, writings, biographical documentation. (1.25 linear ft.)

Galt, Curtis M., M.D., and Mabel Moore (RG 8)

PN missionaries in Kiulangkiang Yu. (ca. 1924-1936); biographical documentation. (1 folder)

Galt, Howard S.* (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Peking (1899-1943); writings re. internment at Weihsien, repatriation journey (1943). (1 folder)

Gamble, Sidney D.* (RG 8)

YMCA secretary in Peking (1918-1932); circular letters from Peking YMCA. (1 folder)

Gamewell, Mary Porter* (RG 8)

WFMS missionary in Peking (1871-ca. 1926); scrapbook history of Peking Station of WFMS North China Mission, photographs, narrative, and printed material. (.25 linear ft.)

Garrett, Frank and Verna Waugh (RG 8)

UCMS missionaries in Nanking, Nantung, Nanking Theological Seminary (1896-ca. 1932); correspondence, writings, photographs, incld. of Japanese invasion. (.5 linear ft.)

Garrettson, Freeborn (Film Ms.9)

Methodist clergyman instrumental in forming the Methodist Episcopal Church; journal (1752-1826). (1 reel)

Geddie, John (Film Ms.80)

Canadian Presbyterian missionary in the New Hebrides (Vanuatu) (1848-1872); correspondence, journals, diaries, clippings. (1 reel)

Genné, William (RG 79)

Baptist clergyman active in student religious work (1936-1951), expert on marriage, sexuality, and family ministries; correspondence, writings, collected material, biographical documentation. (16 linear ft.)

Gezork, Herbert J. (RG 298)

Gezork (1900-1984) was Professor of Social Ethics and Christian World Relations at Andover Newton Theological School from 1939 to 1950 and President of Andover Newton from 1950 to 1965.  (9 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Giffin, Raymond H. and Jean (RG 8)

Missionaries in Foochow (1947-1949); correspondence, reports. (3 folders)

Gilbert, Lewis Loder and Lois Chandler (RG 144)

Missionaries in North China from 1929 to 1941 serving under the ABCFM. Lewis Gilbert was also an instructor at Yali, Yale-in-China, Changsha from 1925 to 1926.

Gladden, Washington (Film Ms.65)

Congregational clergyman in Massachusetts and Columbus, Ohio (1882-1914), "father of the social gospel"; correspondence, sermons, writings, collected material, biographical documentation. (52 reels)

Gleysteen Family (RG 273)

Theodora Culver Gleysteen and William H. Gleysteen were American Presbyterian educational missionaries based in Peking, North China from 1905 to 1943. (21 linear ft.)

Goddard, Dean (RG 8)

ABFMS missionary in Ningpo (1870-1903); printed material, writings, artifacts. (1.5 linear ft.)

Goff, James and Margaret (RG 170)

PN fraternal workers serving under the United Presbyterian Church in the USA (PCUSA after 1983), in Latin America (Colombia, México, Peru, Nicaragua) from 1947 to 1986. (34 linear ft.)

Gold, Ralph G. (RG 8)

YMCA Foochow (1911-1927) Extensive photographs

Goodrich, Chauncey and Sarah Boardman Clapp (RG 8)

ABCFM missionaries in Peking, Tungchow, Kalgan (1865-1925); correspondence, journal, photographs, biographical documentation. (2 linear ft.)

Goodyear, Henry Charles (RG 30)

Goodyear (1857-1889) was a missionary serving under the Universities' Mission to Central Africa from 1883 to 1889. (.5 linear ft.)

Gould, Edward (RG 30)

Secretary of the Committee making arrangements for the annual meeting of ABCFM held in Portland, Maine in 1851. Collection contains letters re. attendance at conference. (1 linear ft.)

Grant, George C. and Ida (RG 30)

UCBWM missionaries in Rhodesia; supported by Spring Glen Congregational Church, Hamden, CT; corres.; missionary circular letters; printed documentation re. Rhodesia (1967-1978) (4 folders)

Graves, Lucy J. (RG 8)

Anglican missionary in China: CMS, SPG Guilin, Nanjing, Beijing, Wuchang; writings. (5 folders)

Gray, Henry David (RG 52)

Congregational clergyman in Connecticut, Massachusetts, California (1928-1985); a founder of National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (1955); correspondence, writings, printed material, biographical documentation. (66 linear ft.)

Gray, William (Microfilm: Film Ms. 130)

Missionary of Australian Presbyterian Church in New Hebrides (2 reels)

Grayson, Dorothy D. Brewster* (RG 8)

CIM missionary in Pingyang, Wenchow (1885-ca.1911); diary, correspondence, photographs. (.5 linear ft.)

Greenleaf, Robert K. (RG 287)

Greenleaf (1904-1990) was founder of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. (8 linear ft.)  Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Gribble, Cecil F. (Microfilm: Film Ms.81)

Australian Methodist missionary in Tonga, principal of Tupou College (1939), general secretary for overseas missions of Methodist Church of Australasia (1945-1970); writings, collected material. (1 reel)

Grierson, Robert (RG 8)

CIM missionary in Pingyang, Wenchow Che. (1885-ca.1911); diary, correspondence, photographs. (.5 linear ft.)

Griffin, Pansy P. (RG 8)

WFMS missionary in Changli, Peking, (ca.1921-1940); correspondence, photographs, printed material. (6 folders)

Griffis, William Elliot (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in New York and Massachusetts (1877-1903); correspondence, writings, material related to Samuel Robbins Brown. (.5 linear ft.)

Gring, Hattie (McClain) (Film Ms117)

Missionary in Japan during the 1880s and 1890s. Sponsored first by the German Reformed Church and later by the Protestant Episcopal Church, the Grings lived in Yokohama, Tokyo and Kyoto. Letters in the papers of Mary E. (McClain) Sword, from Japan Through Western Eyes collection; originals at Duke University. (Reels 18-20)

Groff, Anne M. (RG 8)

ACM missionary in Shanghai, Chengtu Sze. (ca.1921-1948); scrapbook primarily related to medical work in Chengtu. (5 folders)

Grout, Aldin (RG 30)

ABCFM missionary to the Zulu, South Africa 1834-1870; memoir (1 folder)

Gu, Chang-sheng (RG 8)

(b. 1919) SDA professor in Shanghai; writings, correspondence. (1 linear ft.)

Gulick Family (RG 299)

Collection primarily documents the scientific and missionary life of John Thomas Gulick (1833-1923) in Japan and China and the scientific career of his son Addison Gulick. (6.5 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Hafner, Victor R. (RG 8)

LC-MS missionary in Hankow, Taiwan, Hong Kong; correspondence, writings, notes, biographical documentation (1956-1974). (.5 linear ft.)

Hageman, Alice L. (RG 272)

Hageman (1937-) is a social activist, attorney, and Presbyterian minister who was involved with Frontier Internship for Mission and the World Student Christian Federation. (5.5 linear ft.)

Hale, Enoch (RG 66)

Congregational clergyman in Westhampton, Massachusetts (1779-1829), brother of Nathan Hale, Secretary of Hampshire Missionary Society; correspondence, diaries, notes, sermons. (4 linear ft.)

Hale, Lyman and Sadie (RG 147)

Methodist missionaries in Wuhu, Nanking, and Shanghai, China (1915-1949)

Hall, Charles Henry (RG 94)

Episcopal clergyman in Washington, DC, New York (1845-1895); sermons, writings. (15 linear ft.)

Hall, James W. (RG 8)

YMCA worker in China; correspondence (1948-1951). (3 folders)

Hallock, Henry Galloway Comingo (RG 8)

PN missionary in Hangchow (Hangzhou), Shanghai (1876-1927); correspondence, posters. (1 folder)

Hammond, Wesley (RG 30)

Clergyman in Virginia; undated sermons, notes. (2 folders)

Hand, Katharine W. (RG 8)

PN missionary in Chefoo (Ca.1921-1940); correspondence, photographs. (1 folder)

Harris, Ruth (RG 171)

Leader in United Methodist and ecumenical student Christian work, 1950s-1990s.. (9 linear ft.)

Harris, Samuel (RG 30)

Yale professor of systematic theology (1871-1895); notes, writings. (1 linear ft.)

Hartshorne, Hugh (RG 30)

Yale research associate, professor of psychology of religion (1929-1954); correspondence, notebooks, writings. (2 linear ft.)

Hartwell Family (RG 04)

J. Boardman Hartwell and wives: SBC missionaries at Tungchow (1860-1875), JBH then ABHMS missionary in San Francisco (ca. 1879-1893) before returning to China (1893-1912), children: Nellie, Anna, Lottie, and Charles were also missionaries in China (1892-1948); correspondence, writings, collected material. (8 linear ft.)

Hartwell, Charles (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Foochow (1853-1905); correspondence, writings, photographs, sermons. (.5 linear ft.)

Hartwell, Emily Susan (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Foochow, Foochow College (1884-1929), daughter of Charles Hartwell; correspondence, writings, photographs, collected material. (1 linear ft.)

Hausske, Albert Carl (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Tehchow, Chengtu Sze., Peking (1920-1951); circular letters. (4 folders)

Hayes, E. Pearce (RG 8)

Methodist missionary in Foochow, China (1921-1951); biography, correspondence. (.25 linear ft)

Hayes, John David (RG 127)

PN missionary in Peking (1917-1952); biographical documentation. (.25 linear ft.)

Hayes, Paul G. and Helen Wolf (RG 18)

Methodist missionaries in Wuhu (1921-1935), PGH clergyman in Minnesota and North Dakota (1935-1977); correspondence, writings, biographical documentation. (20 linear ft.)

Hayes, Watson McMillan (RG 8)

PN missionary in Shantung (1882-1944), Internment Center at Weihsien (1943-1944); biographical documentation. (1 folder)

Haynes, Artemus Jean (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in New Haven (1901-1908); sermons, writings. (.5 linear ft.)

Hebbert, Virginia* (RG 8)

ACM missionary in Anking (1946-1950); correspondence, writings, biographical documentation. (.5 linear ft.)

Hein, Norvin (RG 310)

Professor of comparative religion with a focus on Hinduism, serving on the Yale Divinity School and Religious Studies faculties from 1950-1985 (4.5 linear ft.) Digitized materials

Heininger, Charles and Lula (RG 8)

The Heiningers were American Methodist missionaries in Zhangjiakou (Kalgan), Hebei, North China, from 1909 to 1924. (.75 linear ft.)

Heinrichs, Waldo Huntley (RG 115)

YMCA secretary in India (1915-1930) and Jerusalem (1931-1934), professor at Middlebury College (1935-1956), military service in World Wars I and II; correspondence, diaries, writings, biographical documentation, photographs. (5 linear ft.)

Heissey, Mrs. Walter J. (RG 8)

CBM missionary in North China (1917-1931); memoir, printed material. (2 folders)

Hersey, John (RG 145)

Author, son of YMCA secretary in China; research materials for his novel The Call. (3 linear ft.)

Hess, William Milton (RG 30)

Lecturer in philosophy at Yale (1901-1905), Congregational clergyman in New York (1907ff); writings, biographical documentation. ( 2 folders)

Hibbard, Earl R. (RG 8)

MEFB missionary in Tientsin, Peking, Chengtu Sze.(ca.1926-1940); memoir. (1 folder)

Higgins, Arthur (RG 30)

YDS grad, UCC minister and Conference staff in CT, founder of New Samaritan Corporation; memoir (1 folder)

Hildreth, Ellison and Lottie (RG 15)

ABFMS missionaries in Chaochaofu (1914-1927); correspondence, notes, writings, biographical documentation, photographs. (6 linear ft.)  Portions of the collection have been digitized.  See:

Hill, George Gardner (RG 30)

Methodist clergyman in Connecticut, New York, and Florida; newsletters devoted to social concerns (1960-1988). (.5 linear ft.)

Hilscher, Harris G. (RG 8)

PN missionary in Tengchow, Nanking (1923-1948); correspondence, reports. (1 folder)

Hinman, Kate Bailey* (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Foochow (1898-1938); diaries, correspondence, photographs. (1.5 linear ft.)

Hoadley, Horace George (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in E. Canaan, Connecticut (1887-1890); sermons, writings. (1 linear ft.)

Holladay, William L. (RG 302)

Holladay (1926-2016) taught Old Testament at the Near East School of Theology and Andover Newton Theological School and was a United Church of Christ minister. (15 linear ft.)

Holmer, Paul L. (RG 195)

Holmer (1916-2004) was Professor of Philosophical Theology at Yale from 1960 to 1987. (16 linear ft.)

Hoover, Lyman (RG 9)

YMCA secretary in Peking (1931-1936), Shanghai (1938-1941; 1945-1948), Chungking Sze. (1941-1945); correspondence, notes, writings, material related to Chinese Islam. (22 linear ft.)

Hoppin, James Mason (RG 30)

Yale professor of homiletics (1861-1879) and the art history (1879-1899); correspondence to Rev. Mrs. Phebe Hanaford of New Haven, sermon, printed material. (1 folder)

Hovey, Alvah (RG 288)

Hovey (1820-1903) taught at Newton Theological Institution in Newton Centre, Massachusetts from 1849 to 1903 and was President of the Institution from 1868-1898. (14.5 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Howe, Annie (RG 30)

1887-1927 ABCFM missionary in Japan; 1943- Died. Founder of the Glory Kindergarten and Training School in Kobe (.5 linear ft.)

Howe, Joseph (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Boston (1773-1775); sermons. (1 folder)

Hoyle, William E. (RG 30)

Hoyle was a missionary of the Church Missionary Society in Uganda 1903-1933 (.5 linear ft.)

Hoyt, George F. G. (RG 30)

Episcopal clergyman in Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania (1903-1915); parish and sermon records. (1 volume)

Hubbard, George H. (RG 8)

ABCFM, YMCA missionary in Paotingfu (ca.1916-1924); Chinese language portions of Bible, photographs. (.25 linear ft.)

Hubbard, Hugh W. (RG 137)

Hugh W. Hubbard was an American missionary serving in North China under the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (5 linear ft.)

Hume, Theodore Carswell (RG 116)

Congregational clergyman in Chicago (1931-1939), California (1940-1943), died while serving under auspices of American Church Committee on Relief and Reconstruction during World War II (1943); correspondence, writings, sermons. (4 linear ft.)

Hudson Family Papers (RG 253)

Waddy Hampton Hudson, his wife Maude Chapin Hudson, and their son George A. Hudson were Southern Presbyterian missionaries primarily in Kashing, China (now Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province) from 1894 to 1940. George Hudson was engaged in tent ministry work in Taiwan following 1950.

Hunter, James A. and Maude (RG 8)

YMCA secretary, ABCFM missionaries in Peking, Paotingfu, Tunghsien, Sian (1914-1948), and Taiwan (?-1961); correspondence, material related to North China Christian Rural Service Union, writings, photographs. (1.5 linear ft.)

Huntington, Daniel Trumbull, Bp. (RG 8)

ACM missionary in Hankow, Ichang, Anking (1895-1940); correspondence, photographs. (.5 linear ft.)

Huntington, Henry Strong and Mary Herbert (RG 109)

HSH: Congregational clergyman in Illinois (1872-1876), Maine (1877-1877) and Milton, Massachusetts (1887-1907+); correspondence, writings, notes, diaries, sermons, printed material. (30 linear ft.)

Huntting, Jonathan (RG 184)

Jonathan Huntting (1778-1850) graduated from Yale College in 1804 and studied theology under Lyman Beecher. He was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Long Island in 1805 and was minister first at Fishkill and then Southold from 1807 to 1828.

Hurlin, William (RG 289)

Hurlin (1814-1910) served as pastor for various Baptist churches in New England and was involved in Baptist work on the state level, particularly in New Hampshire. (3 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Hyland, Jeanette (RG 318)

Hyland (1940-) was a missionary, nurse educator, and public health administrator in Nepal between 1969 and 1995, with a focus on leprosy prevention and treatment. (2.75 linear ft.)

Ikenberry, Ernest and Olivia (RG 168)

American missionaries in China from 1922-1951, serving under the Church of the Brethren. (2.5 linear ft.)

Ingram Family (RG 325)

ABCFM missionaries in North China. James Ingram was a medical missionary 1887-1934, located in Tongzhou (Tungcho) and later Beijing at the Peking Union Medical College. Collection includes extensive family correspondence until 1942, gathered publications, and the photographic series “The Siege in Peking” (1900). (3 linear ft.)

Isely, Merrill (RG 158)

Merrill Isely and his wife Mildred were missionaries serving under the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in Gaziantep, Turkey for four decades beginning in 1920. (4.5 linear ft.)

Iverson, Lalla, M.D. (RG 8)

Taught at Cheeloo Medical College, Shantung, China: letters from students and staff regarding the events of 1949 and the relocation of the college to Fujian (.25 linear ft.)

Jackson, Sheldon (Film Ms. 111)

Presbyterian missionary in the American West and Alaska ca. 1855-1900

Jarvis, Anna Moffett and Bruce W.* (RG 8)

MEFB missionaries in Nanking, Peking, Foochow (ca.1920-1949); correspondence, material re. Japanese occupation of Nanking (1937-1938). (.5 linear ft.)

Jensen, Herluf M. (RG 312)

Jensen (1923-2010) worked with ecumenical and student Christian organizations, including the World Student Christian Federation, United Student Christian Council, a variety of Lutheran ministries, the National Council of Churches, and others. (6 linear ft.)

Jessup, Henry Harris and Theodosia Davenport Jessup (RG 117)

ABCFM missionaries in Syria and Lebanon (1856-1910), HHJ a founder of Syrian Protestant College, Beirut; correspondence, journals, diaries, writings, photographs. (4.5 linear ft.) Letterbooks microfilmed: Film Ms.61

Jett, Wenona Wilson (RG 8)

EPM missionary in Yungchun (1920-1950); correspondence, printed material, photographs, scrolls, fabric banners. (2 linear ft.)

Johannaber, Charles F. (RG 8)

MEFB missionary in Kiukiang, Shanghai (1916-1949); writings, printed material incl. re. rural reconstruction in Kiangsi. (1 linear ft.)

Johnson, Eunice (RG 232)

This collection is comprised primarily of research materials collected by Eunice Johnson in her study of Timothy Richard (1845-1919), a Welsh Baptist missionary, statesman, and educator who spent forty-five years in China. (8 linear ft.)

Johnson, William Richard (RG 6)

MEFB missionary in China (1906-1941), administrator for famine relief work (1924-1927, 1931-1936); lecturer on China in the U.S. (1942-1966); correspondence, writings, notes, printed material. (17.5 linear ft.)

Johnston, Joseph (Film Ms.133)

London Missionary Society missionary in Tahiti (1840-1849)(1 reel)

Jones, Alfred George (RG 8)

BMS missionary in China 1876-1905; two photograph albums documenting missionary work in Shantung and Shansi provinces.

Jones, Clara (RG 8)

LUM missionary in Fancheng; writings, printed material (1940-1971). (2 folders)

Jones, Keith M. (RG 322)

YDS grad '40, prominent Congregational minister in Connecticut who was active from 1940 to 1978, primarily at the First Church of Christ in Wethersfield (20 linear ft.)

Jones, Lora Malvina (Zhou En-ying) (RG 8)

Adopted daughter of missionary Edith Frances Jones, returned to China in 1943 and imprisoned under Communists; after release in 1979, she taught English at Lanzhou University; correspondence, biographical material. (.5 linear ft.)

Jones, Tracey K.* (RG 8)

YMCA, MEFB missionary in Canton (1917-1928); correspondence, writings. (.5 linear ft.)

Judd, Laurence and Virginia (RG 188)

Presbyterian missionaries/fraternal workers in Thailand 1948-1970; Church of Christ in Thailand rural development, music programs. (2.5 linear ft.)

Judd, Walter H., M.D. (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary to China, stationed in Fenchow (Fenyang, China); correspondence (1927-1938). (3 folders)

Judson, Adoniram (RG 295) Judson (1788-1850), a graduate of Andover Theological Seminary, was a missionary in Burma for almost forty years. (1 linear ft.)  Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Judson, Herbert A. and Ruth McCandliss Judson (RG 248)

PN missionaries to China, stationed primarily in Lianzhou (Linchow), Guangdong province from 1919 to 1927. Herbert Judson was a medical missionary. Ruth McCandliss Judson was sister of Robert McCandliss (RG 8). (2.5 linear ft.)

Judson, J. H. (RG 8)

Reminiscences of Presbyterian missionary in Hangchow, China, 1879-1923 (1 folder)

Kavoogian, Victoria (RG 8)

Nurse at Yale-in-China's Hsiang-Ya Hospital, Changsha (1931-1935); corres., photos. (3 folders)

Keck, Leander E. (RG 256)

A New Testament scholar, Keck was Dean of the Yale Divinity School from 1979 to 1989 and Winkley Professor of Biblical Theology from 1979, Emeritus as of January 1998. (10.5 linear ft.)

Kelcey, Isaac (RG 30)

Connecticut clergyman who kept school in the house of Joseph Nettleton; manuscript booklets containing sermons, notes, lists of students (1754-1775). (1 folder)

Kepler, Raymond F. (RG 8)

PN missionary in Siangtan (Xiangtan), Changsha, Hangchow (Hangzhou) (1930-1948); material re. Church of Christ in China. (4 folders)

Kidder, Daniel Parish (RG 30)

MEFB missionary in Brazil (1837-1840); journals of DBK and his wife, writings. (.5 linear ft.)

Kintner, Helen (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary nurse at Tungchow Hospital, Tunghsien (Tongxian) (1930-1934); compiled letters (.25 linear ft.)

Kirk, Florence (RG 8)

Faculty member at Ginling College, Nanjing, China (ca. 1934-1950); photographs (.25 linear ft.)

Klappert, Erich (RG 30)

Missionary of the Rheinische Missionsgesellschaft in the Mentawai Islands off the west coast of Sumatra, 1953-1960; correspondence, writings (.25 linear ft.)

Knickerbocker, Edgar F.* (RG 8)

CIM missionary in Ningbo, Che. area (1893-1901, 1909-1915); diaries, autobiographical writings. (1 linear ft.)

Knight-Bruce, George Wyndham Hamilton, Bp. (Film Ms33)

Church of England clergyman, Bishop of diocese of Bloemfontein, South Africa (1885-), on expedition to the Zambesi sponsored by Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (1888), first Bishop of Mashonaland (1891-1896); correspondence, diary, writings. (1 reel)

Knock, Stanley (RG 30)

Yale Divinity School graduate involved in religious radio work in the New Haven area from 1948 to the early 1950s. (2.5 linear ft.)

Kreps, Esther E. (RG 8)

CBM missionary Liaochow (Liaochu, China) (1926-1927); material re. nursing, mission hospital. (4 folders)

Krueger, John F. (RG 8)

LUM missionary in Tsingtao (Qingdao, China) (ca.1926-1928); writings re. travels in Shantung. (1 folder)

Kuder, John (Film Ms558)

Lutheran missionary to Papua New Guinea from 1934-1973. (2 reels)

Kugler, Anna S. (Film Ms358)

(1856-1930) Lutheran medical missionary in Guntur, Andrah Pradesh, India. Diaries, notes, correspondence, subject files, photographs. (8 reels)

Kunkle, J. Stewart, Kunkle, Julia Mitchell (Mrs. J. Stewart) (RG 8)

PN missionaries in Linchow (Lianzhou), Canton (ca.1926-1936); material related to history of Lingnan University (Canton Christian College), minutes of Presbyterian Mission meetings congregations (1953-1971). (1 linear ft.)

Lacy Family Papers (RG 223)

Three generations of Methodist missionaries to China are documented, including Bishop Carleton Lacy, and his son Creighton Lacy, who later taught at Duke Divinity School. (2 linear ft.)

Ladd, William Palmer (RG 136)

Dean of Berkeley Divinity School from 1918 to 1941; social reformer accused of Bolshevism (3 linear ft.)

Landers, Philip C. (RG 191)

Christian educator; founder of the "University of Life" movement in Minnesota. Later worked for the International Council of Religious Education in Chicago and coordinated the nationwide introduction and interpretation of the new Revised Standard Version of the Bible in the early 1950s. (1.5 linear ft.)

Langdon, William Chauncy (Film Ms52)

First corresponding secretary for YMCA in North America (1852); correspondence, reports. (1 reel)

Lansdale, H. Parker (RG 30)

Yale ’50 B.D., ’53 M.A., ’56 Ph.D. A Presbyterian minister, Lansdale served the YMCA in Connecticut, Delaware, and New York. Memoirs re. his work. (.5 linear ft.)

Large, Dwight Sherer (RG 30)

Methodist clergyman in Michigan and Pennsylvania (1936-1971), active in social causes; sermon summaries and supplements distributed to his congregations (1953-1971). (1 linear ft.)

Larson, Oscar Leonard (Film Ms546)

Lutheran missionary to India from 1905-1924. Microfilmed from originals at the ELCA Archives. (1 reel)

Lathrop, Elijah (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Hebron, Connecticut (1752-1797); sermons. (1 folder)

Latourette, Kenneth Scott (RG 3)

Faculty member at Yale-in-China, Changsha (1910-1912);Yale professor of missions and Oriental history (1921-1953); correspondence, diaries, writings, collected material, photo- graphs. (70 linear ft.)

Laughton, James (RG 190)

ABFMS captain of Fukuin Maru mission ship off coast of Japan (1920-1926); minister, educator

Lawrence, Richard F. (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in New Hampshire; ms. sermons (1839-1861) (3 folders)

Lawson, Thyra (RG 8)

LUM missionary in Honan (1924-1949), Hong Kong (1949-1953); circular letters (1947- 1958) documenting the Church of Christ in China. (.5 linear ft.)

Lay, Corliss and Lillian (RG 30)

The Lays were missionaries serving under the ABCFM, Maratha Mission, in India from 1890 to 1893, stationed primarily in Ahmednagar and Mumbai [Bombay]. (.5 linear ft.)

Lee, Lucy Chaplin* (RG 8)

ACM missionary in Anking (Anqing) (1902-1927); memoirs. (1 folder)

Lee, Thomas* (RG 8)

LUM missionary in Honan (1924-1949), Hong Kong (1949-1953); circular letters (1947-1958) documenting the Church of Christ in China. (.5 linear ft.)

Leger, Samuel Howard (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Foochow (Fuzhou), Peking, Fukien Christian University (1917-1944); correspondence, writings, biographical documentation. (.5 linear ft.)

Leggatt, T. Watt (Film Ms135)

Presbyterian missionary on Malekula, New Hebrides (1901-1908). (1 reel)

Lehmann, Katharine (Film Ms544)

Lehmann was president of the American Lutheran Church (ALC) Women’s Missionary Federation (WMF) from 1931-1950. (1 reel) Microfilmed from originals at ELCA archives.

Leiper, Henry Smith (RG 30)

Executive of various ecumenical and Congregational organizations, Associate General Secretary of the World Council of Churches and Executive Secretary of the American Commission of the WCC (1938-1952); correspondence, notes documenting WCC meetings in 1938 and 1949. (1 folder)

LeTourneau, Marie and Sarah (RG 8)

CMML missionaries in Shantung (Shandong) (1921-ca.1927); notes, photographs. (1 folder)

Lewis, Neil and Alice (RG 8)

ABCFM missionaries, stationed at the American Board Hospital, Foochow (Fuzhou, China), 1925-1932 (1 linear ft)

Lewis, Wilson Seeley (RG 8)

MEFB missionary in Peking, Foochow (Fuzhou) (ca.1916-1921); corres. (1908), printed material, photograph. (5 folders)

Leynse, James P. (RG 8)

PN missionary in Peking (ca.1923-1940); writings, diary, notes, printed material. (1 linear ft.)

Libby, Walter and Lucile (RG 8)

MEFB Methodist medical missionary in Wuhu, Nanchang (1916-1940); writings, correspondence, printed material. (.5 linear ft.)

Lincoln, Heman (RG 290)

Baptist minister and professor at Newton Theological Institution (5 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School.

Lind, Jenny (RG 8)

MEFB missionary in Kiukiang (Jiujiang, China) (1924-1942, 1948-1951); correspondence, diary, writings, printed material, photographs. (1 linear ft.)

Lindbeck, George (RG 172)

Pitkin Professor Emeritus of Historical Theology, served on the faculty of Yale Divinity School and the Yale University Religious Studies department (38 linear ft.)

Lindner, John (RG 208)

Collection documents selected activities of Lindner, including his work with the National Council of Churches US/USSR Church Relations Committee and the "By Faith" project to prepare a video and book on the history of the ecumenical Christian student movement in the US (3 linear ft.)

Lindquist, Dorothy (RG 8)

Taught English at Ginling College, Nanking (1922-1923). Material consists primarily of essays written by Ginling students. (.5 linear ft.)

Little, Charles (RG 30)

ABCFM missionary in Madura, South India (1847-ca. 1858); correspondence, writings. (2 folders)

Lo, Ruth Earnshaw (RG 8)

Lived in China from 1937-1978; married to Lo Ch'uan-fang (John); taught at Huachung University. One volume memoir re. life at Huachung.

Lobenstine, Edwin C. (RG 8)

PN missionary, Shanghai (1898-1937), active in relief work, president of Yale-in-China Association (1935-1944); correspondence, notes, material re. Yale-in-China. (.25 linear ft.) See also: Film Ms.55. (1 reel)

Lockwood, Peter (RG 30)

Clergyman in Binghamton, New York area; sermons (1820-1859), journal. (.5 linear ft.)

Lodwick, Kathleen (RG 8)

Historian; files of biographical material for individuals mentioned in the Chinese Recorder but not included in Lodwick's published index. (10 linear ft.)

Logan family (RG 8)

PN missionaries in China; Oliver Tracy Logan, MD, Jennie Manget Logan, Elsa Logan (daughter); compiled letters and photographs (5 folders)

Long, Austin (RG 146)

YMCA worker in Tientsin, China from 1919 to 1923 and in Mukden (Shenyang, Liaoning) from 1924 to 1928.

Luce, Henry Winters (RG 203
and Film Ms.43)

PN missionary in China, professor at Kennedy School of Missions, Hartford; Papers (4.5 linear ft.); Microfilm: letters, notes (1914-1941). (1 reel)

McCandliss, Robert
(RG 8)

PN medical missionary 1922-1942, stationed in Canton, Hwaiyuan, Anwhei (Anhui). (.5 linear ft.). See also papers of Ruth McCandliss Judson and Herbert Judson (RG 248)

McClure, Jeanie Graham (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Foochow (1916-1937), correspondence, diaries, printed material, biographical documentation. (1.5 linear ft.)

McCollough, Helen (RG 8)

Taught English at girls' school near Ningpo (1931-1932); correspondence, collected material and notes re: Chinese art and culture, miscellaneous memorabilia. (.5 linear ft.)

McCracken, Josiah Calvin, M.D. (RG 113)

ACM medical doctor in Canton (1906-1912), Shanghai (1914-1932, 1946-1947); correspondence, writings, documentation of University of Pennsylvania Medical School in China, biographical documentation, photographs. (3.5 linear ft.)

McCulloch, Gertrude F. (RG 8)

ABFMS missionary in Hangchow (Hanzhou), Shaohsing (Shaoxing) (1919-1949); photographs. (7 folders)

McCurdy, William A. (RG 8)

MEFB missionary in Chungking (Chongqing), Nanking, Ginling College (1917-1951); circular letters. (1 folder).

McCutcheon, James (RG 8)

Historian; correspondence re. preparation of "Checklist of Unpublished Correspondence from American Protestant Missionaries in East and Southeast Asia to 1914." (1 folder)

McFadyen, Archibald (RG 8)

Medical missionary serving under the Southern Presbyterian Mission from 1904 to 1942 in Hsuchowfu (Haichow) and Suchowfu (Suchow), Kiangsu (Jiangsu) province. (.5 linear ft.)

MacInnis, Donald (RG 204)

Missionary in China; director of the China Program of the National Council of Churches, the Midwest China Center, and the China Research Program of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers. (14 linear ft.)

Macintosh, Douglas Clyde (RG 50)

Yale professor of theology and philosophy of religion (1909-1942); correspondence, writings, biographical documentation. (3.5 linear ft.)

McGee, Lee

see Street, Lee McGee

McLean, Allen (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Simsbury, Connecticut (1809-1861); memoir. (1 volume)

McLean, Winfield A. (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary to China, stationed in Peking (Beijing), Fenchow (Fenyang) (ca.1924-1927); correspondence, report. (2 folders)

McQuary, Rodney L. (RG 30)

YDS graduate, educator and clergyman in Nebraska, Kentucky, Indiana, Minnesota, and California (1888-1977); writings. (4 linear ft.)

Magee, John G. - Family Papers (RG 242)

The Rev. John G. Magee (1884-1953), a graduate of Yale University who served as a missionary to China under the Episcopal Church, witnessed and filmed the Japanese invasion of Nanking (Nanjing) in December of 1937 and the subsequent Nanking Massacre. The collection also includes papers of John G. Magee, Jr. (1922-1941) who wrote the well-known poem "High Flight" prior to his death while on active service in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. (9.5 linear ft.)

Maguire, Bruce (RG 78)

Executive Secretary of the Student YMCAs (1955-1968); correspondence, program material related to Student YMCAs. (16 linear ft.)

Manly Family (RG 82)

Wilson Edward and Florence Brown Manly: MEFB missionaries in Chungking (Chongqing), Tzechow, Chengtu (Chengdu) (1893-1937); correspondence, excerpted diary entries, photographs, artifacts. Grace Manly, Marian E. Manly, M.D.; MEFB missionaries in Chengtu, Tsohing (1924-1943); correspondence, writings. (4 linear ft.)

Mann, Ira James (Film Ms. 136)

Methodist missionary who served at Piniqidu, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea from 1919 to 1941. (1 reel)

March, A. W.* (RG 8)

PN missionary in Hangchow (Hangzhou) (1909-1950); diary recording experiences as Japanese prisoner of war (1941-1942). (1 folder)

Margaret of the Cross, Sister (Film Ms.83)

Anglican teaching sister for the Melanesian Mission in Solomon Islands (1929-1942), New Hebrides (1942-1948); after furlough in England became member of Roman Catholic order, the Sisters of Mercy, and returned to Solomon Islands

Marsh Family (RG 30)

William Dwight Marsh taught at Jaffna College, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), 1888-1890; John S. Marsh and Dorothy L. Marsh were ABCFM missionaries in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe 1926-1956. (.25 linear ft)

Marston, Margaret (Mrs. Arthur M. Sherman)* (RG 8)

ACM, National Council, Woman's Auxiliary New York City; correspondence, reports from members of Women's Missionary Service League of the Chinese Church (Wuhu, China) and indigenous clergy (1934-1940), photographs. (5 folders)

Martin, Emma Estelle, M.D., and Elizabeth Ellen* (RG 8)

MEFB missionaries in Peking, Tientsin, Shanghai, Peking Union Medical College (1900-1925); correspondence, photographs, diary from Siege of Peking (1900) (.5 linear ft)

Mason, Sarah Refo (RG 175)

Collection provides valuable collected research files on a variety of subjects, including: missionary children, the Canton (Guangzhou) YMCA, True Light Middle School, women in China, Lingnan University, the Hmong (Miao) people, and the Presbyterian Mission Home (Cameron House) in San Francisco (17 linear ft.)

Matthews, Harold* (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary to China, stationed in (Fenchow (Fenyang), Tientsin (Tianjin), Foochow (Fuzhou, Fujian) (1922-1950); writings re. ABCFM missions in China. (1 linear ft.)

Mattoon, Stephen (RG 30)

Presbyterian missionary in Thailand; biographical essay (1 folder)

Maurer, Oscar Edward (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in New Haven (1909-1942); sermons, printed material. (2.5 linear ft.)

Maxwell, J. Lowry (Film Ms.42)

SUM missionary to Africa (1908-1934, 1948-1949); diaries. (3 reels)

Mead, Frederica Rutherford (RG 8)

PN missionary in Nanking; correspondence, writings, photographs. (1 linear ft.)

Mead, Lawrence Myers and Eleanor Machado (RG 155)

Lawrence Mead was a YMCA secretary in Hangchow and Peking and taught English at Yenching University (1914-1939) (15 linear ft.)

Meeks, Wayne A. (RG 269)

Prominent New Testament scholar Wayne A. Meeks taught in the Religious Studies Department at Yale University from 1969 until his retirement in 1999 (8.5 linear ft.)

Menkel, Peter (Film Ms.46)

PN mission worker in Gabon, West Africa, captain and mechanic for mission boats (1873- 1905); journals. (1 reel)

Merrell, Charlotte E. (RG 8)

Missionary in China; correspondence, photographs (1926-1950). (2 folders)

Metcalfe, John R. (Film Ms.140)

Methodist missionary in Solomon Islands for 37 years (9 reels)

Miller, Jonathan (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Burlington, Connecticut (1782-1821); sermons. (.5 linear ft.)

Miller, Randolph Crump (RG 173)

Yale professor of Christian education (1952-1987); writings, sermons, scrapbooks. (9 linear ft.)

Miller, William McElwee (RG 30)

PN missionary to Iran (1919-1962); transcript of interview, writings. (.5 linear ft.)

Mills, Emily Ingersoll Case*(RG 8)

PN faculty member at Ginling College, Nanking (1923-1932); correspondence, collected material, photographs. (1.5 linear ft.)

Mills, Samuel John* (RG 8)

PN missionary in Weihsien (Weixian), Tengchow (Dengzhou) (1911-1933); biographical documentation, collected material, photographs. (6 folders)

Mills, W. Plumer (RG 8)

PN missionary in Nanking; letters to his family during 1938, which document the Rape of Nanking

Milne, Peter (Film Ms.137)

Presbyterian missionary in the New Hebrides; mss. (1869-1893). (1 reel)

Minter, John P. and Elizabeth (RG 8)

PS missionaries in Soochow (Suzhou, China); movie film (1938-1948). (4 reels); correspondence, writings (.5 linear ft.)

Minus, Paul (RG 30)

Yale graduate who was active in the ecumenical student movement and biographer of B. Davie Napier (1 linear ft.)

Mitchell, Alfred (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Norwich, Connecticut; sermons (1821-1831). (1 folder)

Moler, Maude (RG 8)

CIM missionary to China; stationed in Wenchow (Wenzhou, Zhejiang); correspondence, photographs (ca. 1913). (1 folder)

Moody, Dwight Lyman (RG 28)

(1837-1899) American evangelist; correspondence, sermons, biographical documentation. (6 linear ft.) Portions of the Moody Papers have been digitized by the D.L. Moody Digital Archives project.

Moore, Martha R. (RG 8)

Correspondence re. Moore Memorial Church in Shanghai (1950). (1 folder)

Morgan, Hugh and Keiller (RG 8)

MEFB missionaries to China; stationed in Foochow (Fuzhou, Fujian) (1921-1926); correspondence (.5 linear ft.)

Morgan, Julia, M.D. (RG 8)

MEFB missionary to China; stationed in Tsinan (Jinan, Shandong), Shantung Christian University (1922-1941); correspondence, slides, filmstrips. (.25 linear ft.)

Morgan, Lorenzo and Ruth Bennett (RG 126)

Medical missionaries to China, serving under the Presbyterian and Methodist mission boards from 1905 to 1946. (19 linear ft.)

Morgan, Robert (RG 30)

YDS graduate 1954, Presbyterian minister in Minnesota (14 linear ft.)

Morris, Raymond (RG 80)

Head Librarian, Yale Divinity School Library (1932-1972); correspondence, writings, biographical documentation. (6 linear ft.)

Morris, Thomas (RG 30)

CMS missionary in Calcutta (Kolkata) (1820-1829); diaries, correspondence, photographs. (. 5 linear ft.)

Morrison, Robert (RG 8)

LMS missionary to China (1807-1834); ms. page from "A Dictionary of the Chinese in Three Parts" (ca. 1815). (1 folder)

Morse, Henry Harvey (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Illinois (1888-1890), Nebraska (1890-1891), Milford and Danbury, Connecticut (1891-1911); sermon notes, church records. (.5 linear ft.)

Morse Family: William Reginald and Anne Crosse Morse (RG 265)

Medical missionary William Reginald Morse and his wife Anne (Anna) Crosse Kinney Morse served under the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society in China from 1909 to 1937. (2 linear ft.)  Additional Morse Family Papers held at Yale’s Historical Medical Library.

Mortensen, Esther Tappert (RG 21)

Faculty member at Ginling College, Nanking (1929-1937), Chungking University (1937- 1940), in Shanghai as wife of Ralph Mortensen (ABS) (1946-1953); correspondence, writings, collected material. (3 linear ft.)

Morton, Helen (RG 133)

Served various ecumenical religious organizations, including the University Christian Movement of New England. (5 linear ft.)

Morton, W. Scott (RG 8)

YMCA secretary, Church of Scotland (Presbyterian); missionary to China, stationed in Liaoyang (Liaoning), Mukden (Shenyang, Liaoning) (1933-1941); memoirs. (1 folder)

Moss, Reuben (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Massachusetts (1792-1809); sermons. (.5 linear ft.)

Mott, John R. (RG 45)

(1865-1955) American ecumenical and religious leader, served Student Volunteer Movement, World Student Christian Federation, Foreign Missions Conference of North America, World and U.S.A YMCA, International Missionary Council, World Council of Churches; correspondence, journals, notes, writings, collected material, biographical documentation, photographs. (95 linear ft.)

Mueller, Eduard Julius Hans (Film Ms.359)

(1875-1923) German-American Lutheran missionary to India and Argentina. Diary, correspondence, printed material. (1 reel)

Munson, Edward H.* (RG 8)

YMCA secretary in Foochow (Fuzhou), Shanghai (1937-1938); correspondence and reports from YMCA representatives in China, incl. re. situations in Shanghai and Nanking during the Sino-Japanese war. (5 folders)

Mutch, William James (RG 118)

Congregational clergyman in New Haven (1885-1907), professor of philosophy and education at Ripon College, Wisconsin (1907-1925); correspondence, writings, sermons (1 linear ft.)

Nasmith, Augustus I.* (RG 8)

ABFMS missionary to China, stationed in Shaoshing (Shaoxing, Zhejiang) (1912-1949); memoirs. (1 folder)

Nassau, Robert Hamill (Film Ms.47)

PN medical missionary in West Africa (1861-1906); correspondence, diaries, writings, collected material. (8 reels)

Neill, Stephen Charles, Bp. (RG 30)

Anglican Bishop of Tinnevelly (Turunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India) (1939-1945); Associate General Secretary of World Council of Churches (1948); photograph, biographical documentation. (1 folder)

Nelson, E. A., M.D. (RG 8)

Correspondence, photographs, printed material from Ku Yuan Tien, whose education in China was subsidized by Nelson (1928-1949). (9 folders)

New, Y. T. Zee (RG 8)

Graduate of Ginling College (1919); correspondence, biographical material, photographs. (1.5 linear ft.)

Newton, John Caldwell Calhoun (Film Ms.117)

Pioneer missionary of the Methodist Church South to Japan. He first went to Japan in 1888 as a faculty member of the Kwansei Gakuin Union Mission College and Seminary in Kobe, Japan, later serving as president. From Japan Through Western Eyes collection; originals at Duke University (Reels 4-13)

Niebuhr, Helmut Richard (RG 27)

Yale professor of Christian ethics (1931-1962); writings, lecture notes, prayers. (.5 linear ft.)

Niles, D.T. (RG 260)

D.T. Niles (1908-1970) was a Sri Lankan Methodist minister, ecumenical leader, and evangelist.  (1.25 linear ft.)

Nolan, Richard T. (RG 30)

The Rev. Canon Dr. Richard T. Nolan served at Christ Church Cathedral, Hartford 1988-1994 and retired as Honorary Canon. Collection consists primarily of audio tapes from interviews conducted by Nolan, or lectures given at Christ Church Cathedral in the 1980s. Nolan was an associate in Continuing Education at Berkeley Divinity School at Yale in the 1980s.

Norton, John (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Massachusetts (1741-1745), Middletown, Connecticut (1748- 1778); sermons. (1 folder)

Nott Family (RG 304)

Samuel Nott (1787-1869) and his wife Roxana Peck Nott went to India as part of the first group of missionaries commissioned by the ABCFM. (1.5 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School.

Nowlin, Mabel Ruth (RG 8)

WFMS missionary to China, stationed in Chengtu (Chengdu, Sichuan), Tientsin (Tianjin), Changli (Hebei) (ca.1916-1940); writings, biog. documentation. (4 folders)

Noyes, Daniel Parker (RG 30)

Presbyterian clergyman in Brooklyn (1849-1854), Massachusetts (1877-1885), Corresponding Secretary of American Home Missionary Society (1854-1864); diary with enclosures (1879-1880). (.25 linear ft.)

Noyes, Morgan Phelps (RG 198)

Noyes (1891-1972) was Yale graduate, member of Yale Corporation, and prominent Presbyterian minister in New Jersey. (2 linear ft.)

Nuquist, Andrew E. (RG 8)

ABCFM educational missionary stationed in stationed in Tunghsien [Tongxian] 1927-1930

Oden, Thomas C. (RG 30)

Professor of theology at Phillips Univ. and Drew University; 1960 - Ph.D, Yale University: supervised by Hans Frei and H. Richard Niebuhr; articles, pamphlets (1960-1994) (.5 linear ft.)

Officer, Morris (Film Ms.3)

Lutheran clergyman who toured missions in Western Africa (1852-1854); diary, writings, biographical documentation. (1 reel)

Ohlinger, Frank and Bertha Schweinfurth (RG 23)

MEFB missionaries to China, stationed in Foochow (Fuzhou, Fujian), Korea, Hinghwa (Fujian), Shanghai (1870-1911); correspondence, writings, collected material, photographs. (6 linear ft.)

Oldt, Frank (RG 8)

United Brethren, medical missionary at Canton Hospital (1905-1941); autobiography describes medical work, political events. (1 linear ft.)

Olson, Howard (RG 238)

Howard and Louise Olson were Lutheran missionaries and educators in Tanzania from 1946 to 1988. (1.5 linear ft.)

Openshaw, Henry James and Lona Van Valkenburgh (RG 8)

ABFMS missionaries to China, stationed in Yachow (Ya’an, Sichuan), Chengtu (Chengdu, Sichuan) (1893-1934); correspondence, collected material.(.25 linear ft.)

Page, Rodger C. G. (Film Ms.84)

Methodist missionary in Tonga (1908-1947), president of Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga (1925-1947); correspondence, writings, photographs. (1 reel)

Pardee, Mary Ensign (RG 8)

Presbyterian church leader; slides from church-sponsored trip to China in 1981 (2 folders)

Park, Edwards Amasa (RG 291)

Professor of Sacred Rhetoric (1836-1847) and Professor of Christian Theology (1847 to 1881) at Andover Theological Seminary, editor of Bibliotheca Sacra from 1844 to 1884 (9 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School.

Parker, Alvin Pierson* (RG 8)

MES Soochow, Shanghai (1876-1923); prominent Southern Methodist missionary; diaries (of the Imperial English and Chinese calendar format), from the years 1879 and 1887-1924 (1.5 linear ft.)

Parker, Daryl M., M.D. (RG 8)

CBM missionary to China, stationed in Pingtingchow (Pingdingzhou, Shanxi), Tzechung (Sichuan) (1933-1949); filmstrips re. North China Rural Service. (.25 linear ft.)

Parker, Harriet D. F. (RG 30)

Missionary in Korea under the Presbyterian Church U.S., stationed in Kwanju and Pyongyang (1922-1930) (.5 linear ft.)

Parker, Martha Neiderhiser* (RG 8)

CBM missionary to China, stationed in Pingtingchow (Pingdingzhou, Shanxi), Tzechung (Sichuan) (1933-1949); typescript history of Church of the Brethren missions in China. (.25 linear ft.)

Parsons, Isaac (RG 30)

Sermons of clergyman serving church in East Haddam, CT 1815-1856

Parsons, Joseph (RG 30)

Clergyman in Massachusetts (1726-1765); sermons. (1 folder)

Peatling, John H. (RG 233)

YDS graduate Peatling was a specialist in empirical psychology and statistics with a particular interest in the cognitive development of religious and moral thinking. The collection also documents the International Seminar on Religious Education and Values. (7.5 linear ft.)

Pedersen, Jens Christian (Film Ms.362)

(1865-1940) Danish-American Lutheran missionary to Australia, Liberia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico. Correspondence, biographical documentation. (1 reel)

Peebles, Isaac Hall (RG 30)

Peebles (1930-2012) received a B.D. and Ph.D. from Yale and went on to teach religion at Wabash College.  Collection includes papers and notes from his time at YDS. (.5 linear ft.)

Peeke, Harman V. S. (RG 185)

Peeke and his wife Vesta G. Peeke were missionaries in Japan from 1893 to 1929, serving under the Reformed Church in America. (1 linear ft.)

Peet, Lyman Burt (RG 8)

Missionary among Chinese people in Bangkok, Siam, and later in Foochow (Fuzhou, Fujian) (1839-1856); journal (1834), sermons, biography (8 folders)

Pennypacker, Morton (RG 30)

Collector of Long Island, New York historical material. Collection contains various documents re. religious history on Long Island (.5 linear ft.)

Perkins, Edward C., M.D., and Georgina (RG 8)

MEFB missionaries to China, stationed in Kiukiang (Jiujiang, Jiangxi); correspondence, photographs (1925-1926). (2 folders)

Perkins, Elizabeth S. (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary to China, stationed in Foochow (Fuzhou, Fujian) (1907-1927); correspondence, collected material, scrap- book with photographs. (1 linear ft.)

Perkins, George William (RG 30)

Director of research for Modern Missions Movement (1934-ca.1939); subject files on mission activity and missionaries. (1 linear ft.)

Peter, Eleanor Elizabeth Whipple, M.D. (RG 8)

YMCA Shanghai (1911-1926); wife of William Wesley Peter (1 ms)

Phelps, Dryden Linsley (RG 8)

ABFMS faculty member at West China Union University (1921-1951); correspondence, writings. (4 folders)

Phillips, Grace Darling (RG 8)

Writings, photographs, illustrations re. Chinese music. (13 folders)

Phillips, James M. (RG 30)

Photographs from trips taken by Phillips, who was Presbyterian missionary in Korea (1949–1952) and in Japan (1959–1975). Associate Director of Overseas Ministries Study Center 1983-1997 (3.5 linear ft.)

Picken, Lillian (RG 159)

ABCFM missionary to India, stationed in Satara (Maharashtra), 1914-1957; correspondence, writings, collected material, incl. material re. her colleague Louise Fisher. (3 linear ft.)

Pickens, Claude L., Jr. (RG 8)

ACM missionary working among Muslims of northwest China; photographs, narrative of journey (.5 linear ft.)

Pickett, Warren (RG 30)

YDS graduate; Congregational minister in Connecticut, Iowa, and elsewhere. Sermons (3 linear ft.)

Pierce, Florence M. (RG 8)

YWCA worker in Tientsin (Tianjin), Peking (Beijing), Mukden (Shenyang, Liaoning) (ca.1926-1934); correspondence, writings, collected material. (.25 linear ft.)

Pitkin, Ashbel (RG 30)

Clergyman/farmer/politician in Connecticut (1758-1802); sermons. (2 folders)

Platner, John Winthrop (RG 292)

Professor at Harvard College and Andover Theological seminary 1896-1921. (4 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School.

Pope, Marvin (RG 135)

Marvin H. Pope taught at Yale in the Department of Religious Studies and Divinity School from 1949 to 1986 and was one of the world's leading authorities on Ugarit. Pope made many contributions to biblical studies, which included helping to prepare the Revised Standard Version of the Bible and advising the National Council of Churches on the New Revised Standard Version. (75 linear ft.)

Porter, Frank Chamberlin (RG 119)

Yale professor of Biblical theology (1891-1927); correspondence, notes, writings, biographical documentation. (4.5 linear ft.)

Porter, H. Boone (RG 230)

A graduate of Yale, Berkeley Divinity School, and General Theological Seminary, Boone was a Professor of Liturgics at General Theological Seminary from 1960 to 1970. As a member of the Standing Liturgical Commission of the Episcopal Church, he was a major architect of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. Later he served as Executive Director of the Town and Country Church Institute (Roanridge) and editor of The Living Church from 1977 until his retirement in 1990. (35 linear ft.)

Poteat Family (RG 8)

Anne Carruthers, Edwin McNeill, Gordon, Harriet Hale Gordon, Helen Anne Carruthers, James Douglas, Nide Purefoy, Priscilla, Wallace, and William Louis Poteat: SBC, ABFMS missionaries to China, stationed in Kaifeng (Henan), Shanghai, Shanghai Christian University; correspondence, writings, printed material. (.5 linear ft.); Tunghai University, Taiwan (1955-1960); correspondence. (13 folders)

Poteat, William (RG 243)

Poteat was a Yale Divinity School graduate who taught at Duke University from 1960 to 1987 and was prominent in the field of philosophy of religion. (3 linear ft.)

Prentice, Margaret May* (RG 8)

WFMS missionary at Isabella Fisher Hospital, Tientsin (Tianjin); typescript memoir, incl. re. her internment at Weihsien (Weixian, Shandong) (1941-1943). (1 folder)

Priest, Elsie May (RG 8)

Administrator at University of Nanking, Ginling College (1921-1951), Tunghai University, Taiwan (1955-1960); correspondence. (13 folders)

Quaque, Philip (Film Ms.4)

African native Christian, Church of England clergyman, sent to England by Thomas Thompson, missionary to Cape Coast (Ghana); letters (1766-1811). (1 reel)

Quimby, Phineas Parkhurst (Film Ms.50)

Mental healer, influenced Mary Baker Eddy, who he had as a patient (1862, 1864); notebooks. (2 reels)

Rabe, John (RG 8)

German businessman who served with missionaries on Nanking International Safety Zone Committee during Japanese occupation of Nanking (1937-1938); photocopies of his diaries from the time. (1 linear ft.)

Ramabai, Pandita (Fiche Ms.120)

Pandita Ramabai’s papers, publications, pamphlets, mission records and selected books. (910 fiche)

Ramseyer, Friedrich August (RG 30)

Basel Mission missionary in Ghana; photograph album of Ashanti scenes and Basel Mission activities (1875-1885). (.25 linear ft.) Microfilmed: Film Ms.57.

Ranson, Charles Wesley (RG 96)

Irish Methodist clergyman, missionary to India, General Secretary of the International Missionary Council (1948ff), Director of the Theological Education Fund of the World Council of Churches (1959ff), Dean of Drew University Theological Seminary (1964-1967); correspondence, travel diaries, writings, collected material. (7 linear ft.)

Rawlinson Family (RG 8)

Frank Rawlinson: SBC, ABCFM missionary in Shanghai (ca.1916-1937), editor of The Chinese Recorder; correspondence, writings, printed material. (1 linear ft.) Florence Bodley Rawlinson: wife of Frank; correspondence (1920-1952). (.5 linear ft.) Ruth Rawlinson: correspondence (1936). (1 folder)

Read, Bernard and Katherine (RG 157)

These papers document Read's work as a scientist in China from 1909 to 1949, as well as the life of his family in China and his internment during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai, 1941-1945. Bernard Read was not directly engaged by a missionary agency but spent the first part of his career in China at the Peking Medical College, a union venture of various mission agencies. (9 linear ft.)

Reddy, E.S. (RG 30)

Principal secretary for the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid. Collection contains church-related documentation from South Africa 1970-1989 (1 linear ft.)

Reed Alice C.* (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary to China, stationed in Tehchow (Dezhou, Shandong) (ca.1921-1940); bound typescript of excerpts from correspondence. (1 volume)

Regan, Catherine (Sr. Mary of St. John Berchmans) (RG 30)

Roman Catholic missionary serving with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Johannesburg, South Africa (.5 linear ft.)

Reik, Elsie (RG 8)

MEFB, WFMS faculty member at Hwa Nan College, Foochow (Fuzhou, Fujian); Yenping (Nanping, Fujian); correspondence, printed material (1924-1944). (.25 linear ft.)

Reinhard, August H.* (RG 8)

Missionary with Houlding South Chihli Mission (1904-1918), Milton Stewart Evangelistic Funds (1920-1921, 1925-1934), independent missionary in Shanghai (1936-1940), Shanghai Hebrew Mission (1940-1943); memoirs. (1 folder)

Reuling, John A. and Eleanor (RG 120)

JAR: ABCFM missionary at Adams College, Natal, South Africa (1927-1941), Africa Secretary for ABCFM and UCBWM (1946-1962), General Secretary for Mission UCBWM (1962- 1972); ER educational missionary in SA; correspondence, circular letters of missionaries, documents relating to mission work in Angola, South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, writings of JAR and ER. (4 linear ft.)

Reuman, Otto G. and Martha (RG 8)

ABCFM missionaries to China, stationed in Foochow (Fuzhou, Fujian) (ca. 1919-1926); correspondence, printed material, diary excerpts, writings, photographs. (.5 linear ft.)

Reynolds, Paul Russell and Charlotte Belknap (RG 193)

ABCFM missionaries to China, stationed in (Fenyang, China) (1921-1936); correspondence, writings, collected material, and photographs. (4 linear ft.)

Rice, Edwin Botts (RG 30)

Collected information re. missionaries and missions of the Protestant Episcopal Church in China, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Haiti, Japan, Philippine Islands, Alaska (1835-1914). (7 volumes)

Richard, Timothy (RG 232)

Richard (1845-1919) was a Welsh Baptist missionary, statesman, and educator who spent forty-five years in China. There are extensive copies of his writings, diary, and correspondence in the Eunice Johnson Collection on Timothy Richard, RG 232 (8 linear ft.)

Richardson, Robert Price and Agnes (RG 8)

PS missionaries in Taichow (1923-1950); correspondence of RPR to AR (1941-1942), biographical documentation. (.25 linear ft.)

Richardson, Sanford (RG 311) ABCFM missionary to the Armenians in Ottoman Turkey 1857- 1879. (2 linear ft.)

Riemer, Reinhold (RG 121)

Moravian clergyman , President of Moravian College for Women , YDS graduate 1917; lecture notes taken by RR while student at YDS (1915-1917), term papers, notes. (1.5 linear ft.)

Rietveld, Harriet A. (RG 8)

YWCA worker in Shanghai, Chefoo (ca.1921-1924); circular letter, printed material incl. Report of Child Labour Commission (1924). (9 folders)

Rigdon, Vernon Bruce (RG 30)

Rigdon (1936-) is a pastor, social activist and theological educator affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA (2.5 linear ft.)

Ritter, Richard H. (RG 8)

PN missionary in Peking, Yenching University, (ca.1923-1924); memoirs. (1 folder)

Roberts Family (RG 8)

Bishop and Mrs. William P. Roberts, Donald Roberts, Frances Roberts: ACM missionaries in Shanghai, St. John's University (1914-1950); correspondence, photographs, material re. famine relief work. (2 linear ft.)

Robie, Edward (RG 293)

Robie (1821-1917) was a Congregational minister in Greenland, NH (5.75 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Robinson, Olga Olsen* (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Lintsing, Tunghsien (1926-1941); memoirs. (1 folder)

Rogers, Miriam E. (RG 30)

ABCFM missionary, Marathi Mission, India (1937-1970s); letters, writings, collected material (12 folders)

Rohlfs, Mae (RG 8)

ALM missionary in Tsingtao; correspondence, newsletters (1949-1952). (1 folder)

Roots, Logan and Frances (RG 8)

ACM Logan Roots was the son of Logan H. Roots (1870-1945) who was Bishop in Hankow. Frances Roots Hadden was his sister, the daughter of Bishop Roots; photographs (.Rouse’s personal accounts (1897-1957) of her international work with the Student Volunteer Movement (SVM), World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), and the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), as well as her research files on the history of global ecumenism. (6 linear ft.)

Rouse, Ruth (RG 313)

Rouse’s personal accounts (1897-1957) of her international work with the Student Volunteer Movement (SVM), World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), and the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), as well as her research files on the history of global ecumenism. (6 linear ft.)

Rowland, Henry Hosie and Mildred May Ament (RG 8)

MEFB missionaries in Changli, Lanhsien, Tientsin (1911-1922); correspondence, writings. (6 folders)

Rowland, Marion Jean (RG 8)

Missionary in China; correspondence, ms. re. activities in Kienyang, Sze. (1949-1950). (.25 linear ft.)

Rue, Margaret Mary and Elizabeth Rue Hembold (RG 8)

MES missionaries in Changchow, Wusih (ca.1924-1940); correspondence, printed material. (.25 linear ft.)

Rugh Family Papers
(RG 244)

Dwight and Winifred Rugh were teachers and administrators for the Yale-in-China Association at Yali Middle School, in Hunan Province from 1930-1951. Winifred also taught at Shanghai American School, where their daughter Betty Jean attended for several years. Dwight Rugh was the last representative of the Yale-China Association to leave China in 1951.

Rupley, George A. (Film Ms545)

Missionary to India for the General Synod and United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA) from 1915-1931. (1 reel) Microfilmed from originals at ELCA archives.

Sailer, Randolph Clothier (RG 148)

PN missionary, professor of psychology at Yenching University, Peking (1923-1950); correspondence, reports, printed material, subject files, writings, biographical documentation. (2 linear ft.)

St. Clair, Bertha Harding Allen (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Foochow (1916-1941); correspondence, photographs, printed material. (9 folders)

Salmon, Frances King, M.D., and Robert J. (RG 8)

Missionaries in Shanghai, Women's Medical College, St. John's University (1922-1940); correspondence, article, printed material, photographs. (1 linear ft.)

Sanborn, Edward Stevens (RG 98)

Congregational clergyman in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts (1896-1931); sermons, biographical documentation, church records. (3 linear ft.)

Sanders Family (RG 122)

Marshall Danforth and Georgianna Knight Sanders: ABCFM missionaries in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) (ca. 1843ff); correspondence, writings, biographical documentation. Frank Knight Sanders: Instructor at Jaffna College, Ceylon (1882-1886), Yale professor of Biblical literature (1891-1907), Director of missionary preparation for Foreign Missions Conference of North America (1914-1927); correspondence, diaries, writings, printed material. Henry Martyn Knight: Superintendent of the Connecticut School for Imbeciles; medical sketches re. "imbeciles". (5.5 linear ft.)

Sanderson, Abbie G. (RG 149)

ABFMS missionary in Swatow area (1918-1937, 1946-1953), held in solitary confinement prior to release from China in 1953; correspondence, diary, notes, writings, printed material, photographs. (3.5 linear ft.) Portions of the Sanderson papers are available on this page.

Saxton, Noah C. (RG 123)

Evangelist in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut (1822-1834); correspondence, diaries, sermons, biographical documentation. (.5 linear ft.)

Scheufler, Karl and Ada (RG 25)

MEFB missionaries in Yenping (1921-1926); correspondence, notes, writings, collected material, photographs. (5 linear ft.)

Schleman, Laura (RG 8)

WFMS/MEFB missionary in Kiukiang; scrapbook containing correspondence, printed material, photographs (1914-1936). (.5 linear ft.)

Schlosser, George and Mary (RG 19)

AFM missionaries in Honan Province (1908-1949); correspondence, diaries, writings, bio- graphical documentation. (5 linear ft.)

Schober, Marie (RG 30)

Schober (1921-2017) served as a missionary teacher with the Evangelical Alliance Mission at a boarding school in Southern Rhodesia between 1952 and 1964. (.5 linear ft.)

Schrading, Paul E. (RG 30)

A YDS graduate, Schrading was involved in the student Christian movement both as a student and on staff as Associate General Secretary of University Christian Movement from 1966-1967, and General Secretary of the UCM in 1968-1969. (.5 linear ft.)

Schubert, Paul (RG 30)

Yale professor of New Testament (1949-1968); correspondence, writings, printed material. (2.5 linear ft.)

Schubert, William E. (RG 8)

MEFB missionary in Shanghai, Nanchang, Kiukiang (ca.1923-1950), in the Philippines, Japan (1950ff); audio tapes of oral history interview. (13 tapes)

Schweer, George and Wanda (RG 30)

The Schweers were missionaries in Indonesia from 1950 until 1971, serving under the Southern Baptist Convention. (.25 linear ft.)

Scott, Katherine (RG 8)

Missionary in China; correspondence, biographical essay (1910-1911, 1924). (3 folders)

Scott, Roderick (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Fukien, China. Ph.D. dissertation for the U. of Southern Calif.: "The Personalistic Insights in Ancient Chinese Philosophy" (1946) (.5 linear ft.)

Seaton, Stuart P., M.D. (RG 8)

PN missionary in Hoihow, Hainan, Tung. (ca. 1926-1940); printed material, artifacts (.5 linear ft.)

Sedgwick, T. (RG 30)

Clergyman in Massachusetts; sermons (1692). (1 folder)

Selden, Charles C., M.D., and Gertrude (RG 8)

PN missionaries, John G. Kerr Hospital for the Insane, Canton (1897-1938); writings, correspondence, biographical documentation. (3 folders)

Sellemeyer, Esther I. (RG 8)

RCUS missionary in Shenchowfu (ca.1917-1930); correspondence, diary, printed material, photographs, map. (1 linear ft.)

Senger, Nettie Mabelle

See under: Kreps, Esther E. (RG 8)

Seys, John (RG 30)

Protestant Episcopal clergyman, missionary in Liberia (ca. 1844); correspondence (1830-1850). (1 folder)

Shapleigh, Katherine Chase Pratt (RG 176)

Missionary with ABCFM in Tientsin, China (1896-1897) and CIM in Yangchow, (1905-1926); Correspondence, writings, biographical documentation (2 linear ft.)

Shaw, Ella C.* (RG 8)

EFMS missionary in Nanking (1887-1934); autobiographical account of work in Nanking. (1 folder)

Shaw, Ernest T.* (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary to Tunghsien, Peking Hop. (1912-1951); correspondence, autobiographical account of trip to China. (1 folder)

Shedd, Clarence Prouty (RG 35)

Yale professor of Christian methods (1926-1955), consultant on Christian work among university students; correspondence, writings, research materials. (36 linear ft.)

Sheets, Margaret (RG 8)

Sheets taught English at Huachung College 1946-1950, but much of the material in this collection was collected or received by Sheets following her return from China.

Sheffey, Charles and Joy (RG 219)

Charles and Joy Sheffey were American Methodist medical missionaries who served in Wembo Nyama, Belgian Congo (now Democratic Republic of the Congo) between 1922 and 1944. (10 linear ft.)

Shepard, Henry B (RG 30)

Yale College graduate 1949; documentation Student Christian Movement and WSCF. (.5 linear ft.)

Shepard, Lorrin (RG 30)

Medical doctor, Director ofAmerican Hospital of Istanbul, Turkey; leader of Istanbul American Hospital Relief Unit; journal re. work in earthquake zone, 1940 (1 folder)

Shepherd, Clara Sargent and George W. (RG 8)

ABCFM medical missionaries in Nanking, Shaowu, Foochow; Clara was first female physician to serve in area of public health in China (1919-1941); memoir, correspondence, clippings. (3 volumes)

Sheretz, Dwight Lamar and Margarita Park (RG 8)

MEFB missionaries in Soochow (1918-1950); biographical documentation. (1 folder)

Sherman, Arthur M.

See under: Baker, J. G.

Sherrill, Edwin Jenner and Sarah Foote (RG 30)

EJS: Congregational clergyman in Eaton, Canada (1838-1875); journals, common place book of SFS at Ipswich Seminary (1834-1835), church records, photographs. (.5 linear ft.)

Sherrill, Henry Knox (RG 67)

Collection provides documentation of Sherrill's career as an Episcopal rector, Bishop of Massachusetts, and Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, his involvement in wartime chaplaincy work, his ecumenical leadership as President of the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches, and his service to institutions such as Yale University and Massachusetts General Hospital (28 linear ft.)

Shields, Randolph T. (M.D.) (RG 8)

Seven medical textbooks (Chinese translations); Five medicine-related offprints from journals. See also RG11.

Shrader, Elizabeth T.* (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in Foochow (1936-1942); writings, collected material. (8 folders)

Sibley, Horace and Gertrude Haugh* (RG 8)

CIM missionaries in Shae-ki-tien Ho. (1891), Laohokow Hup. (1892-1889, 1902), Ku Cheng (1903-1911); memoir. (1 folder)

Silsby, John Alfred* (RG 8)

PN missionary in Shanghai, Lowrie Institute (1887-1928); correspondence, diary, photographs. (8 folders)

Simester, Edith (RG 8)

Taught at the Anglo-Chinese College, a Methodist institution in Fukien from ca. 1930 to 1946; correspondence, writings, memoir (.5 linear ft.)

Simester, Winifred (RG 8)

Photographs re. Foochow, Kuliang, E.Asia Litt. Conf. Japan, etc (1 folder)

Sinclair, John (RG 30)

Presbyterian missionary in Latin America and mission board secretary of the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (1960-1973). Collection contains resource files related to mission, church, and ecumenical groups in Latin America. (1 linear ft.)

Sites, Evelyn (Mrs. C. M. Lacey) (RG 8)

WFMS missionary in Foochow, Kutien (1896-1941); writings. (2 folders)

Slater, Philip and Phyllis (RG 8)

BMS missionaries in Shanghai; correspondence, photographs, report of work in Ningpo by J. E. Shoemaker (1901-1938). (1 folder)

Slie, Samuel (RG 111)

Associate Chaplain at Yale; active in ecumenical student work, 1950s - 1990s. (10.5 linear ft.)

Edward H. Smith Family (RG 5)

Edward Huntington and Grace Thomas Smith: ABCFM missionaries in Ing Tai (1901- 1950); Helen Huntington Smith: ABCFM missionary at Wen Shan Girls' School, Foochow (1929-1950); Eunice Smith Bishop: taught kindergarten in China and worked with her husband Merlin for China Nutritional Aid Council; correspondence, writings, printed material, photographs. (7 linear ft.)

Eli Smith Family (RG 124)

Eli Smith: ABCFM missionary in Malta and Syria (1826-1857), traveled throughout Middle East: Mehitable Butler Smith: his wife; Charles Smith: son of Eli, Yale professor of history; correspondence, journals, writings, photographs. (2 linear ft.)

Smith, Elleroy and Maybelle* (RG 8)

Presbyterian missionaries in Ningpo, China. ECS: 35 diaries with daily entries, 1916-1950. MCS: 5 diaries and 1 notebook with daily entries 1928-1952; 3 mss. by MCS re. Ningpo mission field; 1 article by J.E. Shoemaker (1916-1952) (1.5 linear ft.)

Smith, Hart Maxcy and Margaret Jones; Smith, Margaret E. (sister of HMS) (RG 8)

PN missionaries in Shanghai area (1901-1943); correspondence, collected material, photographs, material re. Shanghai American School. (.5 linear ft.)

Smith, Howard and Gertrude (RG 8)

Christian and Missionary Alliance missionaries in Hupeh, China; Howard was kidnapped by Communist Red Army in 1934; correspondence, press release, oral history transcript. (1 folder)

Smith, John Curtis and Mary Snell (RG 207)

ABCFM missionaries in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1850s-1870s; detailed correspondence with their family at home, including their children who were living with various families in New England. (3 linear ft.) Biographies of the Smith family.

Smith, Olive Bertha (Fiche Ms112)

Southern Baptist Convention missionary to China from 1917-1948 and SBC's first missionary to Taiwan from 1948-1958. (382 fiche)

Smith, Wilmina Rowland (RG 30)

Early woman ecumenical and Presbyterian leader; served Student Volunteer Movement, World Student Service Fund, Mississippi Delta Ministry; Presbyterian Board of Christian Education (1933-1973). (.5 linear ft.)

Snyder, George and Grace (RG 160)

E&R missionaries in Yuanling, China (ca. 1920-1950); correspondence, printed material documenting the Snyders' work as executive secretary of Hunan Church of Christ in China and teacher at Eastview School. (2.5 linear ft.)

Spreckley, J. W. (RG 8)

CMS missionary in Chengtu Sze., Shanghai (ca.1919-1930); correspondence,collected material. (4 folders)

Sprunger, Eva (RG 8)

Methodist missionary who served in the Kutien, Fukien [Gutian, Fujian] area from 1919 to circa 1932

Stanford, Arthur Willis (RG 30)

ABCFM missionary to Japan (1886-1920), professor at Doshisha University (1886-1895); correspondence, notes, writings, collected material. (.5 linear ft.)

Stannard, Mrs. Raymond E. (RG 8)

ABFMS missionary in Shaoshing (ca.1935-1940); correspondence. (1 folder)

Starrett, Adelia Dodge* (RG 8)

YMCA, MEFB missionary in Chengtu Sze. (ca.1916-1934); writings, collected material, description of Japanese attack on Hong Kong. (4 folders)

Stauffer, Henry (RG 125)

Congregational clergyman in Ohio (1889-1903), Wisconsin (1903-1916), California (1918-1949); correspondence, sermons, writings, collected material, photographs. (1 linear ft.)

Steadman, Hilda Mary (Film Ms.100)

Australian Methodist missionary in Fiji (1912-1940), founder of Indian Women's Benevolent Society; correspondence, writings, clippings, photographs. (1 reel)

Stevens, George Barker (RG 30)

Yale professor of New Testament and systematic theology (1886-1906); sermons, writings. (.5 linear ft.)

Stevenson, John Ogilvie (RG 30)

YDS graduate 1875; Congregational minister and author in CT and IA. (2.5 linear ft.)

Steward, Albert Newton and Celia Belle Speak (RG 20)

MEFB faculty members at University of Nanking (1921-1950); correspondence, writings, collected material, biographical documentation, photographs. (7 linear ft.)

Stewart, Lyman (Fiche Ms122)

Stewart (1840-1923) was the president of Union Oil Company and one of the co-founders of Biola University.

Stillman, Timothy (RG 30)

Presbyterian clergyman in Buffalo, New York area; correspondence, sermons, writings. (.5 linear ft.)

Stirewalt, Catharine (RG 8)

LUM missionary in Peking, Tsingtao; correspondence, collected material, photographs. (1 linear ft.)

Stoddard, Solomon (Film Ms.7)

Congregational clergyman in Northampton, Massachusetts; common place book (1660-1664). (1 reel)

Storrs, Charles and Mary (RG 8)

ABCFM missionaries, Fukien, Shaowu 1917-1946 (1.5 linear ft.)

Stowe, David M. (RG 156)

China missionary and mission executive for ABCFM/UCBWM (90 linear ft.)

Street, Lee McGee (RG 229)

Lee McGee Street was one of the first women ordained to the priesthood of the Episcopal Church and an
early female faculty member at Yale Divinity School, serving from 1987 to 1997 as
Squire Professor of Pastoral Counseling. (3.5 linear ft.)

Strock, John Roy and Elizabeth Evans Strock (Film Ms.360)

Lutheran missionaries to Guntur, Andrah Pradesh, India from 1908-1942, 1946-1949. Correspondence, diaries, writings, biographical documentation. Originals at ELCA archives (2 reels)

Strong, Robbins (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary in North China; material related to Communist takeover of China and the church in post-liberation China. (1 linear ft.)

Stryker, Minnie (RG 8)

WFMS missionary in Peking, Yenching University; corres. from Sleeper Davis Hospital, Peking (1923-1927). (1 folder)

Stuart, Moses (RG 294)

Stuart (1780-1852) was Professor of Sacred Literature at Andover Theological Seminary from 1810-1848. (4 linear ft.) Collection originally held at Andover Newton Theological School

Stubbs, Clifford Morgan (RG 8)

FFMA missionary in Chengtu Sze., W. China Union University (ca.1916-1929); memorial to CMS, material re. West China Union University. (1 folder)

Stucki, John Calvin and Marie (RG 8)

RCUS missionaries in Peking (1924-1926), Yochow City (1926-1927), JCS super- intendent of Hoy Memorial Hospital; correspondence, writings, audio tapes, documentation of student and labor unrest. (.5 linear ft.)

Stuntz Allen Family Papers (RG 30)

Two generations of Methodist Board missionaries in India and Pakistan. Clyde Bronson Stuntz and Florence (Sally) Watters Stuntz served in Lahore from 1915 - 1956. Their daughter, Elizabeth (Betty) Stuntz Allen, and her husband Daniel Allen served throughout India from 1949 - 1969. The collection contains correspondence from Clyde and Sally narrating their experiences during the partition of India. (1 linear foot)

Summers, William (RG 30)

Methodist missionary (1855-1888). One of a group of missionaries sent by Bishop William Taylor to Angola in 1885 to begin building a chain of missions across Africa. (1 handwritten journal)

Sun, Paul Yu-Kuang (RG 316)

Surviving prisoner of the White Terror in Taiwan. Includes his writings, audio and visual copies of a selection of Sun’s sermons and lectures including one at Yale University, a large selection of Sun’s correspondence in both English and Chinese, and some biographical materials including published works about Paul Sun. (2.5 linear feet)

Sunday, William and Helen (Film Ms.64 & Fiche Ms. 114)

WS: baseball player,worked for Chicago YMCA, full-time evangelist (1891-1935), HS continued his ministry after his death; correspondence, sermons, clippings, scrapbooks. Two separate collections: (29 reels) (378 fiche)

Sung, John (RG 263)

Sung (1901-1944) was a prominent Chinese Christian evangelist. (4 linear ft.)

Sweet, Lennig (RG 150)

Sweet served the YMCA in Beijing, China between 1916 and 1934. He later worked for United China Relief from 1942 to 1947 and as YMCA Secretary for Overseas Staff and YMCA Secretary in Seoul, Korea. (.5 linear ft.)

Syle, Edward W. (RG 8)

ACM missionary to China and to the Chinese in the United States in the 1840s - 1850s. Based in San Francisco 1855-1857

Tappan, David Stanton* (RG 8)

PN Kiungchow, Hainan (1906-1950) gen. let. ms. recounting his experiences at Canton Civil Assembly Center (1943)

Taylor, George and Ora (RG 8)

Nondenominational, Changsha, Hunan: Faith Orphanages and Broadcast Tract Press; correspondence to family, 1913-1917, 1944, tracts, photographs, collected materials. (1 linear ft.)

Taylor, Marian McClure (RG 30)

Taylor served as Associate Director and North American Representative to the Edinburgh 2010 conference. (.5 linear ft.)

Taylor, Paul and Frieda (RG 227)

E&R educational missionaries serving at Huping College, Yochow [now Yueyang], Hunan province 1924-1927 and Huachung University (Central China College) in Wuchang between 1929 and 1950. (2.5 linear ft.)

Taylor, Walter and Ruth Marie (RG 251)

ACM missionary architect in central China from 1923 to 1927. (2 linear ft.)

Teagarden, Lyrel G. (RG 8)

UCMS missionary in Luchowfu (Anhui Sheng), Kweiyang, Kweichow, Nantung (1920-1951); correspondence, collected material. (10 folders)

Tekoro, Ekonia (Film Ms.85)

(b.1916 or 17) Methodist clergyman on Bougainville Island (Papua New Guinea); autobi- ography in Kuanua language. (1 reel)

Tewksbury, M. Gardner (RG 8)

PN, ChCC, SVM, Shanghai (ca. 1913-1925), (1926-1936), Shanghai (1940); scrapbook (1913-1935), primarily re. University of Nanking. (.25 linear ft.)

Thoburn, James Mills (Film Ms. 120)

(1836-1922) American Methodist missionary in India from 1859 to 1908. Elected missionary bishop for India and Malaysia in 1888. (8 reels)

Thomas, Norman E. (RG 112)

Missiologist, theological educator, and historian of world Christianity (37 linear ft.)

Thomson, James Claude (RG 24)

PN faculty member at University of Nanking (1917-1949), Japan International Christian University, Yonsei Medical College, nutrition consultant to World Health Organization in Iran, Pakistan, Turkey (1950s). (9.5 linear ft.)

Thomson, Joseph Oscar, M.D. (RG 8)

MMS, UCC, Canton (1910-1941); autobiographical writings. (.5 linear ft.)

Todd, William (RG 30)

Todd (1801-1874) served the ABCFM Ceylon Mission from 1833-1834 and then moved to Madura [now Madurai], India to form the ABCFM Madura Mission where he served until 1839 (.25 linear ft.)

Tong, Walter and Margaret (RG 189)

ABCFM missionaries in Philippines 1931-1947 (1.5 linear ft.)

Torrance, Thomas (RG 16)

CIM, ABS missionary in China (1896-1934), worked with ethnic groups in the Ch'iang Min Valley; correspondence, writings, printed material. (4 linear ft.)

Torrey, Charles Cutler (RG 271)

Torrey (1863-1956) was Biblical scholar and archaeologist who taught Semitic languages at Andover Theological Seminary (1892–1900) and Yale University (1900–1932) (3.75 linear ft.)

Trescott, Paul (RG 8)

Trescott (1925-2018) was a professor of economics, including at Southern Illinois University who focused on Chinese economics and the development of the study of economics at the China Protestant universities. (1.5 linear ft.)

Treudley, Mary Bosworth* (RG 8)

Faculty member at Ginling College, Nanking (1923-1928); correspondence, report by C. Stanley Smith re. looting in Nanking (1927). (4 folders)

Trimmer, Clifford Sharp and Ruth (RG 8)

American Methodist missionaries stationed in Nanking from the 1920s-1950. C.S. Trimmer was a medical doctor serving the University Hospital in Nanking and was among those who stayed in Nanking during the Japanese occupation of the city in 1937-1938. (1 linear ft.)

Tsu, Andrew Yu-Yue, Bp. (RG 8)

Anglican Church leader in China; correspondence, printed material, photographs, biographical documentation (1930-1971). (8 folders)

Tucker, Francis Fisher, M.D., and Emma Jane Boose (RG 8)

ABCFM, MMS missionaries in Tehchow, Shaoyang, Kweiyang (1902-1941); autobiographical sketch. (1 folder)

Tuilovoni, Setareki (Film Ms.98)

(1916-1983) Methodist clergyman in Fiji; correspondence, sermons, writings, diaries, church music, printed material. (3 reels)

Turner, Eugene A. (RG206)

Turner served under the YMCA in China from 1913 to 1947. He was involved in student and city work for the Y.M.C.A. in China and was a keen observer of Chinese customs and political events. (2 linear ft.)

Tweedy, Henry Hallam (RG131)

(1868-1953) Professor of practical theology at the Yale Divinity School for thirty years. (6 linear ft.)

Twombly, Alexander (RG 30)

Presbyterian clergyman in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Hawaii (1859-1894); correspondence from Rev. and Mrs. Twombly while in Hawaii (1894). (1 folder)

Van Der Kallen, Wim (RG 30)

Priest / photographer: photos from Lesotho ca. 1960-1965 (.5 linear ft.)

Vaughn, Katharine (RG 31)

Served the YWCA in Canton and Shanghai from 1920-1930. (1.5 linear feet)

Vautrin, Wilhelmina (RG 8)

UCMS faculty member at Ginling College, Nanking (1914-1941); diary, correspondence, biographical documentation. (.25 linear ft.) Microfilmed: Film Ms.62.

Vieth, Paul Herman (RG 59)

Yale professor of religious education (1931-1963); correspondence, writings, notes, course- related materials, photographs. (3 linear ft.)

Voran, Dallas (RG 8)

Served with Mennonite Central Committee(MCC), on loan to Church World Service. Coordinated shipments of food, clothing, medical equipment, etc. for distribution to refugees 1946-1949. Stationed in Shanghai.

Vorba, Edward J. (RG 97)

Congregational clergyman in Vermont (1948-1952), Orange, Connecticut (1952-1958), Florida (1958-1966), New Haven, Connecticut (1966-1970), New York, Pennsylvania; sermons, prayers, church records. (9 linear ft.)

Wakefield Family (RG 183)

Arthur Paul Wakefield was a medical missionary serving in China under the Disciples of Christ and Episcopal mission agencies from 1905 to 1927, at Luchowfu Hospital in Anhwei province from 1912 to 1919 and at Boone College, Central China University in Wuchang from 1919 to 1927. (4 linear ft.)

Wahl, Carl and Elisabeth (RG 192)

Missionaries in China under the Evanglical Church. They were first stationed in Shenchow and later in Tungjen, Kweichow Province (now Guizhou) at the Ming Teh Boys' School. (4 linear ft.)

Walker, George Leon (RG 51)

Congregational clergyman in Maine (1858-1867), New Haven, Connecticut (1868-1873), Hartford, Connecticut (1879-1892); diaries, correspondence, writings. (2 linear ft.)

Walker, Williston (RG 51)

Yale professor of church history (1901-1922); correspondence, writings, notes. (2 linear ft.)

Waller, Horace (RG 72)

UMCA missionary to Central Africa (1861-1863), colleague of David Livingstone, Anglican clergyman in England (1874-1895); correspondence, diaries, writings, photographs. (1 linear ft.)

Waln, Duane and Marian (RG 181)

ABCFM missionaries to Angola (1929-1962). (4 linear ft.)

Ward, Laura D. (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary to China, stationed in Diongloh (Changle, Fujian), Shaowu (Fujian), Foochow (Fuzhou, Fujian); correspondence, writings, reports, diaries, printed material (1904-1966). (.5 linear ft.)

Ware, James (RG 8)

British missionary in Shanghai, FCMS after 1892; writings, notes. (2 folders)

Warner, Florence (RG 8)

Warner (1885-1979) served under the Presbyterian Foreign Mission board as a nurse supervisor and as Director of the Nurses Training School at the University of Nanking, China in the 1920s.

Warnshuis, Abbe Livingston (RG 30)

Secretary of the International Missionary Council (1920-1942); detailed notes relating to meetings of the IMC (1928-1935). (.25 linear ft.)

Watson, Percy Theodore, M.D. (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary to China, stationed in Fenchow (Fenyang, China) (1909-1934); writings, notes re. control of plagues. (.25 linear ft.)

Watters, Hyla S. (RG 328)

Methodist missionary and surgeon at Wuhu General Hospital in Anhui Province, China 1925-1941 and Ganta, Liberia 1950-1961. Collection includes correspondence and writings from years in China, substantial photographs from Wuhu and United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration work, and extensive transcriptions of Hyla’s lifetime correspondence and taped interviews, which were later edited into the Hyla Doc memoirs by Elsie Hayes Landstrom. (3 linear feet)

Wead, Katharine H. (RG 8)

PN missionary in Nanking (ca.1921-1922); photographs. (10 folders)

Weist, Georgia (RG 8)

Missionary to China, stationed in Shenchow (Shenzhou) with Evangelical Association (1923-1929); correspondence, printed material. (1 linear ft.)

Welch, Rolland and Lottie (RG 224)

Welch, a medical missionary, and his wife served under the United Evangelical Mission / Evangelical church in Hunan (China) from 1917 to 1923. (5 linear ft.)

Welcher, Amy (RG 8)

Correspondence related to missions in China (1901-1902, 1934-1946). (2 folders)

Westbrook, Charles Hart and Louise (RG 8)

SBC missionaries in Shanghai, Shanghai Baptist College, University of Shanghai (1912-1948); corres. collected mat., autobiographical sketch (8 folders)

Wetmore, Izrahiah (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Stratford and Trumbull, Connecticut (1753-1798); sermons. (1 folder)

Wheelock, Eleazar (Film Ms.10)

Congregational clergyman, first president of Dartmouth College; papers of EW; early archives of Dartmouth College, Moor's Indian Charity School, records of Hanover, New Hampshire (1728-1779). (16 reels)

White, Minerva S. Weil (RG 8)

RCUS missionary to China, stationed in Yuanling (Hunan) (1919-1950); correspondence, photograph, memoirs. (2 folders)

White, Ralph M. and Blanche Howard (RG 8)

PN missionaries to China, stationed in Soochow (Suzhou, Jiangsu) (1913-1948); circular letters, personal reports (8 folders)

Whitener Family (RG 151)

Sterling Wilfong and Marie Hegnauer Whitener: RCUS, E&R missionaries to China, stationed in Yochow City (Yueyang, Hunan) (1921-1950); correspondence, biographical documentation, photographs. (2 folders) Sterling Hegnauer and Barbara Brown Whitener: E&R, UCBWM, ChCC missionaries to China, stationed in Yueyang, Linhsiang, Hankow (Hankou, Hubei) (1946-1949), Hong Kong (1952-1967); correspondence, notes, writings, collected material. (1.5 linear ft.)

Whitfield, Jacques (Waitzfelder) (RG 30)

(1904-1984) German amateur historian, friend of Roland Bainton; notes, research materials re. Sebastian Franck and related topics. (.5 linear ft.)

Whittlesey, Marjorie Tooker (RG 197)

Director of Nursing at Hunan-Yale Hospital in Changsha, China during World War II; author. (9 linear ft.)

Wiant, Bliss (RG 8)

MEFB faculty member at Yenching University, Beijing (1923-1951); correspondence, material re. Chinese music and worship. (.25 linear ft.)

Wickes, Dean and Fanny (RG 257)

ABCFM missionaries in Shandong from 1912 to 1934 under the North China Mission of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions; based in T'ungchow (Tongxian), Lintsing (Linqing). (4 linear ft.)

Wilcox, Emily C. (RG 8)

ABFMS missionary to China, stationed in Ningpo (Ningbo, Zhejiang), Shanghai, University of Shanghai (1913-1927); collected material re. Ningpo, photographs. (4 folders)

Wilder, Gertrude (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary

Wilder, Robert Parmelee (RG 38)

A founder of Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions (1886) and British Student Volunteer Missionary Union (1891), YMCA secretary in India (1893-1897, 1899-1902), secretary for Student Christian Movement of Great Britain and Ireland (1905-1916), General Sec. of SVM (1919-1927), Executive Sec. of Near East Christian Council (1927-1933); correspondence, diaries, writings, printed material, biog. doc. (10 linear ft.)

Wiley, Martha (RG 8)

ABCFM missionary to China, stationed in Foochow (Fuzhou), Shaowu (Fujian), Foochow College (1900-ca.1947); writings, biographical documentation. (4 folders)

Willard, Samuel (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Boston (1678- ca. 1707); notes on sermons preached by SW, composition. (1 folder)

Williams, John, Bp. (RG 30)

Episcopal clergyman in New York (1842-1848), President of Trinity College, Hartford (1848-1853), Dean, professor at Berkeley Divinity School (1854-1899); typescript lectures, notes on lectures given by JW, taken by Henry T. Scudder and Robert Hudson. (.5 linear ft.)

Williams, Leighton (RG 30)

Leighton Williams was the pastor of Amity Baptist Church in New York City from 1887-1917. In 1892 he was the co-founder with Walter Rauschenbusch of The Brotherhood of the Kingdom, a non-denominational group of authors, clergy and other leading thinkers from a variety of Christian Protestant backgrounds who were advocates of the Social Gospel. (.5 linear ft.)

Williams, Maynard Owen (RG 8)

ABFMS missionary to China, stationed in Hangchow (Hangzhou, Zhejiang) (1914-1915); correspondence. (7 folders)

Williams, Melville O. (RG 8)

MEFB missionary in China; campus minister and head of the Department of Sociology at Soochow (Suzhou, Jiangsu) University, located first in Soochow (Suzhou) and later in Shanghai (1929-1940) (1 linear ft.)

Williams, Phillip E. (RG 30)

Missionary serving under the Evangelical Reformed Church/United Church of Christ in Japan beginning in 1955. Williams served as Professor of American Literature at Tohoku Gakuin University and at Doshisha University. (.5 linear ft.)

Williams, Stephen (RG 30)

Congregational clergyman in Longmeadow, Massachusetts (1716ff); sermons. (1 folder)

Williams, William Frederic (RG 30)

ABCFM missionary in Turkey: Eastern Turkey Mission (ca. 1850-1867); correspondence, writings. (8 folder, .25 linear ft.)

Wilson, Stanley Davis and Anna Lane (RG 220)

ABCFM missionaries at Peking Union Medical College, Yenching University (Beijing). (1917-1950) (2 linear ft.)

Winchester, Benjamin Severance (RG 252)

Congregationalist minister and religious educator active 1897-1930s. Collection documents curriculum/issues in sexual education, race relations education, Prohibition education, and peace education. (8 linear ft.)

Wiser, William Henricks and Charlotte Melina Viall (RG 128)

PN missionaries in India (1915-1970), on faculty of Allahabad Agricultural Institute and North India Theological College, instrumental in formation of India Village Service; correspondence, documentation of India Village Service, material re. Indian folklore, writings, diaries, artifacts. (13 linear ft.)

Wishard, Luther Deloraine (RG 30)

Secretary of YMCA intercollegiate movement (1877-1887), Foreign secretary of International Committee of YMCA (1887-1899); correspondence, writings, printed material. (5 folders)

Wittler, Melvin (RG 201)

ABCFM, UCBWM missionary in Turkey 1956 to 1993 (9 linear ft.)

Wolfe, Jesse B. And Clara Husted Whiting* (RG 8)

MEFB, ABCFM missionaries to China, stationed at Peking University (1909-1912), Takuhsien (Shanxi) (1912-1922), Tientsin (Tianjin) (1923-1925), Cheloo University, Tsinan (Jinan, Shandong) (1928-1935), Beijing  (1936-1940); typescript memoirs. (1 folder)

Woods, Leonard (RG 30)

Professor of theology at Andover Seminary (1808-1846); notes on lectures given by Leonard Woods (1837-1838). (1 volume)

Worley, Harry Westcott and Worley, Zela W.* (RG 8)

MEFB missionaries to China, stationed in Foochow (Fuzhou, Fujian) (1915-1940); correspondence, printed material, photographs. (.5 linear ft.)

Wright, Eleanor (RG 8)

PN faculty member at Ginling College, Nanking (1926-1939); diaries. (2 folders)

Wright, Elizabeth Curtis* (RG 8)

YMCA worker in Peking (Beijing), Shanghai (1919-1948); memoir, correspondence. (1 folder)

Wright, Henry Burt (RG 40)

Yale professor of Classics, Christian methods (1903-1923), active in YMCA during World War I; correspondence, writings, subject file, biographical documentation. (15 linear ft.)

Wright, Otis Olney (RG 69)

Episcopal clergyman in Sandy Hook, Connecticut (1891-ca.1917); correspondence, notebooks, scrapbooks, sermons, writings. (4 linear ft.)

Wyckoff, Ellen Gertrude and Helen Grace (RG 8)

ABCFM missionaries in Pangchung (1887-1927); photographs. (.25 linear ft.)

Wyland, Benjamin Franklin (RG 30)

Wyland (1882-1986) graduated from YDS in 1908 and served as a Congregational minister. (.5 linear ft.)

Yardley, Henry A. (RG 30)

Berkeley Divinity School professor of theology (1863-1882); notes on lectures by HAY, taken by Henry T. Scudder. (1 volume)

Yerkes, Carroll Harvey and Helen Nevius Eckard (RG 153)

PN missionaries to China, stationed in Yicheng (Hubei Sheng) (1905-1925); correspondence, collected material, biographical documentation, photographs. (1.5 linear ft.)

Young Family (RG 152)

Mason P., M.D. and Louise Oehler Young: PS missionaries in Suzhou (Jiangsu Sheng), Kashing (Jiaxing, Zhejiang Sheng) (1916- 1949), Lois Young (sister of MPY): PS missionary in Suzhou (Jiangsu Sheng) (1917-1942); correspondence, collected material, biographical documentation (primarily photocopies). (1 linear ft.)

Zanisi, Angelo Saverio (RG 30)

Zanisi was a Roman Catholic missionary in India and the Philippines. (2 linear ft.)

Zipf, Elinor J. (RG 8)

Missionary in Yuanling county (Hunan Sheng) (1947-1948), Sendai, Japan (1948-1950); correspondence. (.25 linear ft.)




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American Baptist Foreign Missionary Society


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