Indicator and Subfield values for Fields 866/867/868

Indicator 1 4 = ANSI Level 4 (see 1. Levels of Specificity in the next section). Value 4 is MANDATORY
Indicator 2 1 = Follows Z39.71 standard described in this document. Value 1 is MANDATORY.
‡8 0 Linkage field. May be used to facilitate arrangement of holdings fields if in the future, the MFHD includes both text and coded fields. Linkage field is MANDATORY.
‡a Textual holdings. MANDATORY.
‡x Staff note (does not display in Web Voyage)
‡z Public note (displays in Web Voyage)

Note that, for the time being, Yale procedure is to record current serial issue receipts in field 866. First and second indicator values for serial issue receipts should both be BLANK. Blank indicators will cause the current receipts to display in Web Voyage under the label Current Issues. (Values entered in the first and second indicators will cause the permanent holdings to display in Web Voyage under the label Library has. )

Volume holdings in 866 are transcribed following the American National Standard (ANSI)/NISO (National Information Standards Organization) Holdings Statements for Bibliographic Items standards (ANSI/NISO Z39.71-1999). Yale decisions on ANSI options as they apply to serials are recorded in this document.

For fixed field policies, see MFHD Policies & Procedures, 2.1-2.3

Effective Date: 
February 4, 2014