Updating Orbis (pt. 1)

MFHD: Single Part

For a single part item being withdrawn, or for a multipart resource where all volumes are being withdrawn:

1. Change the location after the ‡b to withdrawn and insert ‡k Suppressed between ‡b and ‡h. The location ‡b withdrawn automatically suppresses the MFHD; the box for Suppress from OPAC under the MFHD System Tab does not need to be enabled. NOTE: in order for the Suppressed text to display in the Circulation module, some text must be retained in ‡h. Do not delete the original call number or the original text message (e.g. ‡h Shelved by title), even though the value in ‡h does not logically apply.

2. Following the call number, add the staff note: ‡x <location>: Missing 2+ years, withdrawn <mm/yy>, <processing unit>/<initials>.* The date should reflect the date of the MFHD update. Optionally, the reason for the withdrawal can be omitted if the reason is recorded in the Item Note field of the Item Record (Access Services practice). If an item record is not created for the withdrawn item, the reason for withdrawal must be recorded in 852 ‡x. Recording withdrawn <mm/yy>, <processing unit>/<initials> in ‡x is required in all cases.

*Assumption is that billed items will always have an item record and notes for billed items will be recorded in the item record (See Missing/billed for replacement (BFR) items, lost-system applied on how to record notes in the item record for billed items.)

Example 1. (Standard procedure):


852 0 0 ‡b chem ‡h QC171 ‡i H75 1953

After editing:

852 0 0 ‡b withdrawn ‡k Suppressed ‡h QC171 ‡i H75 1953 ‡x chem: Missing 2+ years, withdrawn 09/04, sci/bs

Example 2. Optional procedure. Access Services leaves out the withdrawal explanation in ‡x because "Missing 2+ years, withdrawn 09/04" has been recorded in the Item Note field of the item record.


852 0 0 ‡b ccl ‡h B4249.L384 ‡i A7713 1971 (LC)

After editing:

852 0 0 ‡b withdrawn ‡k Suppressed ‡h B4249.L384 ‡i A7713 1971 (LC) ‡x ccl: withdrawn 09/04, accserv/sm

With the exception of missing & withdrawn notes [see ‡x example above], most circulation specific notes should now be entered in the item record according to the policies and procedures documented in the separate Circulation document. Technical services staff authorized to update both MFHD and item records may transfer legacy circulation notes in the MFHD to the item record. Cataloging staff who work primarily with the MFHD should leave legacy Circulation notes found in the MFHD as is and create a separate ‡x note to indicate the withdrawn status.