028 - 024 - 037 - 041 - 044 - 050

028 Publisher number (Required if available)

028 4 0 ‡a VM5108 ‡b Vidmark Entertainment

4=publisher no. is for video

0=no additional note or added entry

‡b=label name

037 Distributor stock number (Optional)

Not recommended that the option be used. For cataloging copy, if the publisher number has been entered in 037, leave it as is. Where the publisher number was entered prior to format integration. It is now used only for distributor's stock numbers. Weitz: "Generally, consider numbers that are not permanently affixed to the videorecording (for instance, numbers that are stamped on an item or that appear only in a distributor's catalog) as stock numbers" (pp. 73-74).

041 Language Code

Indicator 0= no translation; indicator 1=includes translation

Use ‡a for the languages used in the soundtrack if the soundtrack is in multiple language versions. Note that current practice is to assign a separate ‡a for each language.

041 0   ‡a spa ‡a eng
546     ‡a Spanish and English soundtracks (feature film only).

Use ‡a also for the languages used on the soundtracks of accompanying material if the languages are brought out in the notes.

Use ‡b for the language used in the subtitles.

041 0   ‡a spa ‡a eng ‡b eng ‡b fre
546     ‡a Spanish and English soundtracks with English and French subtitles (feature film only).

Use ‡b also for intertitles (titles used in silent films) when the intertitles are in more than one language.

041 0   ‡b ger ‡b eng
546     ‡a Silent with intertitles in German and English.

Use ‡g for the language(s) of accompanying material if the languages are brought out in the notes; use ‡h for the original language (for translations of accompanying textual material; ‡h is restricted in MARC21 to text translations).

[By extension] 041 is not assigned when the soundtrack is in one language, even if the language is dubbed (i.e., you would not use 041 1_ <sound track language>h<original language>)

041     <NOT ASSIGNED>
546     ‡a Dubbed from Japanese into English.

044 Country of Publication/ Producing Entity (Optional)

Optional. Option is not followed at SML, but leave on source copy. Used if more than one country is associated with the production. Use the MARC 21 country codes. The first code should match the code used in the Place of Publication fixed field. Note that the Place of Publication is the country of production as determined from 245 ‡c, not from 260. Use a separate ‡a for each country. Indicators are blank. Enter codes at the country level, not the state level.

Example: joint Italian, French, United States production; Italian company named first and recorded in fixed field.

044     ‡a it ‡a fr ‡a us


  1. Note that 050 is not required for pcc video.
  2. SML requires LC classification for all videos. Documentary films are classified by topic; in such cases use 050 _4. LC classification does not cover feature films, so use the local instructions at Call Numbers for Videos (Videocassettes, DVD, etc.) and Related Works (Screenplays, Criticism & Interpretation) 2005 version for SML

    If local modification for feature films is used, do not create an 050 _4; provide an 050 _4 if an LC number can be assigned without local modification.