4. Other Content: 300 $b

Source: LC RDA Training, Module 2, Slides 43-45 with YUL modifications

Content – 300 Illustrative Content

Not core for RDA

LC Practices: recording illustrative content is mandatory only for children’s lit; generally use “illustrations” rather than specific illustrative content terms (LC PS 7.15, LC follows the RDA default instruction)

PCC: no practice defined; YUL: apply cataloger judgment in applying the alternative rule. Alternative. OK to use terms from the list provided in the Alternative (same terms used in AACR2, e.g. charts, facsimiles maps); if used do not abbreviate.

If none of the terms is adequate, give more specific information in a note (

Recording the number of illustrations is optional, even if the illustrations are numbered.

Content – 300 A Key Change From AACR2

No abbreviations (in 300 $b):

  • “color” (not “col.”)
  • “sound”  (not “sd.”) <use “audio” in 300 $a but “sound” in 300 $b>
  • “silent”  (not “si.”)
  • “illustrations”  (not “ill.”); “black and white” not (b&w)

Content - 300 Colour Content

  • Colour is not LC core (same for PCC)
  • YUL: cataloger decision; important for art resources
  • See RDA 7.17
  • LCPS Use spelling "color"

Presenter notes: If the content of the resource is in colors other than black and white or shades of grey, record the presence of color using an appropriate term. Disregard colored matter outside the actual content of the resource (e.g., the border of a map).

color illustrations (illustrations are in color)
maps (some color) (10 maps, some of which are in color)
chiefly color illustrations (illustrations, most of which are in color)