How to Order

There are four essential steps in requesting reproductions from Manuscripts and Archives:

Step 1: You must have created an account in our online registration system; we cannot process your request without your completing this step. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Step 2: The collection materials that you wish to have reproduced must be identified. This can be fairly simple for easily identifiable items such as images already digitized in the Manuscripts and Archives Digital Library or audiovisual material described at the item level in the online finding aid for a collection. For collections described in finding aids at the folder or box level it can be more challenging. Identification of collection materials can happen in one of three ways:

  1. You visit our reading room in person and flag a specific item(s) or folder(s) you wish to have reproduced.
  2. We identify and flag a specific item(s) or folder(s) for you as part of our response to your remote reference request. Please be aware that in this case our staff can spend no more than an hour working on your remote reference request. If a staff member can confirm and flag specific items in that hour, you can request reproduction of those items. If a staff member can only identify a range of folders of potential interest during that hour, you will have to request reproduction of entire folders, or exercise option 3 outlined below. Note that we cannot be responsible for misidentification of items or folders of potential interest that you have reproduced and that turn out not to be of use to you. If this is of concern for you, you will need to pursue options 1 or 3.
  3. You hire a local research assistant to do more in-depth research than our staff can provide and have that person flag a specific item(s) or folder(s) that you wish to have reproduced.

Step 3: You fill out a Reprographics Request form specifying your order; if your request exceeds a single page, you can download a second page here.

  1. Use the Save As... function of your PDF reader/editor to save the Reprographics Request Form to your desktop. We suggest renaming it to something meaningful to you.
  2. You can click into the fields of the PDF to fill out your demographic information and to specify which material you want copied. The finding aid or bibliographic record of the material should relate the relevant information you need to complete this form, though if you have any trouble determining this, please write to us at the address below.
  3. Send the completed form(s) to

Step 4: We will email you an invoice for the reprographics work you've requested. The email will provide information about payment options and an estimated completion date for your order based on your prompt payment of the invoice. We do not begin work on reprographics requests until payment has been received and processed. Your completed order will be delivered, depending on the choice indicated on your request form, either by USB (and in some cases, external hard drive) delivered by UPS, or Electronic file transfer, in which you are notified by email to download files directly to your computer from a Yale server.

Please note that your sales order must be paid within one month of your receiving it. After a month, collection materials will be returned to off-site storage and your order will be canceled.

Requests enter our copy queue in the order that payment is received. The turnaround time for most requests is two to four weeks, though preservation concerns may extend this. Note that turnaround times may be doubled during academic recess periods. 

We regret that we cannot offer rush service.

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Friday, December 13, 2019 - 10:59am