Serials Card Catalog OCLC Skip List

OCLC will skip the following types of cards:

  • guide cards
  • cards for headings
  • cards for references
  • cards representing added entries (author and title)
  • temporary slips (acquisitions)
  • cards marked “Discard”
  • cards marked “Sample”
  • series decision cards
  • cards representing material in the following collections or locations:

Art & Architecture

stamped Art, Art Library, School of Art


stamped Beinecke, Beinecke Library, College Pamphlets, Rare Book Room, Western Americana, Western Americana Broadsides

British Art

stamped British Art, British Art Reference, Mellon Reference

College Libraries

(1) marked CL (for College Libraries)
(2) marked bk, br, cc, dc, es, je, mc, pc, sm, sy, tc, td
(3) stamped Berkeley, Branford, Calhoun, Davenport, Ezra Stiles, Jonathan Edwards, Morse, Peirson, Silliman, Saybrook, Trumbull, Timothy Dwight 

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

stamped Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, Conn. Agr. Ex. Sta.

Cowles Foundation 

stamped Cowles Foundation, Cowles Foundation Library

Cross Campus

stamped Cross Campus Library, German Reading Room, Mountaineering, Reserve Book Room


stamped Day Missions Library, Divinity Library, Divinity School Library, Trowbridge Reference Library


stamped Drama Library

Dwight Hall Library

stamped Dwight Hall Library


stamped Law Library, School of Law, Treatises Stack Room, Wheeler Treatises

Lewis Walpole

stamped Lewis Walpole, Lewis Walpole Collection, Lewis Walpole Library


stamped Dept. of Pediat., Dept. of Bacteriology, Dept. of Pharmacology, Dept. of Psychiatry & Mental Hygiene, Department of Psychology, Epidemiology and Public Health Library, Harvey Cushing Collection, Historical Library (Yale Medical School), Medical Library, Medical Library (Historical), Psychological Laboratory, School of Medicine Library, School of Nursing, Sterlin Hall of Medicine


stamped Lowell Mason Collection, Lowell Mason Library, Music Library, School of Music

SML Arts of the Book

stamped Arts of the Book Room, Bookplate Collection, Carl P. Rollins Collection, Collection of the Arts of the Book Room, Graphic Arts Collection, Rollins Collection