Library Information Technology

Github Connection

** Library site is on Acquia Cloud now, no more many of the following functions, see Starting with an Acquia Cloud site instead.

New Member First Time Connection


  • Syncing a fork
    • > git fetch upstream (get update code from yul/
    • > git checkout master (you might already in master and don't need this step)
    • > git merge upstream/master  (merge the new update to your local copy)
    • > git push origin master (sync the change in yul/ from your local to netid\ fork)
  • Change in yul/ will be able see in
  • ** Current default is mteac/ if yul/ doesn't work
  • Can make change directly on yul/ 
  • To get the change to product site, do "Pull Requests" from yul/ to drupal/d7, the change will be monitor by ITS, and deploy in Tuesday or Thursday night
  • To get the product environment to dev, do refresh request from (Notice other users about the refresh for them to save their works.)

One time Setup

  • Fork from drupal/d7 to yul => yul/
  • Add Jenkins
  • To create yul/ following the instruction "Forking multiple times" in the following reference "YaleSites Using GitHub Enterprise"
  • Create organization > "yul"
    • Add Members (mteac, kb89)
    • Create New Team > "testimonies" (Developers for Testimonies site) > Admin Access (The user must first log in with NetID to create account before add them to the team)
  • Add member
  • Add repository