Video (DVD & Videocassette) Original Cataloging Checklist - AACR2

These pages contain a checklist for videorecording original cataloging following AACR2 at Yale University Library.

For RDA instructions, consult Stanford University Libraries Videos--Cataloging (RDA)

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The Archival and moving images materials manual on the Cataloger's Desktop does not follow AACR2 or utility guidelines and should generally not be used as a source for decisions. (For example, most of the examples of when to create a new record would be added to the same record if the Archival guidelines were followed; physical description guidelines differ significantly from RDA. However, some examples of notes from this resource will be cited. The glossary is excellent.

In 2013, Yale implemented RDA. To catalog video according to RDA, follow the OLAC Best Practices for Cataloging DVD-Video and Blu-ray Discs Using RDA and MARC21.