Library IT Service

Service Owner: 
George Ouellette
YUL Service Domain: 

The Yale University Library provides support for developing research guides though the use of a research guide content management system.  The content management system allows YUL staff to quickly and collaboratively develop and publish library research guides.  The research guide services provided by YUL include

  • Adding, removing, or altering the privileges of research guide authors;
  • Designing the look-and-feel of research guides;
  • Configuring the research guide content management system display;
  • Creating and maintaining standard boxes and widgets that authors can use in their guides;
  • Training; and
  • Integrating research guides with other parts of the YUL web ecosystem.
Are there Rates & Charges Associated to this Service Offering?: 
Who is elegible to use this service offering?: 
Yale Library Staff Only
Affiliations that can use this service offering: