Cartographic Cataloging Resources


Scale Calculator—for determining scale as a representative fraction

Scale FinderA program that can be convert linear scales to representative fractions and vice versa; to download the program, go to the bottom the page Making Map under Utility software

Degrees, Minutes, Seconds and Decimal Degree Latitude/Longitude Conversions—For converting coordinates

BoundingBox—For geographic reference

Web Resources

Map Librarians' Toolbox

Map Cataloger's Toolbox

Library of Congress' Geographic Cutter Number Table G1548-G9804

Library of Congress' Special Instructions and Tables of Subdivisions for Cartographic Materials

Map Cataloging: Learning the Basics (A PDF copy of a handout from the June 16, 2001, seminar taught by Susan Moore, University of Northern Iowa, and Lucinda Hall, Dartmouth College)

Organizations, Associations, Listservs, etc.

Map & Geospatial Information Round Table, ALA (MAGIRT)

North East Map Organization (NEMO)

Maps-L (Discussion list for map librarians, librarians dealing with cartographic information, cartographers, people working with remote sensing, geographers, and other people interested in cartographic materials. To subscribe, type "subscribe MAPS-L Firstname Lastname" in body of message. To unsubscribe, type "unsubscribe MAPS-L" in body of message. Address:

Maphist-L (Discussion list on historical maps, atlases, globes, and other cartographic formats.It is open to all persons interested in the history of cartography. To subscribe, type "subscribe MAPHIST Firstname Lastname" in body of message. To unsubscribe, type "unsubscribe MAPHIST" in body of message. Address:

Resources for Geographic Names

Columbia Gazetteer of the World (access restricted to Yale community)

Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) (for places within the United States)

GEOnet Names Server (GNS) (for places outside the United States)

Cartographic Cataloging in RDA (presentations and training documents)

Maps the RDA Way! by Paige Andrew and Susan Moore (2013)

RDA for Cartographic Resources by Katherine Rankin and Mary Lynette Larsgaard (2012)

RDA and Cartographic Materials: Mapping a New Route by Paige Andrew (2011)

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