Visual Materials Collections: 856 & adding to groups

856 field: Electronic location and access

This field is used to specify the location or means of access to an electronic finding aid prepared for the group or for other reasons, such as to point to scanned items or digital images. Take special note of the second indicator, which specifies the relationship between the item begin described in the record and the electronic resource being linked to.

The 856 field is valid in both the Bibliographic and Holdings (MFHD) records. 

First indicator = 4 (to indicate HTTP)
Second indicator = 1 to link to a digital version of the resource
Second Indicator= 2 to link to a related resource (e.g. the finding aid)

Use ‡3 to record text that will display as a link in the OPAC. 
Use ‡u to enter the link path.

856 41 ‡3 View a selection of digital images in the Beinecke Library's Digital Images Online database ‡u

856 42 ‡3 View a description and listing of collection contents in the finding aid ‡u

Considerations when adding to groups

Sometimes items are added to groups after initial processing or cataloging has been completed. In such cases, edit or add to the description as necessary, paying particular attention to the following elements:

  • dates (260 field and fixed fields)
  • extent (300 field)
  • contents (505 and/or 520 field)
  • subject and genre/form headings (6XX fields)
  • added entries (7XX fields)