2. Dimensions (RDA 3.5)


  • Rounded up to next whole centimeter
  • “cm” and “mm” are symbols, not abbreviations
  • use ISBD full stop after symbol only if a 490 field appears in the record (YUL alternative: or just leave out the period in all cases; member copy: take whatever punctuation is used)

Serials: Not core for CONSER. YUL policy: add dimensions to member copy; record dimensions in original cataloging

Audio: LC practice for Alternative: Use inches for discs (RDA and for all audio carriers; otherwise, follow the RDA instruction as written (abbreviate as “in.”)

Microfilm: record diameter of the reel in cm, followed by the width of the film in mm, e.g. 11 cm, 25.4 mm (

Refer to RDA 3.5 for other media.