Writing and Submitting a Project Proposal

1. Using the information gathered while working through the checklist write a narrative:

  • Describe collection(s)/service(s) and desired outcomes such as having a collection cataloged, preserved, digitized, etc.
    • For collection based projects include a description of the collection—subject(s) and format(s); identify location(s) of collection.
      • Include estimated item count, e.g. pages, folios photos, objects, digital files, floppies, etc.
      • Identify the intellectual property/copyright status of materials involved if appropriate to project; i.e. digitizing project
      • Collections proposed for digitization: indicate whether a review has been made to see if it exists in digital form elsewhere.  If so, state why current digital files are inadequate. 
    • For service based projects include a description of the service(s) and explain whether it is new or enhances existing services.
  • Include a justification of this project discussing the value of this work and how it meets Library goals;
    •  Identify target audience; describe any Yale faculty or student interest.
  • Describe all required resources for the project; such as, staffing, use of consultants, space, supplies, etc.
  • Describe all the units or departments that are required and have agreed to participate in the project.
    • Include the list of tasks agreed upon by participating units/departments
    • Lay out the timeline for project and identify milestones of the proposed work.
  • Include a sustainability plan for maintaining the collection / project / work after all tasks are complete. 
  • Identify funding sources.

2. Develop a communications plan; work with the Director of Communications and Marketing to obtain guidance on the plan

3. Develop a budget; work with Library Business Office to obtain information that may be required

4. Develop job descriptions that may be required; work with the Library’s Human Resources Generalist.

5. Circulate the draft to all participating units / departments once written.

6. Polish the draft based on feedback from participants.

Follow the links in the bulleted list above for sample templates.

7. Submit proposal by completing the proposal form.   The form will serve as a cover sheet.  You will need to upload a PDF of the proposal including the budget and any relevant appendices such as job descriptions. General format for written proposal:

  • One inch margins, with page numbers and a header or footer to identify the proposal
  • Maximum of 6 pages, double spaced for the narrative
  • Font size of 12 point
  • PDF file name:  <last name of submitter>_<project name>.pdf

For an example of a proposal with all of the above elements, see "Omeka: A platform for online exhibitions."

For any questions please contact a member of the lprp-sponsors@mailman.yale.edu.

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