Circulation Unit Responsibilities

The Circulation Unit initiating the update for the unreturned and billed or missing item is responsible for updating the patron record, the acquisitions record (if necessary), the item record, and the MFHD, and for notifying the Catalog Management Team (SML) if the missing (or unreturned & billed) item is the last copy held by Yale. For larger technical services units, the responsibility for updating the acquisition record (if a multipart or serial is considered missing or unreturned & billed) may simply entail notification of the designated liaison in the acquisitions unit.

For detailed SML Circulation procedures refer to:

Item Record Withdrawal: Policies & Procedures

Note that if the bibliographic record has not been upgraded to cataloging standard (i.e., the record is a circulation or in-process record), or if there is no record at all in Orbis, Catalog Management must be notified even if the lost item is not the last copy. In that case, Catalog Management will create or upgrade the record, but the Circulation Unit will then be responsible for updating the item and MFHD records.