1. Extent Basics (Texts)

Textual material:

RDA 3.4.5 scope: the extent of text instructions are limited to: volumes, sheets, portfolios, or cases. Note that there are a number of unmediated carrier terms listed under (card, flipchart, object, roll) that do not fall under the scope of 3.4.5. For these, consult 3.4.2 (cartographic), 3.4.3. (notated music), 3.4.4 (still image), 3.4.6 (three-dimensional forms), or the general instructions on extent at

Do not use abbreviations for terms (e.g., “pages,” “volumes”, not “p.,” “v.”)

Example: an incomplete multipart monograph. Extent for incomplete multiparts is not required by RDA, but is required per YUL policy:

300     ‡a  volumes ...  <not v.>

RDA If the volume consists only of unnumbered pages, leaves, or columns use:

300     ‡a 1 volume (unpaged) ...

This is LC/YUL practice. PCC itself has no policy. There are 2 other options under, approximately <number of pages> or an exact count: <exact number of pages> unnumbered pages.

Note: the RDA option uses (unpaged) for both unnumbered pages and unnumbered leaves, so the practice of using 1 volume (unfoliated) for unnumbered leaves is no longer applied. For a simple mix of numbered and unnumbered sequences use "unnumbered" as in

300     ‡a iv, 50 pages, 10 unnumbered pages of plates ... Single sequence with change in numbering from arabic to roman numerals:

300     ‡a xiii, 14-175 pages ... <but see exception for early printed resources> Complicated or irregular paging. Example is LC/YUL practice (PCC has no PS). See the rule for other options.

300     ‡a 1 volume (various pagings) ... <but see exception for early printed resources> Use “that is” (rather than “i.e.”).  For example, the book records the number of leaves, but is printed on both sides (that is, pages).

300     ‡a 50, that is, 100 pages ... Record if leaves are folded. Note that there are different instructions for folded sheets at

300     ‡a 230 pages, 25 leaves of plates (some folded) ... <example from RDA> Record pagination of a multipart set complete at the time of cataloging if continuous pagination was used. If each volume has preliminary pages, only record the preliminary pages of the first volume. Follow the LC PCC option and do not record the pagination of individually paged volumes even if the set is complete.

300     ‡a 2 volumes (xxi, 1000 pages) ... YUL: For security purposes,  follow the option and record the number of sheets, plates, etc. contained in a portfolio or case whether numbered or unnumbered.

300     ‡a 1 portfolio (5 sheets, 25 leaves of plates) ...