Cataloging Copy

Copy catalogers are not expected to evaluate an 856 link in cataloging copy. Any maintenance will be performed retroactively.

EXCEPTION: Copy catalogers should remove 856 fields from cataloging copy for serials at the time of cataloging.

EXAMPLES. NOTE: examples are from the OPAC and are to be considered illustrative. The Orbis number can be used to retrieve and view the record in the Staff Cataloging Module.

Library of Congress records with detailed tables of contents available through remote links.

  • Orbis # 4559773 Africa in my blood ... (Includes separate links to Sample Text, Publisher Description, and TOC)
  • Orbis # 7145140 The Oxford guide to library research.
  • Orbis # 7725886 War in human civilization. (Cf. the formal contents note in 505 in the OPAC long view with the linked contents note)