Belletristic Call Numbers (SML) 2008 version


Library of Congress belletristic class numbers are double-letter class numbers in the broader Language and Literature (P) section of the LC schedules, and are found within the ranges PA-PL. The broad ranges are organized by language, from PA (Classical Languages) to PL (Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania). Within each double-letter section, there is a number or range of numbers to be assigned to individual authors of literary works. These are referred to as belletristic numbers at YUL. The numbers are sometimes subarranged by nationality when the language is the primary language in more than one country. The belletristic class numbers are generally subarranged by Cutter number for the individual author, and there will usually be provisions for individual works, and for biography and criticism. The scope of these guidelines is limited to Western languages, but it is hoped that in the future the scope will be extended to include non-Western belletristic authors. In the interim, it should be noted that, within the schedules, non-Western belletristic numbers generally follow the pattern used in the Western bellestristic numbers.

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