Special Notation for Single Cutter Literary Authors (LC Literature table P-PZ40)

LC uses the range A11-Z458 for the works themselves (collections, selections, individual works) and local practice has always followed this part of the table from the implementation of LC classification in the 1970's.

However, LC notation practice for items related to the literary works of the author is to assign numbers in the range Z4581-Z9999. Prior to 2005, SML practice dating from the implementation of LC classification was to modify LC notation for single Cutter authors for biography/criticism, correspondence, and autobiography. Beginning in 2001, SML began to follow the standard LC notation practice for new authors. With the Feb. 2005 policy change the practice is now extended to previously established authors. The mapping of the number range is given in the LC P-PZ40 table.

LC P-PZ40 Table for authors (1 Cutter number)

  Collected works Including collected works in specific genres
P-PZ40 .x date By date
(P-PZ40 .xA11-.xA13) By editor
  Subarrangement by editor has been discontinued by the Library of Congress. Beginning in 2005, all collected works are subaaranged by date
(P-PZ40 .xA14-.xA19) Collected prose, poetry, plays, etc.
  For collected genre see P-PZ40 .x date
  Translations (Collected or selected)
P-PZ40 .xA199 Modern versions of early authors in the same language. By date
P-PZ40 .xA1995 Polyglot. By date
P-PZ40 .xA2 English. By date
P-PZ40 .xA3 French. By date
P-PZ40 .xA4 German. By date
P-PZ40 .xA5-A59 Other. By language (alphabetically and date
P-PZ40 .xA6 Selected works. Selections. By date
P-PZ40 .xA61-.xZ458 Separate work. By title
  Biography and criticism
P-PZ40 .xZ4581-.xZ4589 Periodicals. Societies. Serials
P-PZ40 .xZ459 Dictionaries, indexes, etc. By date
P-PZ40 .xZ46 Autobiography, journals, memoirs. By date
P-PZ40 .xZ48 Letters (Collections). By date (Including collections of letters to and from particular individuals)
P-PZ40 .xZ5-.xZ999 General works

Example demonstrating the application of P-PZ40 are at: P-PZ40 Examples

Since there appears to be no documentation on how LC expands Z Cutters used in table P-PZ40, ideally, you would shelflist works of biography, criticism, correspondence, autobiography, etc. (Z4581-Z9999) against the LC Online catalog. While this was the earlier recommendation, since we now accept inconsistencies in the book number order, for efficiency you should either shelflist the number against the book number file in Orbis, or construct a 3 digit number based on our unofficial Z notation table (see below). Keep in mind that the number must be within the Z4581-Z9999 range.


  1. Book about D.H. Lawrence. No 050 00:
100 1   ǂa Hostettler, Maya, ǂd 1954-​
245 1 4 ǂa D.H. Lawrence, travel books and fiction / ǂc Maya Hostettler.
261   4 ǂa Berne ; ǂa New York : ǂb P. Lang, ǂc 1985.
600 1 0 ǂa Lawrence, D. H. ǂq (David Herbert), ǂd 1885-1930 ǂx Criticism and interpretation.
  1. Determine the class/author Cutter number. Both Yale and LC use PR6023.A93

c1. Option A: If you prefer to shelflist the Z number in the existing file, open the Orbis OPAC and select the search index (the Search in: box) for Call Number (LC). You will get a better overview of the Zs by using the OPAC. Keeping in mind that the range of biography/criticism is limited to Z4581-Z999x, do a search truncated to the lower limit: pr6023.a93 z458

You need to insert Hostettler's number between the numbers for Grimm-Horlacher [Z63112] and Lawrence [Z642]. Be sure to leave enough room for future numbers--ending the number with 2 could make things rather tight.

Perhaps: PR6023.A93 Z635

c2. Option B. Construct the Z number using the unofficial Z expansion table below without consulting the online sequence in the OPAC. Main entry: Hostettler.Initial letter H is in the range Z64-Z68. H is roughly in the middle of the range: Z66. An additional digit for the second letter “o” corresponds to 6 in the expansion column. Based on the table, the number constructed would be around: PR6023.A93 Z666. Since we are accepting member library book numbers without shelflisting, it is understood that the sequence will not be consistent.  

Unofficial Z expansion table

Z5-Z999 expansion on first letter of main entry (Criticism and biography LC expansion on 2nd letter and following letters
A-E Z54-Z58 A-D 3
F-J Z64-Z68 E-H 4
K-O Z74-Z78 O-L 5
P-T Z84-Z88 M-O 6
U-Z Z94-Z99 P-S 7
    T-V 8
    W-Z 9

  Another (made-up) example: A biography of Michael Connelly:  

100 1   ǂa Thurston, Patricia.
245 1 4 ǂa Mean streets of Los Angeles / ǂc Patricia Thurston.
261   4 ǂa Los Angeles : ǂb Press of the University of California, ǂc 2013.
600 1 0 ǂa Connelly, Michael,  ǂd 1956- ǂx Criticism and interpretation.
  1. LC author number is: PS3553.O51165; decision is to construct the Z number
  2. Book number. Main entry Thurston, first letter T. Table assigns Z84-Z88 to the range P-T, so number should begin with Z88. Then expand for second letter H. Table assigns 4 to expansion letters in the range E-H, so Z884:
050   4 ǂa PS3553.O51165 ǂb Z884 2013

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