Appendix G: Voyager Quick Reference

Opening and Closing Windows

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Additional Guidelines: Beinecke

Opening and Closing Windows

Open Bib Template - New icon

Open Mfhd Template - New Hldgs (with bibliographic record active)

Exit Record Without Saving - click on "x" in upper right corner

View Bibliographic Record from Mfhd Record - Mfhd Bib Tab or Hierarchy icon

View Mfhd Record from Bibliographic Record - Get Hldgs or Hierarchy icon

Toggle Windows Within Cataloging Module - Ctrl Tab


New Search - Search icon

Return to Index Display - Headings or Titles icon

Next record - Headings or Titles icon

Previous record - Headings or Titles icon

View MARC Format in OPAC - Staff (MARC) View Tab


Move Cursor Between Cells - Tab (forward) and Shift Tab (backward)

Show MARC values - F2

Show Holdings Locations - Ctrl L (with cursor in Mfhd 852)

Cut/Paste/Delete - Edit menu or right click mouse

Insert New Field - F3 (above cursor position) or F4 (below cursor position)

Subfield Delimiter - F9

Save Record - Save to DB icon

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