Updating Orbis (pt. 2)

MFHD: Multipart/Serial

CAUTION: Do not apply the following procedures when volumes turn up missing when transferring a set from one location to another. If there is an item record for the missing volume, set the status to Missing. If an item record is lacking, create one and set the status to Missing. Do not record any notes in the MFHD 852.

For a multipart or continuing resource (serial) where only some volumes are being withdrawn,

1. Create a separate MFHD with location ‡b withdrawn and ‡k Suppressed. It is not necessary to enable Suppress on the MFHD System Tab. Since the ‡b withdrawn MFHD will function potentially as a "parking lot" for item records for multiple copies (i.e., volumes from multiple locations), do not enter a "real" call number in subfields ‡h and ‡i, since different locations may have different call numbers.

However, in order to display the ‡k Suppressed subfield in the Circulation module, enter ‡h withdrawn (without ‡i) in place of a call number in the "parking lot" MFHD's 852 field. Note that the text withdrawn will appear in both subfield ‡b and subfield ‡h in this situation only.

Since the "parking lot" MFHD will be used for item records for multiple copies, be sure to verify that the "parking lot" MFHD has not already been created.

If the missing or unreturned & billed volume did not have an item record, do not create a "parking lot" MFHD; perform only step 3.

2. Relink the item records for the withdrawn volumes to the "parking lot" MFHD. Do not create volume holdings on the "parking lot" MFHD for the missing volumes. (Separating the item records for the missing volumes from the original MFHD is a workaround for problems with the Voyager OPAC display.)

3. In the staff note of the original MFHD, indicate which volumes have been withdrawn and the reason why (the reason may be recorded in the Item Note field if an item record already exists); delete the withdrawn volumes from the 866 volume holdings. Use a separate ‡x field for each withdrawal date.

4. If volumes are withdrawn from another copy (i.e., volume holdings of another MFHD) associated with the same Orbis bib record, relink the item records for the withdrawn volumes to the "parking lot" MFHD and add a staff note about the missing (or billed & unreturned) volumes to the MFHD for the 2nd copy.


Chemistry MFHD 852 updated with ‡x staff note to indicate volumes withdrawn.

852 8 1 ‡b chem ‡h Shelved alphabetically by title ‡x chem: v.3(1970)-v.6(1976) missing 2+ years, withdrawn 09/04, sci/cz
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a v.7(1977)-v.21(1990),
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a v.23(1991)-v.49(2003)

Kline MFHD 852 updated with two ‡x staff notes to indicate volumes withdrawn on different dates.

852 0 1 ‡b ksl ‡h QD1 ‡b .C444+ ‡m Oversize ‡x ksl: v.6(1976) missing 2+years, withdrawn 09/05, sci/cz ‡x ksl: v.47(2001) billed 2+ years, withdrawn 10/06, sci/bs
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a v.7(1977)-v.46(2000),
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a v.48(2002)-v.49(2003)

Item records for withdrawn chem volumes 3-6 and ksl volume 6 and 47 are relinked to the following MFHD:

852 8 0 ‡b withdrawn ‡k Suppressed ‡h withdrawn

Schematic listing of ENUM/CHRON data from the item records relinked to the MFHD above:

ENUM v.3 CHRON 1973 [relinked from chem]
ENUM v.4 CHRON 1974 [relinked from chem]
ENUM v.5 CHRON 1975 [relinked from chem]
ENUM v.6 CHRON 1976 [relinked from chem]
ENUM v.6 CHRON 1976 [relinked from ksl]
ENUM v.47 CHRON 2001 [relinked from ksl]

EXAMPLE. Item Record for Chem v.3(1973). Note that the original location is retained in the Perm Loc. field of the item record after the re-link and should be left as is.