856 Fields in Original, Copy, and Batch-loaded records for Tangible Resources


This document summarizes treatment of field 856 in ORBIS records for tangible resources. A tangible resource is a printed text, a graphic print, a DVD, a microform, a CD-ROM, etc. The policies and procedures are not intended to be applied to records for web resources, such as electronic reserves.

The rationale for the policy is that:

  • accepting links to remote electronic resources provided in member records will outweigh the maintenance issues, if link checking software support is factored in
  • reducing editing of cataloging copy will make processing more efficient
  • including links from records for some tangible resources to remote electronic versions owned* by Yale will facilitate efficient use of the catalog record, require minimum maintenance, and will cause minimum problems with record duplication
  • adding links from records for tangible resources to remote electronic resources not owned by Yale will not outweigh the time required to evaluate the resource and for any future maintenance

*Effectively, any remote electronic resource for which Yale controls the administrative rights, e.g. an electronic image digitized from a tangible resource owned by Yale. In contrast, Yale does not control ("own") the administrative rights to government documents, free websites on the Internet, or to remote electronic serials leased from a vendor.

Basic guidelines for new cataloging:

  • Cataloging Copy. Generally accept 856s found on cataloging copy, whether from LC or member libraries. (Exception: Serials; see Cataloging Copy section)
  • Original Cataloging. For original cataloging, an 856 field may be added to the bibliographic record or to the holdings record as appropriate if the link is to a remote resource owned by Yale.
  • Member/Original Cataloging. Generally, do not make a link from a record for a tangible resource owned by Yale to a remote electronic resource not owned by Yale, such as an electronic serial leased from a vendor. Exceptions may be made if the remote resource is used to organize a collection owned by Yale.
  • Batch Loading. Profiles to delete or retain links will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

​Basic guidelines for maintenance:

  • Catalog Management will use link checker software to fix dead links.
  • If Catalog Management receives a report that a live link is to a remote resource that cannot be accessed through the Yale Library permissions, the link will be purged; at this time we will rely on feedback from users and public services to identify these links.
  • MFHDs for Cataloging Copy or Original Cataloging may include 856 links to other bibliographic records in Orbis if they are needed and other linkage procedures are not satisfactory. Generally, use of MFHD 856 links will be applied retroactively.