Copy Cataloging Checklist for Maps & Atlas

This chart is for using cataloging copy non-rare map or atlas.


Type of Record e : Cartographic material same
Bibliographic Level m  Monograph/Item same
Encoding Level _ : Full level same
Cataloging Form i : ISBD punctuation included a : AACR2

007 - Physical Description (a-Map)

Specific Material Designation

j : Map

d: Atlas

Original vs Reproduction Aspect _ : (OBSOLETE) Undefinded  
Color a : One color use other code as appropriated
Physical Medium a : Paper use other code as appropriated
Type of Reproduction n : Not applicable  
Production/Reproduction Detail z : Other  
Positive/Negative Aspect n : Not applicable  

008 - General Description (Map)

Publication Status verify and correct if needed Usually code s : Single know date/probable date
Date 1/ Date 2 verify, correct or add (corresponding to 264 or 260)  
Place of Publication verify, correct or add (corresponding to 264 or 260)  
Relief  verify, correct or add (corresponding to 500 note)  
Projection verify, correct or add (corresponding to 225 ‡b )  
Material verify and correct if needed  
Govt. Publication accept  
Index verify and correct (corresponding to 500 note)  
Language verify, correct or add   

Variable Fields

010 accept  
020 verify, correct or add  
034 verify, correct or add as need to reflect 255  
040 add ‡d CtY if make any revisions  
041 verify, correct or add (corresponding to 546 and language code)  
043 accept  
050 accept  
052 accept  
090 verify and re-tag to 050_4  
1xx accept; correct or add with authority if needed Creator must get ‡e [relationship designator]; i.e. cartography
245 verify, correct or add

every word must exactly appear on source; first creator must be added to ‡c

246 accept, add as needed if title varies significantly  
250 verify, correct or add  
255 ‡a verify, correct or add if stated on item should not be in bracket or abbreviated form
255 ‡b verify, correct or add  
255 ‡c verify, correct or add  
264 verify, correct or add

A later printing is acceptable if there is no evidence of revision. 

If a revised printing--e.g. "Second printing, with corrections"--is cataloged as a separate edition; variant edition cataloging is only performed by authorized staff.

300 verify, correct or add

Make sure all terms are in spell out form, except "cm"

Measure map within neat line, usually to the outer edge of gradicule if one is present.

336 accept; add if not present ‡a cartographic image ‡b cri ‡2 rdacontent
337 accept; add if not present ‡a unmediated ‡b n ‡2 rdamedia
338 accept; add if not present

‡a sheet ‡b nb ‡2 rdacarrier

‡a volume ‡b nc ‡2 rdacarrier (for atlas)

4xx/8xx accept  
5xx verify; add if "Source of Title Proper", "Relief" are not on record If there are notes about accompanying materials, verify to make sure the accompanying material is present
546 add if necessary  
600/610/650/651 accept 2nd indicator "0"; delete others  
655 accept if  655_7 ‡2 lcgft  
7xx accept or add if needed add Relationship Designator if not present
730 accept  
740 accept  

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Friday, February 23, 2018 - 9:35am