Project Planning Guide

What is this?

This guide serves as a basic orientation for those in the Yale University Library who are planning a project where the work described requires resources (staff, space, funds, etc.) beyond what the proposing unit can provide thus demonstrating either a dependency or an impact on another library unit OR the work is funded by a grant.

Projects meeting these conditions, except for administratively directed projects1, must be described in a project proposal and be approved by Library Project Review Committee.   To get started: 

1Administratively directed projects are those projects at the direction of Library Executive Committee (LEC) or the University Librarian.

Who can propose a project?

Any Library staff member can propose a project.

Proposal Review Calendar

Submissions to the Library Project Review Committee are accepted quarterly: by January 30, April 15, July 15, October 15.

If you are planning to submit a proposal to an external funding agency, you must first submit a library project proposal and be approved by the Library Project Review Committee.  Plan accordingly so that your project proposal can be reviewed in a timely fashion well before the funding agency's deadline for submission.


Contact the Committee Chair.