PZ Call Numbers

With the Feb. 2005 policy change, PZ call numbers are now assigned for juvenile belle lettres. The 050 00 for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

050 0 0 ǂa PZ7.R79​68 ǂb Har 1999

From SCM: Classification F615 Juvenile Materials:

“4. Belles lettres. Class in PZ all books of juvenile and young adult fiction, in all languages, general (multi-genre) collections of juvenile belles-lettres, picture storybooks, alphabet and counting books with a story line, stories in rhyme, individual song texts illustrated for children, juvenile folk tales, and traditional nursery rhymes. Juvenile fiction, folklore, etc., in English are classed in PZ5-PZ10.3; other languages are provided with similar ranges for this purpose. Class juvenile poetry, drama, humor, and comic books in the P-PT literature schedules.”

Note that the scope note of 4. does not apply to works of biography/criticism of an author whose works class in PZ. Note also that the use of PZ for non-juvenile literature is no longer authorized in the schedules.

For those authorized to assign new numbers, follow these guidelines:

Navigating the PZ schedule. Tip: if you need to assign a PZ number, log on to ClassWeb and access PZ through the Hierarchy Classification Browser  rather than the Standard or Enhanced Classification Browser to get an overview of that part of the schedule. You can then click on the hotlinks to get more and more detail.

Shelflisting for PZ should be against the LC Online Catalog. Given the relatively small number of member records with PZ, it is probably easier to check against the LC catalog, probably the largest collection of books using the PZ class.

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