Special Collections Conservation

Special Collections Conservation (SCC) is dedicated to improving the condition of special collection materials while maintaining individual item's historical, evidentiary, aesthetic, and/or research value.  Accordingly, all treatment work begins with an initial consultation with the responsible curator or subject specialist to set treatment goals and prioritize the work.

SCC provides the following core services related to treatment:

  • Consultation or review of individual items in poor condition
  • Condition assessments for individual items or collections/groups of items
  • Conservation treatment for books, manuscripts, prints, photographic materials and other library or archives objects
  • Creation of custom-fitted or specially-designed protective enclosures, matting, and other housings

All of the treatment work undertaken in the lab is prearranged.  Following approval of the treatment proposal or plan, the work is scheduled based on the available lab space and staff time.

To schedule a review of collection materials for treatment or to plan treatment projects, please contact the Chief Conservator, Christine McCarthy.  Depending upon the nature of the request and the type of objects involved, she will either schedule the initial consultation or direct the request to one of SCC's conservators based on the specialization required.

For questions about items already in the lab and treatments in progress, please contact the Assistant Chief Conservator, Paula Zyats, who is responsible for managing the day-to-day workflow of the Special Collections Conservation laboratory.

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