Updating Orbis (pt. 3)

MFHD volume holdings (866/867/868). If all volumes are being withdrawn, leave the volume holdings intact. If some volumes are being withdrawn, update the volume holdings to reflect current holdings. When editing volume holdings, the expectation is that the YUL standards for textual recording of volume holdings (based on ANSI/NISO Z39.71-1999) will be maintained. If there are questions about editing volume holdings, consult with Catalog Management staff. See Related Documents for the YUL guidelines for recording serial and multipart volume holdings.

Item Record(s). Refer to Item Record Withdrawal: Policies & Procedures.

>When withdrawing an item that does not have an item record, it is only necessary to create an item record without a barcode if there is a need to place a hold on the item (e.g. patron request) or to make an Item Note that cannot or will not go in a ‡x Staff Note in the MFHD. For routine withdrawals of items without item records, such as sets, new item records are not required and do not need to be created. Please consult the Circulation Document for further information.

Bibliographic Record. DO NOT suppress the bibliographic record from public display. If there are no remaining active copies attached to the record, a message will automatically be generated in the OPAC that directs the catalog user to a "help" page. If all volumes are withdrawn for this particular copy and it was the last remaining active copy, make a printout of the bibliographic record and send it to the Catalog Management Librarian requesting that the record be deleted from OCLC. Annotate the printout with the phrase "Delete from the utilities (withdrawn item)." Alternatively, you may use e-mail notification instead of sending a printout.