What to Consider

The Library Project Review Process (LPRP) enables Yale University Library staff to submit proposals for projects that require resources (staff, space, funds, etc.) beyond what the proposing unit can provide. Project ideas can involve but are not limited to exceptional acquisitions, cataloging, access services, preservation, and digitization. Projects that would fall under the purview of the Library’s information technology guidance process are outside the scope of this process.

Any Library staff member may put together a project proposal. Project proposals may range from small pilots to the first step in applying for a major grant. Library Executive Committee (LEC) welcomes submissions of possible library projects at a variety of stages of development, not just formal and fully-formed proposals.  

The LPRP sponsors can help you work through drafts of project ideas and identify strategies for success which will lead to a stronger final proposal. Working with an LPRP sponsor through the steps in the Project Planning Guide will ensure relevant stakeholders are also brought into the discussion at a very early stage.  

The purpose of the review process is to be sure that for any given project:

  • it is consistent with the Library’s mission, vision, & community values
  • all the departments/units that will be involved are aware of the project and have agreed to the commitment required to successfully complete it;
  • the Library has not over-committed its resources or capacities; and
  • the Library is not in competition with itself for Library or University resources or grants.