Visual Materials Collections: 3xx, 4xx

300 (Physical Description) Required and Repeatable for multiple types of visual materials in a collection

‡a [Specific material] : ‡b [medium], [color] ; ‡c [what is being measured] [size], on [size of support]

Extent. Give the extent by counting or estimating the number of items, containers or physical carriers the group contains. Prefer SMD terms (i.e., drawing(s), painting(s), photograph(s), print(s), or, as a last resort item(s) or picture(s).

Suggested terms for containers and physical carriers of multipart resources (album(s), sketchbook(s), portfolio(s), volume(s), scrapbook(s), box(es), CD‐ROM(s), DVD(s), or terms from an established vocabulary. 

When you have two or three distinct sets of sizes of material in a collection, use multiple 300 fields.

Circa values are acceptable, especially for very large and for "open" collections that will grow over time.

For loose photos and prints:
300 __ ‡a [#] photographic prints : ‡b b & w ; ‡c [#] x [#] cm on mounts [#] by [#] cm

‡a Extent and carrier


‡a ca. 12,185 photographs in 13 containers

May be repeated to describe different parts of multipart items.

300 __ ‡a 32 drawings : ‡b watercolors ; ‡c 21 x 34 cm, on mounts 34 x 54 cm
300 __ ‡a 550 prints in 8 albums ;‡c 51 x 46 cm or smaller

‡b will include terms for specific technical processes where positive identification is possible. 

Note: One of the differences between cataloging visual materials according to DCRM(G) rules and DACS is the emphasis place on quantity and medium and carrier in ‡a. DACS

300 __ ‡a 15 prints in 1 portfolio

When visual material is stored in more than one container, mention the number of containers in 300 ‡a.

300 __ ‡a 25 photographs in 1 box
(Comment: Material consists of one portfolio and one box, issued as a set by the artist)

Dimensions: Optionally, provide details of the dimensions of the items and/or their containers, specifying what is measured. If materials are of more than two sizes, give the dimensions of the largest followed by the words “or smaller”. Measure height x width to the nearest 10th of a cm. Optionally, include the format following the dimensions.


‡a ca. 60 photographs in 3 albums :‡b chiefly albumen prints on card mounts ;‡c ; prints 17 x 12 cm (cabinet card format), in albums 17 x 11 or smaller.

351 (Organization and Arrangement)

If considered important, describe the way in which materials have been subdivided into smaller units or the order in which particular units have been arranged.

351 ‡a Organized in three series: 1. Professional life. 2. Travel. 3. Family.

351 ‡b Items are arranged chronologically.

4XX fields: Series statement

Do not use. If series titles of items in the group are significant, trace them in the appropriate 7XX field. A note supporting the tracing may also be provided.

500 ‡a Collection contains several series of stereographs, but most are from the Watkins' Pacific Coast series.
700 1 ‡a Watkins, Carleton E., ‡d 1829-1916. ‡t Watkins' Pacific Coast.