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NEW Korean databases are now available: KSDC DB (Korean Statistical Database), eARticle, & New Nonmun

KSDC DB (Korean Statistical Database), eARticle, & New Nonmu
April 15, 2016

The East Asia Library is pleased to announce that three NEW Korean databases, KSDC DB (Korean Statistical Database), eARticle, & New Nonmun, are now available to the Yale community. They are also listed in the Korean Database List (http://guides.library.yale.edu/ealdatabases/korea-databases) and Yale University Library’s A-Z database list (http://guides.library.yale.edu/az.php). Please note that access to the three database is only available from computers on the Yale campus or with off-campus access (http://web.library.yale.edu/help/off-campus-access-vpn).

Developed by Korean Social Science Data Center, KSDC DB (Korean Statistical Database) consists of all kinds of statistical yearbooks published by the government, public institutions and overseas institutions, as well as opinion polls and surveys undertaken by the government, universities, research institutes, and other organizations. Users can easily access this advanced variable-oriented DB, and analyze them statistically on the website.  

Both eARticle and New Nonmun provide full-text journal articles in all subjects from South Korea. They supplement our current Korean journal databases, including Korean Studies Information Service System (KISS), DBPIA  and Kyobo Scholar.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the three new databases. You are welcome to schedule an individual session with us to learn more about them.

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