Visual Materials Collections: 035, 1xx

035 (System Control Number)

For collections with a finding aid in Archives at Yale, optionally enter an 035 field with a search string for linking from the finding aids database to Orbis. The syntax for this string is: (YUL)ead.[repository name].[file name].  Syntax for repository and files names is determined locally.

035 __ 9 (YUL)ead.beinecke.wkent

1XX  100 (Main Entry - Personal Name)  or 110 (Main Entry - Corporate Name)

The 1xx main entry is appropriate for many group‐level records for example when all materials have the same personal creator or emanate from a single corporate body. Use relator terms when appropriate.

Yale Policy: Use the relator terms, not codes.  Use the more generic ‘printmaker’ rather than ‘etcher’, ‘engraver’, ‘lithographer’,  ‘metal-engraver’, ‘wood engraver’, ‘woodcutter’, etc. Bring out the medium by using one or more appropriate term in a 655 field.

Note: Relator terms currently (5/2014) display in Orbis but are not indexed.
110 2 ‡a San Francisco Call Bulletin (Firm)
110 1 ‡a United States. ‡b Farm Security Administration.
100 1 ‡a Brady, Mathew B., ‡d approximately 1823-1896, ‡e photographer.

When the collected material is known by the name of its compiler, enter the record under the heading for that person or body. When the repository is the compiler, use a title main entry instead.

100 1 ‡a Steevens, George, ‡d 1736-1800, ‡e collector.

(Comment: Collective title is “George Steevens's collection of Hogarth prints”)