Added entries

7xx. Make added entries for names cited in 245 ‡c.

Make related work added entries for adaptations of literary or dramatic works. Optionally, make added entries for names recorded in 508.


Per LCRI 21.29D Audiovisual materials, make added entries for:

--interviewers, interviewees, and persons delivering lectures, addresses, etc. or discussing their lives, works, etc.

--cast members given prominence in the chief source; otherwise make added entries for each if there are less than three. [It appears that added entries are made for all cast members given prominence on the chief source even if there are more than 3; in any case, any cast member requiring an added entry must be justified in 511]

For original cataloging, if the name is significant enough to be transcribed in 245 ‡c, make an added entry, but keep in mind also that many names should not be routinely transcribed in 245 ‡c. Use judgment and record such names in 508, or not at all. footnote 7

Create author/title added entries for the original work for filmed adaptations. (See Red badge of courage example below)

Consult the LCRI for situations involving performing groups and where the film maker is the main entry.

Optionally, relator terms may be added (e.g. ‡e director). In the OPAC, relator term subfields do not affect indexing and display only in the Long View in uncoded form. In the staff cataloging module, relator term subfields do not affect indexing in Staff Name Heading searches; however, in Names searches, the relator term subfields do index and display. Note that if a Name search is performed without the relator term in the search argument, the name with the relator term will then interfile with the name-title and name+subject subdivision headings in the Titles Index window. footnote 8

CAUTION: Use ‡e <relator term>. The ‡4 <relator code> does not display in the OPAC.

The MARC code list for relators, sources, description conventions is on the Cataloger's Desktop and also on the web at:

If the relator term option is selected and the person performs more than one function, multiple codes may be assigned [arrange in alphabetical order]; do not assign multiple added entries for the different functions.

700 1   ‡a Tarantino, Quentin, ‡e actor ‡e director ‡e scenarist


Per LCRI 21.29D Audiovisual materials, make corporate name added entries for:

--the production company, unit, etc.

--all bodies named in 260 (i.e., even though the body has not contributed to the creation of the resource).

245 0 4 ‡a The red badge of courage ‡h [videorecording] / ‡c Metro Goldwyn Mayer ; produced by Gottfried Reinhardt ; directed by John Huston ; screenplay by John Huston ; adaptation by Albert Band.
260     ‡a New York, NY : ‡b MGM/UA Home Video, ‡c c1993.
511 1   ‡a Audie Murphy, Bill Mauldin, Andy Devine.
508     ‡a Director of photography, Harold Rosson Assoc.; art directors, Cedric Gibbons and Hans Peters; film editor, Ben Lewis; music, Bronislau Kaper.
520     ‡a Movie version of Stephen Crane's novel: the story of Henry Fleming and his initiation into manhood as a Union Army recruit during the Civil War.
700 1   ‡a Reinhardt, Gottfried.
700 1   ‡a Huston, John, ‡d 1906-
700 1   ‡a Band, Albert, ‡d 1924-
700 1   ‡a Murphy, Audie, ‡d 1924-1971.
700 1   ‡a Mauldin, Bill, ‡d 1921-
700 1   ‡a Devine, Andy, ‡d 1905-1977.
700 1   ‡a Crane, Stephen, ‡d 1871-1900. ‡t Red badge of courage.
710 2   ‡a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
710 2   ‡a MGM/UA Home Video (Firm)

Videos of choreographed works: assign a 630 rather than a 730. Refer to LCRI 25.5B for uniform titles for choreographic works.

Footnote 7: LCRI 21.29D Audiovisual materials also says to make an added entry for persons listed as producers, directors, and writers only if the production company is not named "unless their contributions are significant" (the LCRI then provides some rather restrictive examples). It is fairly common video cataloging practice to interpret significant contributions somewhat more broadly than the LCRI examples suggest.

Footnote 8: Relators & searching in Voyager.
Cataloging Module: Names search. 1. If the name exists on a single bibliographic record both with and without the relator term (e.g. 1XX + (6XX or 7XX), the item does not display on the list under name+term. However, if one searches under name+term (sendak maurice ill), it will pull up all of the records with name+term, even if the name is present in both forms on a given record. 2. If the name exists on multiple records, any ‡e, ‡t, or ‡x will cause the name to sort after the name without subfield, irrespective of whether the name is in 6XX or 7XX:

[name], ‡e actor
[name] ‡x Autograph
[name]. ‡t [title beginning with letter "B"]
[name] ‡x Criticism and interpretation.
[name], ‡e director
[name]. ‡t [title beginning with letter "M"]