YUL Website Applications

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George Ouellette
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web forms, web search, personal librarian, feedback, purchase request, webforms
Short Description: 
Yale University Library website applications are hosted in the YUL content management system. Web applications provide functionality such as Personal Librarian look-ups, purchase request forms, exhibition proposal forms, and feedback forms.

In addition to providing information and web pages, the Yale Universlity Library website supports the development of web-based applications.  Applications differ from web pages by providing an interactive environment where the user can provide information to the site and receive tailored information, such as search results, or perform a transaction.

Some of the applications that are currently available include:

Individual YUL staff can create their own web forms.

No visibility restrictions
Who is elegible to use this service offering? 
Yale Library Staff Only
Affiliations that can use this service offering 
How do I get it? 

Requests for new web applications can be made by submitting a service request on the Library IT website.  A valid NetID and explicit permissions are required to build your own webforms.

How do I access it? 

Web applications are accessed through the Yale University Library website.  Some web applications require a valid Yale NetID to access.

Does your service offering require a user to have specific system configurations? 

This service is entirely web-based and only requires the use of a modern, latest-version web browser.

Is there a specific area that your user can go to for help? 

Individual web applications may have their own help files.

Do you have specific Documentation and Support outside of the Knowledge Base?  

Some web applications have specific documentation.  Additionally, documentation for developing web forms is available upon request from individuals with proper permission to build web forms.

Are there any specific policies and procedures outlined for your service offering? 

The following policies apply to all Yale University Library website applications:

Other application-dependent policies may apply.

Are there Rates & Charges Associated to this Service Offering? 
Performance Issue
Something Broken
Tier 1 Support 
YUL Support Group (listed above)
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