Authority Validation, MFHD, ExportQ (Minimal Level)

Authority Validation

After completing the record, attempt to save the record by clicking on the sailboat icon labelled "Save to DB." The authority validation window will appear. Validate all of the headings that appear on the record (name and series) according to the Authority Control Workflow for Yale C&T Staff guidelines.


1. Serial analytics.

  • Use the classed-together number for the series as determined by the 090 in the series authority record.
  • If the number uses LC classification, the 852 first indicator should be 0.
  • If the number uses Old Yale classification, the 852 first indicator should be 8.
  • The second indicator is 0 if the item cataloged is single part, and 1 if the item cataloged is multipart.
  • At the end of the call number, add the volume number of the series volume

2. Project work. The project supervisor will determine the guidelines for call number assignments.


After cataloging, all minimal-level records should be exported to MARS, and will eventually be batch-exported to OCLC.