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[Ex Libris Dr. Lucian Pfleger] by Eug. Moßgraber, 1907, 30.8 x 29 cm.
May 14, 2014
Arts Library Special Collections recently acquired this original ink drawing of a bookplate design for Dr. Lucian Pfleger by Eug[en] Moßgraber. Owls are a popular bookplate motif, and here two huddle close together at the base of a tree. This drawing is part of the Collection of Original Artwork...
Panty Pulping Manifesto by Margaret Mahan and Drew Mattot
April 21, 2014
Saybrook College and the Yale University Library present a conversation with Margaret Mahan of Peace Paper Project on papermaking and social activism. Tuesday, April 22 at 4pm. Saybrook College Master's House, 90 High Street, New Haven.  Free and open to the public.  Doors open at 3:45pm. Margaret...
[Ex Libris Vogel] by Anna Macková, 1920, 17.7 x 12.4 cm.
April 10, 2014
Anna Macková (1887-1969) was a Czech painter and printmaker. Early on her work was influenced by traditional folk art as well as Art Nouveau, though over time she developed her own style and was known for her skillful depictions of nature—especially animals. A stylized peacock dominates the...
Georges Méliès, Le Voyage dans la Lune, 1902
April 2, 2014
Silent Film Online, one of several streaming media subscription databases from Alexander Street Press, recently added more videos to their library. This database includes access to full recordings of films by Fritz Lang, D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, F.W. Murnau, Georges Méliès and many others,...
Broadside printed at The Bibliographical Press, 1928
March 27, 2014
A broadside printed in 1928 by the first University Printer, Carl P. Rollins, in honor of Russell Leffingwell, who gave funding to start The Bibliographical Press. From the AOB 9 Carl Purington Rollins Papers.
Barcelona, Trent Strohm, March 2006
March 10, 2014
By searching with the flickr advanced search, you can find images available for use in papers and presentations. To find images that you are free to use make sure to check the creative commons box at the bottom of the advanced search screen. These images have been tagged with creative commons...
[I.V.P. Her Book] by Vojtěch Preissig, 1914, 7.7 x 5.5 cm.
March 4, 2014
Vojtěch Preissig (1873-1944) was a prolific Czech artist whose work spans graphic design, book illustration, typography, printmaking, and painting. This four-color zincographic bookplate, dated 1914, is likely one of several that Preissig designed for his wife, Irena V[aňousová] Preissigová. Having...