Exhibit Production Support

Exhibition generally exposes collections to more light, less stringent environmental conditions, and added structural and mechanical stresses than they experience on the shelf or as the result of typical use in the reading room.  Preserving collection while on display is an important aspect of SCC’s work.  SCC’s staff currently includes one part-time exhibits preparator, whose time and expertise is available to assist those planning shows in SML’s first floor public exhibit spaces, MssA’s Memorabilia Room, the Haas Family Arts Library, and the Beinecke Library. 

Typical activities and support include:

  • Scheduling exhibitions for main display areas in SML (except the Memorabilia Room)
  • Developing and coordinating production schedules for individual exhibits
  • Reviewing items selected for display and determining mounting requirements
  • Arranging for conservation treatment for objects as needed and time affords
  • Recommendations for reprographics and facsimiles
  • Production of cradles, mats, and other mounts
  • Installation and de-installation of exhibits

Please contact Exhibits Preparator, Kerri Sancomb, for further information about the Library’s exhibition process or questions regarding the booking of the first floor exhibit venues in SML.

To book an exhibit in any of the other spaces, please contact those libraries or collections directly. 

For questions or information related to the building of new exhibit spaces or improvements of existing spaces, please contact the Preservation Services Librarian, Tara Kennedy.

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