The hotlinked Orbis numbers connect to the record in the OPAC. From the OPAC, click on the appropriate hotlink to open the remote electronic resource. Examples are from the OPAC and are to be considered illustrative of the categories where linking is acceptable for new cataloging. However, they may not represent current best practice for 856 formatting (see standard construction in section iv. above). Examining some of the records in the OPAC that do not follow standard practice may shed light on why the standard has been recommended. The ORBIS number can be used to retrieve and view the record in the Staff Cataloging Module, e.g. if it is unclear whether the link is in the bibliographic record or the MFHD.

1. Link to online finding aid for an archival collection held by Yale.

EXAMPLE: ORBIS # 3976998 Leo Stein collection [Click on the Finding Aid link on the OPAC record to view the linked finding aid to the collection represented by the catalog record]

2. Link from a record for a tangible resource owned by Yale to a remote digital resource owned by Yale.

EXAMPLE: ORBIS # 7784975  A stage box scene [click on Digital version in the OPAC display to view the digital version of the tangible resource held by LWL]
EXAMPLE Cf. ORBIS # 7472703 Nova totivs terrarvm orbis geographica ac hydrographica tabula. [Maps digitized by the Yale Map Collection are currently in jpeg2000 format and require a special viewer that needs to be downloaded to the user's workstation. By clicking on the 7472703 link you will be able to view the bibliographic record but unless the software is on your workstation, you will not be able to link to the image. Probably some adjustments may have to be made to the bibliographic record to inform the user about the conditions for viewing the image.]
3. Link from a record for a collection of tangible resources owned by Yale to a specific remote digital surrogate of an item in the collection, where the digital version is owned by Yale. The link is a canned search. Including the URL for the canned search allows the user to browse the digital surrogates of materials within the collection before calling for any materials from the collection.
EXAMPLE: ORBIS # 1186609 The book of Thel / the author & printer Willm. Blake [From the OPAC, click on one of the "View a digital version" links to see a an electronic version of one of the two copies held by Beinecke. Note that the digital version is of the entire book, not just an image.]
4. Link from a record for a microform collection to an online guide to the collection. So far, use of this type of link is rare; it represents an exceptional practice in that it links to a remote electronic resource not owned by Yale. However, Catalog Management will begin to add links from bibliographic records for tangible resources sets to online guides based on spreadsheets provided by Research Services (beginning 2/07). Over 1000 records will be upgraded. Catalog Management will use a standard $3 note: $3 Online guide. The same note should be used in new cataloging if an 856 is added to a bibliographic record for this reason. It is not necessary to update the $3 note in member copy if the 856 note has already been added, as is the case with the examples here.

EXAMPLES: ORBIS # 7760463 European women's periodicals [microform].

EXAMBPLE: ORBIS # 6995910 Everyday Stalinism [microform].