Legacy Digital Collections

Service Owner 
George Ouellette
YUL Service Domain 
Short Description: 
This service provides support for any YUL Digital Collection that is not hosted in the Library Digital Collections system (FindIt), Aviary, Avalon or ContentDM.

Legacy Digital Collections will be maintained and / or migrated in their current state. Modification requests to any code or feature set will no longer be accepted. All Legacy Digital Collections should be migrated to a fully supported when possible.

No visibility restrictions
Who is elegible to use this service offering? 
Yale Library Staff Only
Affiliations that can use this service offering 
How do I get it? 

If a Legacy Digital Collection becomes unavailable, users can submit a Service Now ticket and the system will be restored as quickly as possible.

How do I access it? 

All digital collections are available at https://library.yale.edu/digital-colections.

Are there any specific policies and procedures outlined for your service offering? 

Any Legacy Digital Collection can be evaluated for feasibility to be migrated into a fully supported system. Please contact the service owner for a consultation.

Are there Rates & Charges Associated to this Service Offering? 
Performance Issue
Something Broken
Tier 1 Support 
YUL Support Group (listed above)
Sub-category needed? 
Generic Request? 
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