General Yale MFHD Policy for Serials (Including series)

  • The MFHD is the record of permanent serial holdings. INTERIM POLICY: Until automated serial checkin is implemented, the MFHD will also be used to record issue receipts.
  • The MFHD is used with each serial record, even if holdings are complete in one issue or the bibliographic record is closed and holdings are complete.

EXCEPTION. At SML, the MFHD is NOT attached to the serial records for monograph series received on standing order when the record is used solely as a receipt record (i.e., is suppressed from public display in the webpac). Serial records without MFHDS are used for standing orders of monographic series that are classed separately. Note that cs sso receipts are recorded in the Acquisitions module only. (Some dept. libraries record cs sso's in 866 __, e.g. Divinity, and suppress the MFHD.)

TIP: To view cs sso receipts, open the Acquisitions Module. Select Check-in; then click on the Serials History icon. Use the radio buttons to select either the check in title or the ISSN and enter checkin title or ISSN in the Search for slot and click Search. Or for more familiar search parameters, click the Other Search button to open the familiar Cataloging Module search window and search. When the search is executed, the Order record title line should appear in the Select the Correct Order Record box. Double click on it to open the Search History Details window for the complete listing. EXAMPLE: Historische Mitteilungen Beiheft. Note that clicking on View Line Item in Acquisitions from the Record menu in the Cataloging Module will not retrieve the monographic series Search History Details window.

NEW: The bibliographic record for a classed together monographic series should display in the webpac and holdings should be recorded in the MFHD. If you notice that the record has been suppressed, be sure to uncheck the Suppress option under the System tab on both the bibliographic and MFHD records. Make sure that the staff note anlyz has been entered in 852 ‡x. The bibliographic record should be updated to full level if necessary. Do not follow this procedure for classed separately titles.

Effective Date: 
February 4, 2014